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About Me

  1. I've written some firmware for the RP2040, thanks to a bunch of TinyUSB drivers created by Ryzee119 and the OpenStickCommunity, that supports pretty much anything the original OGX360 supports, apart from the 360 keyboard for Steel Battalion. On top of those I've added Sony Dualshock 4 and Dualsense support, and will be working on Switch Pro/Dualshock 3 once I get my hands on those. By default it's setup for the Adafruit Feather RP2040 USB Host board, but it can be compiled for the normal Pico as well, though that doesn't have a second USB port for your controller so you'll have to solder one to GPIO 0/1 (data +/-). The firmware can be compiled and used for - Original Xbox - Nintendo Switch - Xinput (not 360, due to the security chip) These are all the devices that are supported currently: - Original Xbox Duke and S controllers - Wired Xbox 360 controllers - Xbox 360 wireless PC adapter (clone and Microsoft, syncs 1 controller) - Xbox One/Series/Elite controllers - Dualshock 4 (PS4) - Dualsense (PS5) - 8bitdo v1 and v2 wireless adapters I've posted source code and compiled .uf2 files on Github: https://github.com/wiredopposite/OGX-Mini I'd also add that Playstation controllers are recognized by USB vendor and device ID, I'm not positive if there's a better way to do that, but those need to be manually added to the program to work. I need more of these IDs so if you're aware of some list somewhere, or your aftermarket Playstation 4/5 controller isn't working, just give me the VID/PID and I'll add them. I also need these for Playstation 3 controllers once I get around to adding support for those. This is the Adafruit board, no soldering is required for this, you just need a way to connect USB-C to your Xbox's controller port:
  2. The Cheapmod Mini is a modchip in a small form-factor for the Original Xbox. Based off the Cheapmod schematics, the chip comprises of a single 49LF020 (256k) LPC flash to fit (1 x 256k) custom BIOS. Features: 256k LPC flash fitted for (1x256k) custom BIOS (e.g. Cerbios). Compatible with almost any Xbox revision - from 1.0 to 1.6b. Boot imports, backups and DVDs region free without any restrictions. Running unsigned code such as homebrew and multimedia players. Installation of a custom dashboard (e.g. UnleashX). Easy to upgrade the HDD (no HDD locking required). Very easy to install - just plug-and-play via pin header. Low-cost and affordable. Free and open-source. GitHub repository: https://github.com/m4x10187/cheapmod-mini
  3. Hello everyone!, Blz? I'm doing a port of "The Orange Box" For OG Xbox using the official port of HALF-LIFE 2, The Project is already 90% finished and I'm in the last step which is REPACKAGE the files to .XZP (Only)....... In it will include; HALF-LIFE 2 (With some improvements), EPISODE ONE, EPISODE TWO AND PORTAL.... Does not contain TEAM FORTRESS 2 due to Xbox being too weak for it If someone help me create a repackager of .XZP files the game will be completed, anyone available?
