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About Me

  1. Hey you all! Most my gaming friends call me XTC. (Not the drug, it’s a anime called Witchblade that I got it from.) installed my first mod on an OG 1.6 last year. Did a Sata to IDE converter, installed a great 2TB drive and updated the Xbox with Rocky 5 mod/XBMC. once I did that, I completely stopped as I had limited space in my house. Now with a remodel being finished I started back up last week and wouldn’t you know it the caps went bad on the board. just wrapped my cap replacement tonight and I’m feeling empowered! Just wanna say thank you to all the people out there who make content so we can figure this stuff out! now that the caps are replaced and the mod is ready to go, I’m ready to figure out how to start installing stuff, haha! Thank you for having me here looking forward to meeting new people and making some new friends!
  2. I'm new here! Just purchased my first OG Xbox a few days ago. Took it apart and cleaned everything and redid the thermal paste on the cpu and gpu. Even took the DVD drive apart because the guy I bought it from said it wouldn't open but it would still boot to dash apparently. Well I took it apart and pulled an xbox 360 disc out of it and fixed the belt so it opens and closes but now I'm getting the dreaded error 12. The drive seems to work fine, I checked all the resistors and everything on the pcb and they all seem fine. The only weird thing is I can't seem to adjust the laser its stuck at 3.6k resistance no matter what. All the caps seems fine. It's a 1.6 Xbox with a Samsung drive.
  3. New member here!
  4. Hi all. I want to get into modding the Xbox. Hoping to learn here from you all. I am from UK but live in Japan since I was kid.
  5. I'm just a guy from Sweden who got their hands on a modded Xbox again! The xbox is easily my favorite 6th gen console - if not even my favorite console of all time. Wouldn't be too surprising considering the fact i grew up with one, so i am a bit biased! This would be my third Xbox, the first one had fallen to the evil clock capacitor, and i've not dared starting it again. That was my first and softmodded one, my second Xbox i kept completely stock for Xbox Live purposes, and a week ago i found an amazing deal for a pre-modded Xbox. Truth be told though, i don't have alot of experience when it comes to the actual mod itself, nor how to actually perform one outside of guides i've read. Back in the day the original Xbox had been modded by a professional repair/modding shop. Right now i'm about to research how to replace the hard drive, as the one that came with is 250gb so a little bit lacking for my taste. I've been collecting more retro consoles for a year now, i've got my hands on a Super Famicom, a Mega Drive, and a PS2. So when i saw this modded Xbox i just couldn't pass the opportunity up. That being said, it's taken be deeper into "the hole" and i've now ordered SCART Switch for all the consoles using RGB SCART, and since i'm always on the hunt for the best picture quality i recently obtained a RetroTink5x, but since the OG Xbox seemingly cant output 480/720p i also made the pricey decision of ordering the HD Component pack off EBay: but i'm really excited despite the import costs. My favorite console deserves the best it can get. Also holy crap. I've never played SSX 3 until now, and it's easily one of my favorite games of the generation already. I'm available on this handle all over social media and i stream from time to time on Twitch. I hope that's not too much shameless self-promotion. Can't wait to be part of this wonderful community, i love the fact that it's keeping itself together for a console that's 20 years old.
