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  1. The xbox cracking scene released quite a few hdd fixes and patches for games.. These are normally just patches to run on default.xbe's. I wonder if anyone here have a collection of those to share. I am especially looking for r-fchdfix ( fight club hdd fix from Riot (ntsc) ) and a hdd fix for shin megami tensei nine.
  2. Does anyone have TR2/3 working on their Xbox? Both games crash at the "loading...." screen after selecting "New Game" for me If you have working copies can you link me, pretty please For anyone having the same issue, make sure you are using the LATEST xbe from the openlara github page.
  3. This thread contains all the custom _resource packs I have created for XBMC4Gamers. Each pack contains the various art needed for XBMC4Gamers, 3D covers etc along with a defailt.xml for the synopsis views. XMBC4Gamers Custom Art Download Here Update 08/06 Added 26 more homebrew titles along with some Root folder thumbnails. Update 16/06 Added Hexen 2 Portal Of Praevus Update 1806 Any packs listed below with RED TEXT have been updated and had a preview video and/or screenshots added. These previews are small to keep the file size down on the thread. To use the art packs just copy the _resources folder to the game/app root folder, run XBMC4Gamers, go to the game/app, push the White button and select "Refresh All Info" Apps Avalaunch Bios Checker BoXplorer Cerbios Flasher Disc Config Magic Controller Tester DVD2Xbox Enigmah Insignia Setup Insignia Setup Evolution X Chimp HDTV Test App Mouse Test Unleash X Xblast OS Xbox Version Detector Xbox HD+ Xbox Watch XBpartitioner XCAT XBcommander Xenium Tools XBMC4Xbox Xored Trainer Launcher XToolBox Emulators Amiga CD32 Coinops 6 Coinops 6 Adult Coinops 6 Adult Alt Coinops 8 Adult Coinops 8 Adult Alt Capcom CPS3 DosboX Killer Instinct 1/2 Vectrex Mortal Kombat Arcade PC98 Ninja Atari Jaguar Final Burn Consoles SAM Coupe Big Ass Emulator BAED (Spicy) TI-99 Unreleased Games Lamborghini Re-Volt Dinosaur Hunting (ENG) The Fast and the Furious Project Velocity Storm Riders KoF '96 Re-Bout Halo 2 Alpha Halo 2 Beta Retail (Alts) EXChaser (JPN) Tenchu 3 (JPN) DOA 2 Ultimate Bad Boys 2 PAL DOA XBV Nude Edition Homebrew Games and Ports Mario 64 The Griffon Legend Hydra Castle Labyrinth Sonic CD StepmaniaX ExUltX Jump and Bump PowermangaX CcelesteX LOZ-Navi's Quest Zelda 3 Tomb Raider 2 Tomb Raider 3 Blobwars Bubble Trouble Catacombs 3D Divi-Dead Doom Legacy Legend of Edgar Giddy 3 Kobo X Me & My Shadow Nam 98 Noiz2sa Doom Odamex Open TTD RawX Reminiscence RoadFighterX RockbotX RuXia 2018 Secret Maryo Chronicles Spear of Destiny 1 Spear of Destiny 2 Spear of Destiny 3 XDink Maze of Galious XUrQuan XVVVVX Hexen 2 Portal Of Praevus Root Source Thumbnails (these are used in the Root menu) Can make others of these on request Icons for Alphabetised Games Folders # A-Z in full set, each one must be renamed to folder.jpg and dropped into correct lettered folder. The above two sets go really well with the OGXBOX theme available from the XBMC4Gamers downloader. Here's a quick peek at how it all looks. XMBC4Gamers Custom Art Download Here Open to requests for any art you might be missing from your setup if it is not already in the official Art Installer. Credit due to @sweetdarkdestiny for art used in a LOT of the App packs and @RoofTop for his pack over at Emuxtras for the Emulator artwork and some of the art used for some Homebrew games/ports. (I presume its the same Rooftop here lol). ALso credit goes to @Bomb Bloke for some great work providing me with a great starting point on a few of those homebrew covers. Huge thanks to @Rocky5 for doing all the hard work in creating the Photoshop templates used in creating these _resource packs and for the absolute best modern Xbox dashboard available today, XBMC4Gamers. The next step in my project will be going through all this art and the art in the official installer and adding screenshots and preview videos where missing. I now have a capture setup ready to go
  4. Hello everyone!, Blz? I'm doing a port of "The Orange Box" For OG Xbox using the official port of HALF-LIFE 2, The Project is already 90% finished and I'm in the last step which is REPACKAGE the files to .XZP (Only)....... In it will include; HALF-LIFE 2 (With some improvements), EPISODE ONE, EPISODE TWO AND PORTAL.... Does not contain TEAM FORTRESS 2 due to Xbox being too weak for it If someone help me create a repackager of .XZP files the game will be completed, anyone available?