  4. Team Cerbios and Team Resurgent are excited to introduce the Official Trailer for PrometheOS, a new open-source operating system designed for all Xenium-based mod chips in the original Xbox. **Key current Features of PrometheOS:** - **Multi-Bank Functions:** Effortlessly switch between different bios images. - **LED Support:** Assign custom colors to each bios bank for enhanced visual feedback. - **Web UI:** Access a user-friendly interface from any web-enabled device for simplified bios management. - **FTP Support:** Facilitate easy file transfers between the Xbox and other devices. - **Skin Support:** Customize the OS interface to reflect your personal style. - **HDD Lock/Unlock Support:** Gain the ability to lock or unlock the hard drive, tethering it to a specific console. - **EEPROM Backup/Restore Feature:** Ability to backup and restore your EEPROM. **A Community-Driven Initiative:** PrometheOS is a collaborative achievement between Team Resurgent, Team Cerbios, and the dedicated Xbox modding community. **Availability:** PrometheOS will be available for download, ensuring compatibility with all versions of the original Xbox equipped with a Xenium-based mod chip. **For Those Interested in Getting Started:** If you're eager to try out PrometheOS and are in need of an affordable chip or external programmer, you can purchase a Xenium-ICE v3.0 & Programmer directly from NeMesiS/XeniumMods. Visit their eBay store at https://www.ebay.com.au/str/xeniummods for more information. **Special Thanks:** Our gratitude goes to NeMesiS / XeniumMods for providing prototype Xeniums, programming hardware, and essential feedback and testing which helped greatly in making PrometheOS a reality. A shoutout to Ryzee119 for the invaluable Xenium-Tools, facilitating the flashing of the new OS via your xbox. (https://github.com/Ryzee119/Xenium-Tools) and the work towards making the original OpenXenium. Stay tuned for ETA & more updates on this exciting development by the Xbox scene community! Please watch the official trailer and show some to all those who contributed and worked towards making this a reality. Source: https://www.xbox-scene.info/articles.html/announcing-prometheos-a-replacement-open-source-os-for-xenium-based-mods-r26/
  5. I have been building a new 6tb setup and as a result have had to create some artwork for a few things that are not on the XBMC4Gamers Artwork Installer. Credit to @sweetdarkdestiny for a lot of the work on the original art for the app packs. Some of the art used for a few of the Emu packs is based on existing artwork from a pack found on EmuXtras created by Rooftop. Each pack includes all the different art needed for XBMC4Gamers, 3D covers etc. Most include screenshots too. Lamborghini also has a preview video. They also have a default.xml for the synopsis. Actual title ids have been used where available, while others have been made up on the spot Thought I would share them here Download all the packs here - XBMC4Gamers Custom Artwork UPDATE 15/01 Artwork added for Re-Volt (Unreleased Game) UPDATE 17/01 Added Tomb Raider 2 &3 (Open Lara) (Currently missing video previews, will be added at a later date once I set up my capture stuff again) UPDATE 19/01 Added art for the unreleased games Project Velocity, Fast and Furious, Storm Riders and the English version of Dinosaur Hunting. UPDATE 20/01 Added Art for EXChaser (JPN) - Full pack inc preview. Update 23/01/24 Added art pack for Tenchu 3 - Kaiki no Shou. Update 04/02/24 Added Insignia Setup Assistant and Alternate (Credit to @sweetdarkdestiny for the Alt). Update 06/02/24 Added Atari Jaguar, SAM Coupe, TI-99 and Final Burn Consoles(Neo Geo AES). Front cover art used in these is originally from a pack by Rooftop over on EmuXtras. Apps Avalaunch Bios Checker BoXplorer Cerbios Flasher Disc Chimp Config Magic Controller Tester DVD2Xbox Enigmah Evolution X Insignia Setup Assistant Insignia Setup Assistant ALT HDTV Test App Mouse Test Unleash X Xblast OS XBMC4Xbox Xbox Version Detector Xbox HD+ Xbox Watch XBpartitioner XBcommander Xenium Tools Xored Trainer Launcher XToolBox Emulators Amiga CD32 Coinops 6 Coinops 6 Adult Coinops 6 Adult Alt Coinops 8 Adult Coinops 8 Adult Alt Capcom CPS3 DosboX Killer Instinct 1/2 Vectrex Mortal Kombat Arcade PC98 Ninja Atari Jaguar Final Burn Consoles SAM Coupe TI-99 Other Mario 64 Lamborghini (Unreleased game) Re-Volt (Unreleased Game) Tomb Raider II (Open Lara) Tomb Raider III (Open Lara) Dinosaur Hunting (ENG) The Fast and the Furious (Unreleased Prototype) Project Velocity (Unreleased Prototype) Storm Riders (Unreleased Prototype) EXChaser (JPN) Tenchu 3 - Kaiki no Shou (JPN) Download all the packs here - XBMC4Gamers Custom Artwork The coinops emulator packs are available at backups.me if you want them. Most will have screenshots, Apps/Emus do not have previews.. default.xml's should be good to go too. If you spot anything out of place let me know so I can fix it The title ID's in the synopsis are completely made up To use the art packs just copy the _resources folder to the game/app root folder, run XBMC4Gamers, go to the game/app, push the White button and select "Refresh Synopsis Info" I've got the artwork making process down now (afaik) so if you have any app or anything that is missing art that is not available on the official artwork installer then put a message below and I MIGHT be tempted to make the art for you (if I can find good enough source material (logo's etc)) No promises tho