  6. Sooooo, I been an xbox user for a very long time, I done a lot of artwork for Vision and Visionary, hosted the server at Started the forum at coinopsprojects.freeforums and collected all things xbox. I built an xbox powered arcade machine before the Pi was even invented lol I sold most of my collection, but have 4 xboxes left.... In fact I just sold a ton of spares for£5 to some guy on ebay. He had 7 DVD Rom drives, 3 power supplies and 2 1.6 mainboard. WHY SO CHEAP you wonder? Well its been sat doing nothing since about 2013 - 2015 ish and I seen him selling xbox's online, faulty drives etc and I contacted him. They had to go for space reasons and I figured its criminal to throw them away... Then 3 days later I find this forum online (Actually I was pointed here).... TYPICAL lol Anywho I have a BRAND NEW SEALED Xecuter 2.6 left and this - XBOX JoyTech 6" Screen NEAR MINT - Retro Boxed - Super Rare | eBay
  7. Getting backing to this after many years. willing to help if i can
  8. Hello people of OGxbox.com It is my pleasure to make your acquaintance. I recently picked up this crystal XCM with display, Executer bios chip modded xbox from an electronics receclying center. When I saw it, it caught my eye and it was in being sold as "As-is for parts or repair" because they couldnt figure out how to boot it up. I thought it would be a fun project to get it working again. When i picked it up I had no idea it had a mod chip and I was perplexed by the buttons on the case (and still kind of am). But anyway I figured out how to flash the bios and now have it running XBMC. I found this forum by googling Xbox XCM case to try and find out more about it. I came across this thread. https://www.ogxbox.com/forums/index.php?/topic/876-xcm-third-party-shells-xbox-custom-mods/ I was intrigued by this line "Finding an XCM shell in worthy condition (Not cracked or Yellowed) is hard to find nowadays and can fetch for a high price." So i did a little more research and found another post on this forum which I am unable to find again of people talking about price tags for these being around 500$ and one user was willing to pay "top dollar" for a red or a crystal one. I thought that was pretty cool that I had something that seems to be rare. But even more interesting is I could only find one picture on the internet of an XCM shell with these buttons and the LCD display. which makes me curious of the value since people are talking about ~500$ for one without the display. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Original-PAL-Xbox-with-XCM-Red-Crystal-Top-Case-Xblast-230V/402526075343?hash=item5db86c79cf:g:RrgAAOSw6rZfnmmR https://amp.reddit.com/r/originalxbox/comments/b389fb/xcm_aftermarket_shell_value/ So I am curious what is the value and rarity of this style in this condition? Also what exactly are the buttons for on the left? From what i gather they have something to do witht the bios memory banks? Thank you very much.
  9. Hey everyone just found my old og xbox crystal went for the softmodding and tsop soldering just need to change the bios and im ready to go.... cannot wait to play jade empire A question which is the best bios and why, cannot seems to find a clear list online Thanks
  10. Initially all I wanted to do was repair my faulty disk drive, but down the rabbit hole of videos and forums and this is where I landed. Now I'm looking forward to replacing caps, tsop flashing, and all kinds of other modding goodness lol.
  11. Hi just got the xbox original running again. Forgot about TSOP and all that stuff. Will need to update and upgrade it to a larger HDD. Thanks and will look into it now on this nice forum!
  12. Hey everybody!! I hope you're having a fantastic day!!! I just opened up my XBOX V1.1 that, (18 years ago) I soldered a single core wire strand through from the back of the board to the top of the board. I cannot recall the specific tech that I was following from way way way back when, but I can't find any sort of photos online covering exactly what I was doing at the time!?? All I can remember from all of this memory delving is the phrase "If the bios is corrupted, then the TSOP will boot from backup", or something to that specific ilk. None of the TSOP bridging points are exacting the nature of what I did. The box was 100%%% operational to previous stock constraints, booting every time that I powered on, without a hitch, stutter or glitch, for about 4 years or so of operation. I did set the clock after each boot (which probably does mean that I still need to replace the clock capacitor), however I cannot see any specific electrolyte leakage on the board surrounding that capacitor, which is interesting. Anyway. I soldered to one specific junction on the back and taped the other end in place on the top - the tape has since disappeared along with the end of the wire that I was passing through the specific through port junction on the top of the board. I don't know where I was jumping the wire to. I can't find anyone doing this specific procedure concerning TSOP/General Repair at the current point? Is this an outmoded repair? Did people just stop doing this? What on earth was I doing? Anyway, the photos are attached, and I'm WILDLY interested to know what memories might be jogged from anyone's experience repairing the OG XBOX after seeing these photos.
  13. A new member here. i'm happy!
  14. Hello everyone, I have known about this site for quite some time but have just never really got into it. It seems pretty nice though and I would like to check it out more often. After theisozone shut down and there seemed to not to be any other good OG Xbox sites except for emuxtras.net and xbmc4xbox.org.uk I lost some interest in the OG Xbox scene, but it seems I either overlooked this site or it wasn't how it is now back then. Good to see so many people still showing interest in the OG Xbox here. Floydthebarber
  15. Hey everyone, It's great to be here, I'm surprised to see such a active og Xbox community! This is awesome! I had modded a Halo edition Xbox years ago, never really used it, I had installed a 250GB IDE HDD and some clone modchip. I remember not much more than that. I recently moved my wife and I to our new house/home (after renting from my in-laws for a few years) and I love having a place I can really call my own. During the move I cleared/sold away some things I didn't think I'd need, to clear away the clutter. The Xbox was one of those things as well as it went with all my controllers and video hook ups. That was about a year ago. Today I miss it, d'oh! But on my way to get back into it. I'll post shortly about that. But hello everyone! I found the listing for when I sold my Halo one, https://www.letgo.com/en-us/i/original-xbox-halo-limited-edition-with-mod-chip_3567fed5-ea04-463f-8410-0001b6aafc16 I think I only ended up getting $50 or so in a local auction. I then saw it a week later at a flea market for $100, but the guy had opened it up and cracked the case in several places
