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  1. I've just received the chip im gonna install it today and let you guys know if it fix the issue
  2. ok perfect what would be the difference if i dont sold the ground? i might even leave it in there as the chip is quite cheap (sorry for the pun xD)
  3. thats probably what im gonna do as i want to remove the chip so that i can re-use it on other xbox also on the aladin chip if i dont connect the bt pin with the other one it will always boot trought the chip right?
  4. yes im quitew good with soldering and as mine is a 1.1 is litteraly 5 min dont even need to restore lpc my question is after i've installed the mod what should i do exactly, ive got a copy of hexen 2020 just burn it yesterday thats should be enough to recreate the hdd? Also it is possible that the hdd is not locket? it would give the problem i get? as last time i think i was trying to use chimp to replace hdd and im not sure ive locked after it xD... Damnnnn hopefully the chip will fix everything
  5. i've purchase an aladin is the only chip i can find shipping from uk everything else would be canada or china and it will take weeks before arriving, i should have the aladin in 3/4 days now looking for a good tutorial on how to mount is but pretty sure its quite easy
  6. I've just open it for cleaning some spillage from the capacitor and i've made the tsop connection too so as soon i can fix the hdd ill be able to do everything
  7. Hi guys This will do the job? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Direct-Reading-Mod-Decoding-Chip-Replaces-Fit-For-XBOX-Aladdin-XT-PLUS2-Portable/313108595065?hash=item48e6ba0179:g:N8YAAOSwmkFe11kT or what's the difference between the openxenium, xeniumICE and aladin? sorry for me being dumb thanks
  8. any website where i could purchase an aladin chip? any particular version need it for a 1.1 xbox?
  9. I've got a stock hdd with softmod from another xbox could i use this? Or i need a chip? My only intent would be to add a bigger hdd and tsop
  10. no i dont think so as it was barely softmodded before doing this is still a stock hdd , but i should have the eeprom files somewhere on my hdd
  11. So i've tried removing the hdd and is not making any sound now so that was the hdd but is doing exactly the same things Fragging (LED green, off, green, off then red/green) but without sound
  12. Hi No i was trying to install it in E as my main dash as it was working perfectly before doing the tsop and installing evox bios.using the shortcut fix it.forgot to mention that i tried to install it trough the rocky extra dick tool
  13. Hi everyone I've found that one of my old xbox is not working anymore when i try to boot it is making a weird sound and goes off, anyone know what could be the problem? maybe a power supply issue? The xbox should be a 1.1 with softmod not sure as was in a box for years I leave a video attached of the problem Thanks xbox_mpeg4_mpeg4.avi
  14. Thanks man i was able to do it that way

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