  5. Hey guys!!! I'm bringing here 2 720p Patches that I edited it myself, One for Ninja Gaiden Black and the other for Half-Life 2. The 2 are working perfectly on a 64mb Xbox but I can't fix the 4 screens bug if someone can fix it for me thank you https://www.mediafire.com/folder/ryzo7d7b1up9o/Patches+720p+OGXBox+(NGB+and+HL2)+-+Felipe+Lima
  6. I am interested in a DVT-3 or DVT-4. I am interested in building a setup that makes use of the raptor PCI card, uses the DVD emulator, uses windbg through the serial port and I want to have a dedicated PC with XP on it. I want to put this setup on its own desk with a lamp on it, complete with a Microsoft mouse and keyboard. I do NOT want to have to pay 3000 dollars for it, like below. I would LOVE to look at the HDD on this thing, but not for 3000 bucks. https://www.ebay.com/itm/166657178177?itmmeta=01J0ETS9N6JHNH211N76NCF7C1&hash=item26cd8aba41:g:nrIAAOSweNZl-ZT4&itmprp=enc%3AAQAJAAAA0KReBZy16cIKuyWyezmZjzLzlheRyTPVj2WsclBkTJRmoF%2F8zgGBbgJJYpRfiqDD2s0nDSfRdyFwLsQVz1hHGYWkT1CRUCE7vAOI3l9x%2B5%2Bq9rKXLpEbL%2FqbtvT2S5G33LxT%2Beo9v5XFY1IMgBx1xDl9D5Jf1LPbWdY4h6DzMs2T%2FgH4Tu3a5B5a%2BO4ftVKnLkGEwjPtMVW5b%2Fnp1TWiTIatqYoYnp2Vb7bau%2FlqlRPPDQkRdvCRpNiqi7%2BBDtPgcgBaiQBhAeB6Qb%2FjvzDAEQE%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR9Sa5dqDZA Nah, too expensive. Anybody got an extra one they'd be willing to part with? I can get a Raptor PCI card. @GoTeamScotch
  7. It seems a straight up Repackinator CCI conversion of the Redump image results in an error at launch. There is now a fixed version available. The clip below shows it being launched from XBMC4Gamers without any issue. It also fixes the crash some people get on the character creation screen when launching from XBMC4Gamers.
  8. Hi, Regarding the game Galleon. I see on the CCI compatibility list the loading times are slow for this game when in CCI format, I then noticed it being a split ISO format on download site. And don't understand why the ISO's (combined) size is about 3.5GB, compared to a HDD rip being only about 343MB. There's probably a good reason for Galleon to be in ISO format rather than HDD rip, but I'd also rather save the space on the Xbox hard drive and have it as a HDD rip unless there's a reason not to do it this way? This goes for the ISO games, many are larger than when extract as HDD rip?