  16. Just wanted to say hi as just joined. Used to mod xboxes some 15 yr ago and now back on scene. Site looks great!
  17. Hey everyone, you may know me from the Facebook page (Wyatt Long). Been looking for a good group to do some hardware modding/adding. My current xbox is pictured below. Mods - X3CE modchip (v1.6 xbox) - Internal WAN (created video tutorial on that) - Blue LEDs in ports - Painted pearlescent white with blue jewel and cage Looking to do a couple more mods such as the Xerc IR mod and possibly some internalized wireless controllers. Also looking to externalize the PSU if possible (but having issues with that) Cheers!
  18. Hi folks! Just wanted to say hello. my name's bot and recently (re-)discovered my old xbox (v1.2) from back in the days. i purchased it new in 2002-2003 if i remember correctly and it was stored in my basement for almost 13 years now. guess what: i plugged it in after all this time and it still works! after playing some burnout takedown (one of my all time favorites), i decided to get back to modding my box and restore it to it's former glory! my box still has an aladdin advance chip soldered to it (i'm not sure which version exactly), although it is not doing anything when long-pressing the power button besides changing the color of the power button and the bootup xbox-logo turning blue. steps i already took since rediscovering my v 1.2: - i desoldered the clock-capacitor, since it was drooling all over my board (lost a tiny resistor to corrosion "R7F8", but the box seems to work fine) - replaced thermal pastes on both gpu and cpu - discovered 3 "bad" capacitors (brownish on top and at the verge of bursting) and ordered some replacements. - ordered a 80mm-fan to replace the stock one (i know some plastic-cutting is going to be necessary) - ordered a 1tb sata-drive with adapter (to expand lifetime of my dvd drive and backup my games) - read some basic info about softmodding/tsop/hardmodding and watched some videos on how to do this. so, yes, this is pretty much it. i discovered this forum and thought this is a good place for a fresh start. looking forward to hearing from you! greetings bot_1
  19. New member here. I have a modded Xbox with X3CE modchip and 320GB hdd. Looking to do more mods to it, like wireless lan, external psu, external DVD drive (currently researching). Cheers!
  20. New member here. I have a V1.0 with a SHARP chip im looking to update the bios and put in a bigger hard drive!
  21. Hey Guys, I have just gotten into the OG Xbox and I'm looking forward to learning as much as I can about this amazing console. Thanks! Ben
  22. How's it going everyone?. A bit about my background with the Xbox and how I got here... around 2010 a friend traded me his v1.0 Xbox for Call of Duty: Big Red One (GameCube), it had a faulty Thomson drive and came with the DVD kit (dongle and remote) and a Duke sized MadCatz controller. I didn't get to play it much because the drive would sometimes read and most of the time it wouldn't so it mostly sat in my closet, but around 2014 I learned about softmods for the Xbox, long story short I ended up purchasing a memory card with the exploit with SID, Splinter Cell and a 250GB WD IDE hard drive. It wasn't long after enjoying my softmodded Xbox that it started acting up, turns out the clock cap leaked and damaged the traces. I attempted MANY repairs but failed so I just put it back in the closet. 2017 rolls around and I decide to purchase 2 Xbox's, one being a v1.2 and the other a v1.6 as a spare, ended up doing the TSOP mod on the v1.2 with a 1TB SATA HDD and softmodded the v1.6 and putting that 250GB HDD in it but didn't play either much due to things going on in life. A little over a month ago I got the urge to make another attempt at repair of the v1.0 Xbox since I was now confident with my soldering, it ended up being a successful repair at the first attempt so I now have 3 working Xbox's (If I could offer any advice to anyone new to soldering its get temp controlled iron like a Hakko, flux and a USB microscope. Its worth every penny and those $10 irons just don't cut it). I guess lately I've been on an Xbox kick, so I'm looking forward to learning about new developments and being a member of the OGXbox community. I enjoy hardware/software modding more than actually playing games.
  23. Just started tinkering with my Xbox after it has been in hibernation for a couple of years. So far I have it TSOPed with a 2tb hdd, now just hoping to set unleashx with a nice skin and screw around with some settings here and there.
  24. Nice to find an Updated,easy to use Orig Xbox Forum!

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