  6. Hi to everyone. I have my original Xbox since when i was a kid and i remember of having it modified after some time. Some years ago i have removed the clock capacitor to preserve it, but recently i decided to change the hard drive and i discovered that i have several other bulged capacitors. For this reason, i want to recap the whole motherboard but then i discovered that the modchip is glued right under some of these leaking cap. From what i understand this is a very old modchip since it is soldered to a lot of points under the motherboard. What modchip could be ? It has also a switch to turn it off and booting strainght into the original dashboard. I was thinking of removing it to install a better modichip or to do a TSOP flashing. Do you think that i can remove it safely ? Before removing it, is it possible to use it to do a softmod or it is necessary to use a savegame exploit ? Otherwise what modichip could be a suitable choice ? I was interested in the OpenXenium project but these boards are pretty expensive here in Europe. The board should be a 1.4 revision since it has the Focus video chip. Thanks for all the Help.
  7. I'm currently using the Startech USB2SataIDE to build new hdd's with FatX. I have the USB3SataIDE version, but it doesnt work with FatX. I don't know if it's because it uses an Innostor-IS611 chip, compared to the JMicron-JM20337 of the USB2 version, or something else. I've heard of people using USB3 with FatX and was curious if anyone here has had success. I average 27MB/s, just looking to do better.
  8. Hello. The Grendel Engine (In A Creation) has had a lot of development done with the first NPC programmed in. Now it should follow a path. I'm currently stuck in thoughts about my engine's pathfinding which is gonna be an A* system. My plan is to use a connection system for optimization but are stuck on how to implement it. The nodes are scattered around the level and are connected via links to visible and nearby nodes and it creates a path for the NPC to follow from the nearest node (From the NPC) to the point that is nearest the end node. Then when close enough the NPC moves straight to the point (Instead of the end node's own position). This tutorial gave me some insight on it but I need to convert it to use D3DXVECTOR3 coordinates instead. Anyone has anything to say to help me here? It's needed for now. Meerjel01
  9. My other post was in the wrong sub, here's a fresh one. Sorry about that. There's a pre-v1.6 Halo Edition that just went up on the Arizona ShopGoodwill, with the matching controller. I'm not bidding on it, figured I'd let people know. There was one a few months back that went for over $500 on there. The prices for stock xbox's on that site have skyrocketed since last year. Used to be no more than $40 for a parts unit. https://shopgoodwill.com/item/190290748 Sorry about that, I'm new to posting to the site, I'll be more careful. But to tell if its a v1.6 or not, if the A/V port is all plastic, its not a v1.6.
  10. Interested in trying to find a protect button any help would really be appreciated
  11. Hello Fellow XBOX Gamers. I am looking for the latest version of DOSXBox for XBOX and believe it might be v13 as seen in photos: DOSXBox 286/386 PC Emulator port for XBox v13. Forgive my ignorance but are we not supposed to mention GAMES or ROMS as I am looking for some place to find some GAMES 2 PLAY. Does any one know of such a place? Tanx.
  12. Hello all !!! This is a new version of my resources pack for XBMC4Gamers (https://mega.nz/#F!5wUBQZSa!44MF7TL02pTjOsHEdTCrtg 12Gb on Mega). It was based on Wikipedia for list of XBox titles, completed with Modded / Unreleased / Ripped games (1106 games !!!) It's easy-to-use : download "Resources4XBMC v1.0", extract it and view the full list of HDD ready files then transfer as needed ! This pack contains few covers, banners, icons, cd, fanarts, previews and synopsis (thanks Cian Cunningham for his work) . I think it the most complete pack you can find and it works with all XBMC 3.5.3 or above once Rocky5's custom version (XBMC4Gamers and XBMC4Kids). What's new in this version : - Added more covers, fanarts, previews... - Better quality for covers, fanarts and preview ; - Add synopsis by Cian Cunninghan ; - Separates folders for modded, ripped, retail and unreleased games ; - And many some little things :) Many thanks to Rocky5 for his programs and Cian Cunningham for his work. Any issues anyone finds I can fix and update accordingly when I have time. I hope this enhances your XBMC4Gamers setup.