  9. Hello! I hope someone is still alive here!! Well that's it, is there currently an adapter to replace the power supply of an Xbox version 1.6? Something like the AT2XBOX project launched
  10. First of all, how are you all? I have been away for like 2 years, but this forum has been for me, one of the of the most welcome and good vibes forum ever for me! I didn't know where to post this, but here we go: If anyone knows me (and most of us) I have done everything to make my OG Xbox look amazing! I built my own Xbox Component cable with a 360 original component cable, and since then I have the most amazing looking image, plus using Xbmc4gamers, I remove the flicker filtering or put it very low (around 1 or 2) and I am seeing this console as sharp as it can be! But from that I came to the realization that most games suffer from this horrible lack of anisotropic filtering (or very very low) as textures when seeing them at an angle, they become this blurry looking mess! All games suffer from this, and it is a shame, because all games have inherently VERY good textures! It is a SHAME! So this is the thing, we have learned with time, that in actuality a "good" or higher amount of anisotropic filtering DOES NOT tax the GPU much, if at all. Couldn't we FORCE games to run at a higher level of anisotropic filtering on the OG Xbox?? Thing is, the console should be powerful enough to make its textures look better!! I am testing the Prince of Persia games for instance, and on my PS2 and Gamecube, textures look pristine on them, AT ANY ANGLE! And those console are far weaker than the mighty OG Xbox!! A good game to check this out is Indiana Jones, the game has fairly good looking textures, but the bad anisotropic filtering makes it all blurry whenever textures are at an angle, but they are there! And they are very good textures! Is there anything like a patch for this, or is this in the works maybe? Also if I am posting in the wrong sub forum, please guide me to a place where my question can be analyzed. My best regards to all of you guys, and thanks for your time and good disposition. Hector H.
  11. Hey everyone, I'm having a problem with an original xbox that will turn on, with a solid green light for a second, then turn itself off. Then back on with an orange blinking light, then turn itself off and on again until finally staying on with a blinking orange light with it's fan running what I think is full power (haven't confirmed this). I can open the disc tray when in this state, but I can't power the xbox off unless I unplug the power from the back. I opened up the xbox. I believe it's a v1.2 motherboard. It was in pretty good condition I thought considering the original owner said it sat in a closet for the past decade or so. This xbox was not modded. I read that an orange blinking light could mean the xbox was overheating, which would explain the high fan speed. So I removed the old thermal paste, and added new thermal paste, put it back together, plugged it in, and the same issue is happening. I have tried a brand new A/V cable and power cord that I bought on amazon and that didn't seem to make a difference. Does anyone know what an orange blinking light and this sequence of powering on and off mean? I can't find good documentation on it anywhere. I'm also looking to try anything else at this point if you have any recommendations. Here is a link to a video of the symptoms described above and some pictures of the montherboard. Thanks for any help in advance! https://imgur.com/a/7hMZWFn?
  12. Wanted to use a Crystal case for a project I have coming up. Anybody help me? Also looking for a blue case of any kind.
