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Found 13 results

  1. Hey Guys, I have just gotten into the OG Xbox and I'm looking forward to learning as much as I can about this amazing console. Thanks! Ben
  2. How's it going everyone?. A bit about my background with the Xbox and how I got here... around 2010 a friend traded me his v1.0 Xbox for Call of Duty: Big Red One (GameCube), it had a faulty Thomson drive and came with the DVD kit (dongle and remote) and a Duke sized MadCatz controller. I didn't get to play it much because the drive would sometimes read and most of the time it wouldn't so it mostly sat in my closet, but around 2014 I learned about softmods for the Xbox, long story short I ended up purchasing a memory card with the exploit with SID, Splinter Cell and a 250GB WD IDE hard drive. It wasn't long after enjoying my softmodded Xbox that it started acting up, turns out the clock cap leaked and damaged the traces. I attempted MANY repairs but failed so I just put it back in the closet. 2017 rolls around and I decide to purchase 2 Xbox's, one being a v1.2 and the other a v1.6 as a spare, ended up doing the TSOP mod on the v1.2 with a 1TB SATA HDD and softmodded the v1.6 and putting that 250GB HDD in it but didn't play either much due to things going on in life. A little over a month ago I got the urge to make another attempt at repair of the v1.0 Xbox since I was now confident with my soldering, it ended up being a successful repair at the first attempt so I now have 3 working Xbox's (If I could offer any advice to anyone new to soldering its get temp controlled iron like a Hakko, flux and a USB microscope. Its worth every penny and those $10 irons just don't cut it). I guess lately I've been on an Xbox kick, so I'm looking forward to learning about new developments and being a member of the OGXbox community. I enjoy hardware/software modding more than actually playing games.
  3. Just started tinkering with my Xbox after it has been in hibernation for a couple of years. So far I have it TSOPed with a 2tb hdd, now just hoping to set unleashx with a nice skin and screw around with some settings here and there.
  4. Nice to find an Updated,easy to use Orig Xbox Forum!
  5. Just saying hello here. Long time gamer, new to xbox modding. I have a version 1.0 and with alot of youtube viewing under my belt its got a successful tsop flash and a hdd upgrade. Really loving learning more about all this and the community. All the work I seen from everyone is amazing!
  6. I'm from Germany and try my Xbox Classic 1.2-1.5 to flash, but i have to wait for my ordered splintercell game and a new usb thumb drive. i hope i can ask some questions if i have some.
  7. TL;DR - I'm David. I know a few OXBOX tricks. Hey everyone. I've been busy with work this week, so I haven't had a chance to properly introduce myself. Names David. I'm 32; live at the beach and work at a casino (why I was so busy when I signed up and didn't write this intro thread yet). I've had a knack for electronics since I was nine. First modded XBOX I ever owned had a X3CE (damn shame I ever got rid of it; as X3CE's can go for a dime these days). The X3 unit was not modded by me, but I'm glad that I had it, as it helped encourage my budding curiosity. I used to do a lot of XBOX discussion on The ISO Zone before the owner pulled the plug on the site. Here's hoping it's successor lives up to the task. First time I ever modded my own XBOX, it was a softmod, followed by using an old Hewlett Packard AMD-K6 to build an upgraded drive for it. Ended up giving it to a friend some time later, he still has it. That one was a v1.6. We had a mutual friend who saw my old XBOX; and wanted one as well. He brought me his old XBOX from storage and it was a v1.1. So, with his permission, I went about doing the TSOP bridge and wrote X2 5035 to the onboard BIOS and installed XBMC on a 160GB HDD for him and used x2config.ini to point to E:xbmc.xbe; worked like a charm. Now, I find myself at it again with a more recent project. This time, I will NOT be getting rid of. I got my hands on an original v1.0 and I have been steadily making improvements. V1.0 4034 Hynix 1MB TSOP w/ X2 5035 64MB RAM 733Mhz P3 equivalent. Removed clock cap (XBMC uses NTP anyway) Samsung SDG-605 (had a Thomson) 500GB SATA II (PATA adapter) 80-wire IDE cable. Ghost case (functional as long as you're careful with them) Protected Power Cord Component Cable Minebea Power Supply (on the way) *In talks with N64Freak about a RAM and CPU upgrade.* Here is a video of the one that our mutual friend got: Here is a video of the one I am currently working on: Yes, the similarities are intentional. The one I designed for my friend was called THE REAPER; but only as a prototype. He later had me change the boot colors and sound to something else. So I have adopted The Reaper as my calling card.
  8. I have 3 soon to be 4 og xboxes, plus a friends, I am going to clean up, mod and put coinops on them. Since I signed up with facebook, is there a way to change my forum name? I don't want my full name.
  9. Hi all Liam from SE London England here just got back into Xbox modding and wondered why i ever stopped, it is an amazing machine and so versatile, since i got my one back up and running everyone i know want one but can not find them cheap enough for Love Nor money in SE LONDON they are like gold dust , anyways if anyone needs help on softmodd i am always willing to help just give me a shout
  10. Hello everyone. thank you for having me here. My name is Cory Im from Thornton, Colorado and Im 21 Years old for the most part I collect original Xbox consoles, games, controllers, and other rarities of that sort. Currently i have a pretty decent collection of games, both sealed and open CIB. I currently own a green Halo ed. console with a 500 GB IDE upgrade, a Ghost Case light green console with a LED and jewel upgrade and a 250 GB IDE, and 8-10 extra baisic consoles. are all soft-modded with UnleashX or EvoX and all of the others have Varying HDD upgrade sizes. I have kept all of my original HDDs as well and marked them to match each of the consoles .My favorite Games to play on Xlink Kai are Steel Battalion LoC, Battlefront II, Halo 2 CE (mod for H2 making it more like CE), Crimson Skies, and Conker: Live and Reloaded. my Xlink name is DefinitiveDefeat. I have had a few mod projects, although my hard-modding skills are very light, I have a few Original Xbox case mods, HDD upgrades, LED installations, Jewel Replacement/Customization and Disc Drive replacements. I Have yet to do a Chip installation of any kind, and have yet to actually attempt to do so. What I hope to gain from joining here is more knowledge on my favorite piece of hardware and pay close attention to any kind of knowledge I can gain in hopes to eventually do a chip installation and more. as time goes on I hope to share information I find here as well. Thank you all for taking the time to read this and I hope to eventually Play with you guys on Xlink and maybe here soon I will do a video or a couple of pics of my collection/projects thus far. Thanks again! Cory
  11. Hey Guys and Gals, New to the world of OG Xbox modding but I'm pretty tech savvy and have played around with modding Xbox 360/Wii/Nintendo DS etc. Finally got myself a crystal with an Aladin XT Pro 2 (I think) and it boots Evo X. Currently having an issue with upgrading the hard drive but that's for another topic. Here are a few pics David
  12. Hey everyone, Scott's on the forum now, but I'm not new to the group on Facebook.
  13. hi everyone. i joined here because i recently bought a new modded xbox original and i want to see what exactly i can do with it

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