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  1. well honestly editing the config file is a bit above my head lol, so I"m going to attempt to set the path in xmbc again
  2. no I do not just a games heading where I can access my xbox games ripped to hard drive
  3. actually I cannot see the emulator folder in unleashx or even on the E drive where the unleashx dash is located...might I have mistakenly deleted the emulator folder there?If so can I just create another 1 there or will I need my hexen disk to reload it?
  4. yessir precisely that
  5. Hey, I'm having an issue where I cannot load Ninja massive directly. I have the program files in my G drive and in any tutorial I've watched, when you go into emulators and click on ninja it loads right up, but Ive tried from XMBC, and unleash dashboards, and no go. only way for me to load is to go to file explorer and launch directly from the default.xbe. I tried to "point" to the file within XMBC, but cannot locate that particular file from there, only in file explorer. any suggestions?
  6. I just picked this up from Amazon 2 weeks ago for my first tsop and it's great ,and I'm able to keep it about 8-12 inches from the working surface. I myself upgraded from a 20 yr old set of helping hands with scratched lens and its night and day comparatively Dylviw Bright Light Desk Gooseneck Magnifier Lamp with Metal Large Clamp, Magnifying Glass with Adjustable Light
  7. Oh and btw dont panic after installing and starting up when you suddenly hear maniacal laughter. Looks like someone threw in an alternate opening.wav file of a clip from family guy lol
  8. Thanks for the info, and by chance while searching the jx 720 skin, I stumbled across the 2.1 update to MC360. FTP'd and it works! so if anyone else is interested here is the link http://www.mediafire.com/file/agi1z791kn4bqra/MC360_2.1.rar/file
  9. It looks like that's the skin but unfortunately I get an error message saying that it is incompatible due to a requirement of skin's version 2.10 or higher,so maybe I get an older version of XBMC lol
  10. This looks to be it! thanks man I'll give it a go tomorrow
  11. I just tsop flashed my recently acquired 1.4 softmodded xbox.It had the XMBC360 skin installed as the default dash but I lost it once I performed the tsop and 2TB Hdd upgrade, and I would like to get that installed to the new hdd. Any help would be appreciated
  12. Initially all I wanted to do was repair my faulty disk drive, but down the rabbit hole of videos and forums and this is where I landed. Now I'm looking forward to replacing caps, tsop flashing, and all kinds of other modding goodness lol.

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