  13. Hey guys!!! I'm bringing here 2 720p Patches that I edited it myself, One for Ninja Gaiden Black and the other for Half-Life 2. The 2 are working perfectly on a 64mb Xbox but I can't fix the 4 screens bug if someone can fix it for me thank you https://www.mediafire.com/folder/ryzo7d7b1up9o/Patches+720p+OGXBox+(NGB+and+HL2)+-+Felipe+Lima
  14. Hello everyone. I was hoping OGXbox could start a repository/collection of HEX Edited XBEs. I rip most of my games from disc using DVD2XBOX which helps in patching the 480p but there are many other XBEs available with various different functionality such as: 720p Widescreen Running from Hard Drive 128MB RAM Xbox Upgraded Processor (1.0 or 1.4 GHz) Would it be possible to post/discuss the available XBEs on this thread or, better yet, collect/link as many as possible and create a MEGA/Google Drive link to them? There are already quite a few XBEs available on other boards such as XBMC4XBOX, assemblergames.com, and I know many folks have already edited these files. It would be greatly appreciated if these XBEs were easily accessible rather than redoing what so many others have already done successfully (unless there is some sort of legal issue ). If there are no issues from the admins, I can also share what DVD2XBOX may have already patched. Let me know your thoughts! Thanks!
  15. As the title states, it’s time to get some updated tips on case modding. Im currently looking for newer/cleaner methods of reattaching jewels after clearing them. With all of the new products being available and unexpected uses for others, I’m extremely interested in hearing what you all do and how. I’ve shared a few of my methods here and there, so share some that you think are helpful. Share anything about LED mods, Painting, and so on.
  16. My 1.2 has had a borked TSOP for the longest time, I've been using an Aladdin XBlast to make up for it but I know someone who could make better use of that modchip while I would rather go back to a flashed TSOP. I know that some chips have features for TSOP recovery such as the XBlast Lite, but I haven't seen any of those for sale in a local capacity. Does anyone know what other options I may have here?
  17. Hello! After months of focusing primarily on the Nintendo Wii, the Electron Shepherd team has just released a new product that we are thrilled to share: the Xbox2HDMI module! This tiny, power-packed module takes in the Component video and digital audio output from the Original Xbox and outputs an HDMI signal with embedded Dolby Digital Surround Sound (if that audio setting is enabled in your Xbox’s settings). This module utilizes a fully custom PCB with a higher quality, next generation IC compared to what is typically used on the widely available Wii2HDMI and VGA2HDMI modules that are readily available online. If you are not happy with those modules, then you will absolutely be happy with these. This module efficiently supports the 480i, 720p, and 1080i resolutions that are default to the original Xbox. These units can be bought with ease on our store located here: https://electron-shepherd.com/xbox2hdmi/ Please let use know if you have any questions about this or any other product we currently offer! - Shane from Electron Shepherd LLC https://twitter.com/ElectronShep
  18. @Marty @Dtomcat18 I see the BOMs and Gerbers, but what do I do about the molex cables? Is there something I'm missing? @KaosEngineer @SS_Dave @Donnie-Burger @GoTeamScotch
  19. i, like many others, started having problems with my xbox after replacing the thermal paste. graphics glitching, freezing, frag'ing, and sometimes it would just go into a coma on me. it appears that the problem is that some of the solvent for cleaning the thermal paste gets underneath the gpu chip and causes a short. 1st off, i do not recommend replacing the thermal paste on these consoles but if u already have and are now having problems then here is how to fix it. get a bottle of 91% rubbing alcohol with a squirt top on it(i suggest a quart bottle), hold the motherboard on it's side, and squirt the alcohol all over it. be certain that plenty is going under the gpu. next, take a hair dryer and dry the board very well. be careful not to get it too hot. a good rule of thumb is that if any part of the board is uncomfortable to lay your hand on and keep it there, then it is too hot and should be allowed to cool. next, sit the board in the xbox, hook up the psu, connect a tv and power on the system a few times to be certain that it appears to be working before full reassembly. BE CERTAIN TO REAPPLY THERMAL PASTE AND HEATSINKS BEFORE POWERING ON! i'm not certain that it will overheat the chips without the heatsinks for a quick test but it isn't worth the risk. this fixed my xbox that i was concerned i had forever killed.