  13. Team Cerbios and Team Resurgent are excited to introduce the Official Trailer for PrometheOS, a new open-source operating system designed for all Xenium-based mod chips in the original Xbox. **Key current Features of PrometheOS:** - **Multi-Bank Functions:** Effortlessly switch between different bios images. - **LED Support:** Assign custom colors to each bios bank for enhanced visual feedback. - **Web UI:** Access a user-friendly interface from any web-enabled device for simplified bios management. - **FTP Support:** Facilitate easy file transfers between the Xbox and other devices. - **Skin Support:** Customize the OS interface to reflect your personal style. - **HDD Lock/Unlock Support:** Gain the ability to lock or unlock the hard drive, tethering it to a specific console. - **EEPROM Backup/Restore Feature:** Ability to backup and restore your EEPROM. **A Community-Driven Initiative:** PrometheOS is a collaborative achievement between Team Resurgent, Team Cerbios, and the dedicated Xbox modding community. **Availability:** PrometheOS will be available for download, ensuring compatibility with all versions of the original Xbox equipped with a Xenium-based mod chip. **For Those Interested in Getting Started:** If you're eager to try out PrometheOS and are in need of an affordable chip or external programmer, you can purchase a Xenium-ICE v3.0 & Programmer directly from NeMesiS/XeniumMods. Visit their eBay store at https://www.ebay.com.au/str/xeniummods for more information. **Special Thanks:** Our gratitude goes to NeMesiS / XeniumMods for providing prototype Xeniums, programming hardware, and essential feedback and testing which helped greatly in making PrometheOS a reality. A shoutout to Ryzee119 for the invaluable Xenium-Tools, facilitating the flashing of the new OS via your xbox. (https://github.com/Ryzee119/Xenium-Tools) and the work towards making the original OpenXenium. Stay tuned for ETA & more updates on this exciting development by the Xbox scene community! Please watch the official trailer and show some to all those who contributed and worked towards making this a reality. Source: https://www.xbox-scene.info/articles.html/announcing-prometheos-a-replacement-open-source-os-for-xenium-based-mods-r26/
  14. I've written some firmware for the RP2040, thanks to a bunch of TinyUSB drivers created by Ryzee119 and the OpenStickCommunity, that supports pretty much anything the original OGX360 supports, apart from the 360 keyboard for Steel Battalion. On top of those I've added Sony Dualshock 4 and Dualsense support, and will be working on Switch Pro/Dualshock 3 once I get my hands on those. By default it's setup for the Adafruit Feather RP2040 USB Host board, but it can be compiled for the normal Pico as well, though that doesn't have a second USB port for your controller so you'll have to solder one to GPIO 0/1 (data +/-). The firmware can be compiled and used for - Original Xbox - Nintendo Switch - Xinput (not 360, due to the security chip) These are all the devices that are supported currently: - Original Xbox Duke and S controllers - Wired Xbox 360 controllers - Xbox 360 wireless PC adapter (clone and Microsoft, syncs 1 controller) - Xbox One/Series/Elite controllers - Dualshock 4 (PS4) - Dualsense (PS5) - 8bitdo v1 and v2 wireless adapters I've posted source code and compiled .uf2 files on Github: https://github.com/wiredopposite/OGX-Mini I'd also add that Playstation controllers are recognized by USB vendor and device ID, I'm not positive if there's a better way to do that, but those need to be manually added to the program to work. I need more of these IDs so if you're aware of some list somewhere, or your aftermarket Playstation 4/5 controller isn't working, just give me the VID/PID and I'll add them. I also need these for Playstation 3 controllers once I get around to adding support for those. This is the Adafruit board, no soldering is required for this, you just need a way to connect USB-C to your Xbox's controller port:
