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  1. It's a 1.6 and I used a lpc rebuild board. I'll take some pictures when I get home
  2. I installed a aladdin xt modchip and when I have the chip out of the system it powers on but when the chip is plugged in the system won't power on. Does anyone know the problem?
  3. Yeah I just went ahead and fixed them I was just trying to avoid that because I'm not very good at soldering
  4. I'll take a picture when I get home I'm at work now
  5. I accidentally bridged the two pads below the bt pad to the bt pad will the chip still work?
  6. It may be the hard drive I hadn't thought about that
  7. Are there any benefits in game load times with a SSD?
  8. What's the best replacement fan to make the Xbox run quieter?
  9. This is something I've also wanted to do I just don't really have the knowledge to figure it out
  10. I've decided to mod my OG xbox to help preserve it's disc drive by ripping the games to the hard drive and to upgrade the hard drive easily

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