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  1. Hello all, I have an Xecuter 2.6 New and Sealed and this - XBOX JoyTech 6" Screen NEAR MINT - Retro Boxed - Super Rare | eBay plus a RARE Xbox to Jamma converter and harness. I am also considering the sale of my arcade machine... Needs some TLC but not much - I am UK based Thanks Its open to offers as it needs to go... I will upload pictures ASAP
  2. Sooooo, I been an xbox user for a very long time, I done a lot of artwork for Vision and Visionary, hosted the server at Started the forum at coinopsprojects.freeforums and collected all things xbox. I built an xbox powered arcade machine before the Pi was even invented lol I sold most of my collection, but have 4 xboxes left.... In fact I just sold a ton of spares for£5 to some guy on ebay. He had 7 DVD Rom drives, 3 power supplies and 2 1.6 mainboard. WHY SO CHEAP you wonder? Well its been sat doing nothing since about 2013 - 2015 ish and I seen him selling xbox's online, faulty drives etc and I contacted him. They had to go for space reasons and I figured its criminal to throw them away... Then 3 days later I find this forum online (Actually I was pointed here).... TYPICAL lol Anywho I have a BRAND NEW SEALED Xecuter 2.6 left and this - XBOX JoyTech 6" Screen NEAR MINT - Retro Boxed - Super Rare | eBay

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