  15. First of all... I absolutely love this site & community. You all rock. Period. Grab some popcorn, this is the fist 'official' time I'm telling the "brief" version... So my name's Toby Dziubala and I was the most junior member of the very original handful of people who were on the "Xbox Advanced Technology Group" or "ATG" group. Through a series of wild twists of fate, I was hired sometime in late 1999, when it was only about maybe 10 of us. I worked directly for Seamus Blackley, who interviewed me, and I was working shoulder-to-shoulder with Drew Angeloff. My first responsibility was to coordinate with the MS Hardware fabricators, external "interns" that were writing demos for us, and Nvidia who was producing us experimental graphics cards -- in order to produce what you guys know as the "Prototypes" or "Silver X's". So basically, when BillG and Seamus climbed on stage at GDC in March of 2000 to officially announce our existence, and it didn't go perfectly... it would have been *my* ass, and we wouldn't be having this story time right now LOL. If you heard stories about the prototypes being tossed down stairwells and such, well that was me. Now you're probably asking yourselves, "who is this dude and how come there isn't a mention of him in the book?"... well, simply put, really s**tty politics. I'll explain: I was actually hired about 8 months or so before into a product called "Commerce Server" (Bldg 25) as a newbie SDE/T through "Volt" (I was an "A Dash"). Just prior to my arrival, Microsoft had lost a huge court case over benefits and hours to their contractors. I had no part in all of that obviously, but it was such a cultural blow to the company that to this day you'll most likely still pick up on a vibe of animosity towards contractors. Back then it was, palpable. So when Dean Takahashi (sp?) was making his rounds around the office gathering materials for the "Opening The Xbox", he was specifically instructed not to talk to me or include me in any way. On record, Seamus totally went to bat for me, but "they" wouldn't have it. There was no way in hell some contractor puke was going to receive any positive publicity in light of the loss of the lawsuit , and moreover, the massive blow-to-the-corporate-ego that came with it. I've actually got some really cool stories about that time, so I'm working on putting together a little "addendum" to the story that I'll probably put out in some kind of e-book format. My fiancé has been busing my chops for the last couple years to "tell my part of the story", so I finally figured what the hell... there are enough people out there that would be entertained by it, and, I guess if I don't tell it, it just dies with me some day heh morbid!! Which brings me to my final bit and title of this post. I don't remember actually bringing it home with me, but, what you guys call the "Alpha" controller, has been living in a moving box that's been following me around all these years. Except this wasn't used on any dev kit, *I* used it when I was testing out the prototypes. Also, the dev kits didn't even exist at the time heh... I included a couple photos of it. The serial numbers on the back should tell you the rest. I figured it would be a shame to just have it live out it's days in some featureless cardboard moving box when it could be loved, appreciated, and shared. My days of working for big tech companies are more than over -- take a look at my banner image on my profile and that'll tell you why. So, since I'm trying to get a new 'reality capture' business off the ground down here where I live in Vegas, I figured why not auction it off. I'm probably going to take a few months to get all my stories typed out and compiled for the little e-reader I mentioned. But I'm of co got to save at least a couple surprises for that, but I'm happy to share whatever memories I still have with you guys, so ask away. Anyway -- Again this site is so cool to see; you all are runnin with a piece of what turned out to be a part of cultural history -- and a surreal confirmation that we actually did put something out in the universe that brought some happiness and fun experiences people.... happiness, and gamer-rage because "f*$k that! That was bu#(%*it!" [[*throws controller across living room*]] Ta-ta for now! Tob
  16. Hello everyone. I was hoping OGXbox could start a repository/collection of HEX Edited XBEs. I rip most of my games from disc using DVD2XBOX which helps in patching the 480p but there are many other XBEs available with various different functionality such as: 720p Widescreen Running from Hard Drive 128MB RAM Xbox Upgraded Processor (1.0 or 1.4 GHz) Would it be possible to post/discuss the available XBEs on this thread or, better yet, collect/link as many as possible and create a MEGA/Google Drive link to them? There are already quite a few XBEs available on other boards such as XBMC4XBOX, assemblergames.com, and I know many folks have already edited these files. It would be greatly appreciated if these XBEs were easily accessible rather than redoing what so many others have already done successfully (unless there is some sort of legal issue ). If there are no issues from the admins, I can also share what DVD2XBOX may have already patched. Let me know your thoughts! Thanks!
