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Found 14 results

  1. Hello. The Grendel Engine (In A Creation) has had a lot of development done with the first NPC programmed in. Now it should follow a path. I'm currently stuck in thoughts about my engine's pathfinding which is gonna be an A* system. My plan is to use a connection system for optimization but are stuck on how to implement it. The nodes are scattered around the level and are connected via links to visible and nearby nodes and it creates a path for the NPC to follow from the nearest node (From the NPC) to the point that is nearest the end node. Then when close enough the NPC moves straight to the point (Instead of the end node's own position). This tutorial gave me some insight on it but I need to convert it to use D3DXVECTOR3 coordinates instead. Anyone has anything to say to help me here? It's needed for now. Meerjel01
  2. I have it on marketplace, but I wanted to put it here also. Includes some good music and a couple of interesting videos. I need to add the Halo 2 map pack, but otherwise it's pretty loaded.
  3. I have a 1.6 Xbox with Xenium 24k modchip. System worked fine but feeding buttons prior to install. Lpc rebuild and added pin header and Xbox boots with chip great. Eject button takes me to Xenium is and power button boots into my dashboard (Xbmc4gamers). The issue I’m having, is that I can’t use the power or eject after in turn it on. Don’t think it’s a trace issue due to it being a 1.6 and not having the issue prior to the chip. Any help would be awesome
  4. Hey there, I have finally got two working hard modded Xbox's both with 2 Tb SATA HDD (a v1.0 with Xblast Lite and v1.6 with Aladdin XT Plus2) Bonus is they both have converted 360 component cables. I am also going to attempt the 128Mb RAM upgrade on my v1.0. Currently in the process to try find 4x more OG controllers to have a 4v4 halo match, First question) I remember reading about running the Halo match from a dedicated 3rd Xbox with some other version of Halo? , I guess it reduces lag between the connected Xbox's? Also) If I got a 3rd Xbox, would it be best to run the match from the Xbox with 128Mb RAM? Cheers for any help, or pointing me in the right direction
  5. Hey Guys! I have 2 Xbox consoles and I try to play Chaos Theory in System Link Mode. Both Xboxes are connected to my router. I can find the other console, I can join a game. I can start the game but as soon as I move one player the game instantly disconnects Does anyone know why?
  6. Some time back I bought a board with the 1.4 interposer mod already installed but unfortunately didn’t have time to mess with it until now. Checked his GitHub and saw references that say XBMC will always report 1.4 regardless of the switch setting. Is there a way I can confirm if the switch is actually switching between 733 and 1.4? I tried several retail games from disc without patching which I understand should have issues but both worked with the switch on or off. I also verified the blue led on the interposer stays on regardless of switch setting. thanks in advance
  7. I've been racking my brain on this for awhile now and with the holiday break upon us I figured I'd revisit it. Some table setting: I have 2 softmodded Xboxs one is 1.0 and the other 1.6. They are both on dash 5960 and have the latest Rocky5 softmod update. Using this same utility I ran both units back to stock and re-softmodded them just because of this issue, thinking that something must have gone wrong when I originally softmodded these about 10 years ago. After all of this, I'm still getting the error within Halo 2, "unable to join party, try again later" whenever I attempt to join the created system link game. I can see the game that has been created, regardless of which system I create it from. I can FTP to either system just fine, and taking the router out of the mix and directly connecting the 2 units (this time setting a static IP in each) ends in the exact same scenario where I can see that game that has been created, only I cannot join it from the opposing console. Happy to provide more details if needed, but does anyone have a clue as to what could be holding this up?
  8. I recently did a softmod on a 1.6 console and installed an old IDE 320gb HDD I had from an old PC build. I tested the HDD's health first and it seems to be performing well so I cloned my exisiting Xbox HDD and installed the softmod. I've backed up around 70 games to the new HDD and while most seem to work fine I was playing Burnout and the system froze. This was during my first race. Is this a sign of a potential problem with the HDD or something else? Looking at the S.M.A.R.T information on the console i'm now seeing a few questionable readings:
  9. Hi guys, I finally got another CRT setup and I'm about to softmod my regular xbox console and get some case mods and other goodies for it including RAM upgrades! To fund this, I want to sell an xbox debug unit I have. It comes with the debug specific AV cable with Svideo and Composite. It sounds loud, but the tray opens and closes and it boots up just fine. Please PM if interested!
  10. What’s up! New to the group. I have about 20 OEM OG Xbox controllers. I have no working system. I do have an adapter to plug into my PC with a Xbox port. How would I go about testing my controllers? Can I do this on steam? Is there any software available to do this. I have tried researching in other ways but I can’t seem to find a definitive method versus using an actual system
  11. I installed a aladdin xt modchip and when I have the chip out of the system it powers on but when the chip is plugged in the system won't power on. Does anyone know the problem?
  12. EDIT: This item has now been sold. Thanks to all who were interested. This X3 chip comes complete with solderless header, wiring, front indicator lights and bank switches, and power button interface board. This was pulled from a working system and booted right up. I accept PayPal and will foot the bill to ship anywhere in the US. As listed in the title, the asking price is $100. Thanks!
  13. So, I took the unit apart (DVD Drive) and it looked in fairly good condition. I lightly blew it out with compressed air and cleaned the lens with alcohol (91%). The drive is a Thomson TGM600. That didn't fix the problem. Any recommended next steps? Thanks.

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