  20. Hello to everyone in this forum, i am a new user here but a nearly lifelong fan of the OG Xbox, it was my first experience with a games console and it will always hold a place in my heart for that, but after having a few systems throughout my childhood, i thought i should seriously look into getting a system, one that will be the best fit for my needs, i know theres several different revisions but i'm thinking what i want my console for is probably very niche compared to most other users. So i'd feel like asking for my needs which revision is personally the best fit for me? So to start, what i want to do with my console is obviously play the games but i also want to watch DVDs on it (Yeah i still like to watch DVDs, they're just the most convenient method for me) and i liked using the ripping CDs feature for putting my favorite songs in certain games, so i'd like to do that, basically... i'm just gonna want something that will reliably play discs. As for modding, i am not interested much in mods, i havent really ever done any mods before, i did purchase a soldering set so in the future i could do things like that for many systems but really i dont think i'd be comfortable with opening one up, although knowing the whole clock capacitor problem i might have to. So if i had to do any modifications to the console it would only really be simple stuff to enhance the vanilla XBOX experience, obviously the caps but perhaps if its possible maybe a slightly larger hard drive for lots of music and game saves, just really nothing special or crazy, but i'm open to suggestions on recommended mods and tricks for my relatively mundane wants for an XBOX from the research i've done (and are still working on) i think the V1.4 revision from what i hear is good, but i think its in my best interest to ask people who truly know the system, i am aware of things like the early thompson drives as well as the previously mentioned caps issue but i want to be able to know what the best option is for me. Thank you
  21. Hey guys, so anyways I just got nxdk setup already on my windows laptop, but I want to write an emulator for the Xbox badly but how do I go from there? What programming languages does nxdk support? Should I write a basic emulator just to learn sdl2 or port a existing emulator over?
  22. If anyone has a non-working PSU they want to sell, Ill buy.
  23. Looking to sell my Xbox X3 for $250 plus shipping obo. Can send more pictures and answer any questions.
  24. Hello Everyone, I am new to this forum and honestly to any forum of this type. I never really got into modding but have had the urge to do so now. Modern games dont do it for me. Either the constant attempts to take all your money, the games feeling repetitive, or beloved franchises being completely disrespected. I spent so much time complaining about games that i decided that i wanted to go back to a time when i actually enjoyed games. The orginal Xbox had every genre i could imagine and had many entries within the same franchise come out on it unlike what we see now where we are lucky to get one game in a franchise in a generation. Even though i played a ton of the original xbox there was so much i missed out on and i am looking forward to experiencing those things as if they were new. I am just glad i started my collection of games a really really long time ago and never got rid of them. Any good tips on where to pick up games where everything including the manual are intact but are not going to spend a fortune? Any recommendations on where is the best place to download games?
  25. Hey everyone! I have the following controllers for sale. All have been Cleaned & Tested. Paypal Goods & Services (I cover fees & shipping). Prices are negotiable & the controllers will be carefully packaged in a box with bubble wrap. Thank you! Halo Edition Controller #1: $80 Halo Edition Controller #2: $70 Blue Controller #1 (New Sticks): $30 Blue Controller #2 (New Sticks): $30 Green Controller (New Sticks): $30 Duke Controller #1: $25 Duke Controller #2: $25

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