  17. Hi everyone. I'm after a little help. I'm running XBMC4Gamers as my default dash on my V1.1 Hard modded Xbox but I'm wanting to load into a stock MS dashboard for insignia purposes. I've downloaded an MS dashboard from the internet but when I run it from file explorer I get a service error screen and I have to shut down to then reboot back to normal. When I navigate to the evodash.xmb in file manager and run that it boots into the unleashed dashboard with no issues so 'm thinking this is the method to use. Am I doing something wrong when trying to use the MS dashboard . Is this the correct method of doing this. if not could someone give me some info on how to do the procedure correctly. I'm am wondering if i've got a bad download of the MS dashboard file or am I using a wrong one. I think I've downloaded the latest one (5960) Does it matter which version I use ? I'm guessing it should be the latest one. Any help would be appreciated Thank you I
  18. The Origins HDD image is pretty cool and pretty loaded, however, it does NOT have a proper MS dashboard or a decent main dash. C is full of some NKPatcher image and takes up so much space on the partition that the MS dash won't even fit. This is an avoidable problem and the Origins setup can be better, so lets try to address that and get you on Insignia while we're at it. Just don't snap any bowls before you do this... Wait 'till after. The first order of business is to get a hold of the OGXbox Installer and boot it up. Once you boot into the "DHCP and no BFM" option, select "Format and Setup" > "Format & Setup HDD" > "AIO Setup a new HDD (C+E Only)". Go through the install process and then go to the main menu and select "Install or Switch Dashboards" > 4.5 "Switch Default Dashboard" > And then choose your dashboard. I use XBMC, so that is what I will cover here. Once the installer sets you to XBMC, restart your Xbox without the disc in it and go into Programs, and then "Add Source". Navigate to the "Games" folder on F and once you can see the alphabetical listings for games and are in the "Games" directory as indicated up top, go to "OK". Verify the name you want for this source, as this is what will show up as the entry in your "Apps" menu in XBMC. Hit "OK" and the item will be listed in your dashboard under "Apps". Now do the same for the games on your G partition. If you have apps anywhere else on your HDD that you want to add to your dashboard, you can do it this way, and any executables in their respective folders within this source will be listed when selecting the entry in your dashboard. This part is important: Network settings, and it's one of the best parts about using XBMC: You can just select one setting and it will use your MS Dashboard network settings at all times, DNS and all. Go to Settings > Network > "Network" tab on the left of the screen > Then change "Assignment" to Default (Dashboard). Done... forever. If you ever launch UnleashX for any reason you can expect your network settings to be changed on you. Now that you have added your software and set up network settings, it is time to add the MS Dashboard. Add "C:" as a source, just like you did before with your other software. Name it however you like or will be helpful for you to know why it is that you are adding it to your dashboard entries. I just have it as "C:" because that's what makes sense to me when I go into it. Once you do, go into it and near the bottom, you will see "Xbox Dashboard". with the file size of 1.87MB to the right of it. Launch the MS dashboard, and then configure Insignia, as per the instructions on the Insignia website. https://insignia.live/connect Add me on Insignia: Bowlsnapper Okay, you can snap a bowl now and hop on Halo 2. Disclaimer: This is not meant to be a "Fix" for the Origins Image. It is simply a way to set up your own dashboard and give you a way to get Insignia going, as well as get rid of a softmod setup which nobody needs. I'm sure there are things about E or the image in general that I am not privy to. However, in all the time I've used my Master Image, I have not experienced a single problem or anything being broken. All the games that loaded fine before, load now. All the emulators seem to work and all the apps on F and G. If I could, I would engineer all kinds of fixes to make this a perfect image... but I just don't have time.
  19. Hi there, bought an X3 CE Console last year and have been looking for a X3CP to go along with it including the screen, it’s only the front panel I need, if anyone’s got one for sale I’d be interested in buying if it’s reasonably priced, thanks!
  20. Howdy folks! I got a og Xbox for sale with a xecuter 3+ faceplate+ LCD, it comes with a duke controller, a original box for the console and a 2tb hdd with a complete NTSC library and a HD AV pack. Looking for 850 USD + shipping.
  21. Hey, Im a new member. Nice to meet yall. Hopefully i will get to know lots about the og xbox and have a good time. (English not my language, but i will do my best) So i have a problem and perhaps i could get some assistance here. I was gifted an og xbox, it was to be taken apart piece by piece and i said no no no lets see if i can do something about it. Took it home, power it on and after some attempts sure enough i get image asking for time and date. Deleted all save files and bought a game, game works. When the console is on and working theres no problem whatsoever. So the console works, reads discs and saves to hdd. The console is not modified in any form it seems. I opened it up today for the first time and it has the original 10gb hdd, and the dashboard is stock. I removed the clock capacitor and it now asks for time and date. It had not leaked as far as i could tell. Looked around, did not see anything bizarre, just some dust. But i know nothing about this really so its my guess is it was ok, but im not sure. All connections seemed secure inside. Also AV cable and power chord are firmly in place when FRAG. Console is 1.1 version according to kernel. But it FRAG sometimes, everyday actually. So ill try to explain. If i leave the console alone for a few hours after last session, and come back to power it on, it FRAG. The longer i leave it alone, the harder it is to get it to boot and have video. I have to keep to powering it on and off and eventually it displays video. I get no video when it does FRAG, no error codes. The FRAG is, it tries to boot two or three times, then flashes red and green. Other strange thing is if i keep trying to eject the tray i will get video sooner i believe. So that helps. Also it does a noise, 2 or 3 times. The noise is exactly the noise from this video i found on reddit (in fact this is the same thing happening to my console, to a T, except mine eventually works)(hope the link is not against rules): Im hoping its just the hdd dying because i intend to softmod and install a 2tb i have laying around. That im able to do. But im a noob so i dont know how to read voltages, solder and all that stuff. But if there is anything simple i could do to try to fix this, im all ears. Ill have a look around the forum to try and see all the good info around. Thanks a lot in advance! Cheers
  22. I'm probably releasing something i could have found if i looked hard enough, but anyway.. I was manually inputting the folder names and iso file for every bloody game i have. it was driving me insane. copy pasting only helps so much. I decided to stop being lazy as it's costing me more time so, I made a python script that checks the current folder it lives in. looks at all folders within that folder and makes a list of them. It then runs extract-xiso with the correct name and parameter to create the iso. one after another IT's quick and dirty and has literally no error handling at all. but it works for what i need. hope it helps someone. in the end it took all of 2 minutes to write. curse you procrastination! all that time wasted extract-iso-all.py
  23. Hey guys so anyways, I was wondering about installing sdl for the Microsoft xdk for the original Xbox that lantus made back in the day, and also is it included in the vm that was included with the easy xdk installer?
  24. Bit of a necro post but having had error 16 and figuring it out the hard way...I came to the same result and,I think, at least in my case, I have found something that appears to be an explanation and fits my issues. Googling further to find more on various Xbox error codes I found myself at this post. Being inexperienced in more than softmodding my own box and upgrading it's drive, I've never tried to just repair a random box, but I intend to do more this place seems perfect! Bit of a tale to this one... I bought a faulty xbox. Turned out it was chipped (super aladdin live) and the box was throwing all sorts of errors. Removing the chip completely got to a new error. The drive (upgraded) was not locked. Being once hardmodded that made sense. I needed to lock it.. but how? Found I could get the eeprom from the Xbox by soldering a few wires to the Xbox and dumping it using my raspberry pi. Great success. Finally got fat Xplorer to detect my drive, formatted it as standard Xbox drive and locked it. Booted up, all looked good. Then, error 16! This was a very new code! I found with some googling that this is is due to the system clock being unset. (could be wrong but leads to correct results and seems dashboard related) The box tried to boot the Microsoft dash to set this Even trying to boot a game failed. (On my other softmod box I could always boot discs regardless of the HDD state as long as it was there and partitions correct. That's how I would use a burned dvd to rebuild it..) Retracing my steps I realised my error. My drive was blank!! I placed all the stock files on the drive and tried again. All sorted Xbox booted and asked me to set the date and time. I'm waiting on a programmer for the aladdin flash chip. My hunch is Someone tried to update their chip and broke it? Unlocked HDD leading to soft brick as no way of using default bios? Edited 8 minutes ago by flip_flop Further info and typos. OCD, ADHD edit. Last one. Sorry if this is all common knowledge now but I was pleased to bring this box back from the dead. Getting the eeprom dump.. whoever found that i2c connection. Genius
  25. In search of a communicator in the USA.

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