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  1. >The Easy XDK Installer V1.2.2< Collaboration between SweetDarkDestiny & Bowlsnapper ------------------------------------------------------------- This is an easy way to turn your retail console into a debug kit. There are two main options: 1. Install the XDK dashboard as an "app", meaning that you will have the option to load the dash as an app which will be marked "XDK Launcher" in your apps list. This will boot the dash by booting a Debug version of Cerbios through PBL, which forces the load of the XDK dashboard. 2 "Standalone mode" wipes your C and E partitions and turns the console into a full debug console. The installer also provides the means to flash a debug enabled Cerbios bios through this option. This should cover most case uses. However I will add features and modify the installer over time as I receive feedback. Much credit for this installer goes to sweetdarkdestiny. We both discussed this as an installer and its likely usage/features and this was the result. I am sure that more will come along as time goes on. I am open to suggestions, and please offer them! Also included is every single piece of software imaginable on the PC side. Everything from Windows XP itself, to Visual Studio 2003, to the XDK installer, and much more! The XDK version numbers are a lie. 5849.16 is the latest version of the XDK. Fichier Link: https://1fichier.com/dir/4vwEvoBS \\!// (o o) ----------------------oOOo-(_)-oOOo------------------------------ CHANGELOG ========================================================================= ========================================================================= 1.2.5 - Fixed XP apps not unpacking. - Updatet the PC XDK from 5933 (INTERNAL!) to the latest version 5849.16 from WAM. - Removed the PC-Apps XDK options 4629 & 5933. - Reworked some read me files and instructions. - Some minor tweaks.
  2. I've started to list the game's I've gotten this error with, alongside what method I was using to store them on my HDD Some would outright lock up the whole system. Any idea how I could fix this? If it matters, I'm using Cerbios 2.3.1 UDMA5 on a 1.0 System with a 2TB HDD, obviously with a SATA2IDE adapter. 007 - Everything or Nothing (US, Folder, Stuck on black screen) Psyvarier 2 - Extend Edition (JP, Folder (same results with CCI), Dirty/Damaged Disc) Guilty Gear X2 Reload (US, Folder, Dirty/Damaged Disc) Alien Hominid (EU, Folder, Stuck on a loading screen) Burnout 3 - Takedown (US, Folder, Stuck on a loading screen) Dead Man's Hand (US, Folder, Stuck on a loading screen) Doom 3 (US, Folder, Crashes on start screen) Doom 3 - Resurrection of Evil (US, Folder, Crashes on start screen)
  3. Hi everyone, new to the scene and the OG Xbox in general (had a 360 and One for many years). Bought an OG Xbox a few years ago for cheap to play some og Xbox exclusive games that are either not backwards compatible or are buggy on the 360's software emulation. I got as far as softmodding it to Rocky's v1.1.6 (this was in end of 2019 when I did this). Then I burnt the extras disc and my Xbox wouldn't read it. Then left the Xbox as is and did some other hobbies and life happened and put the Xbox in a closet for four years. Recently pulled it out and want to continue where I left off. My main goal is to upgrade the HDD to copy my games to the hard drive and play off it. To do this I need the extras disc to get Chimp onto my xbox. My Samsung drive, while sometimes is reluctant to eject the disc unless there is a disc inside, reads the games just fine. However when I burn the extras disc using Img burn (4x speed is the lowest I can go), using either the iso from Rocky's GitHub or the "Build XISO"bat file, nothing seems to work. So discs I tried where Staples CD-RW and Staples DVD-RW. Both of these where pretty scratches. So then I tried three times with Verbatim CD-Rs, flawless discs brand new no scratches, the Xbox still will not read the disc. Again, it's the Samsung Drive so it should be able to read CD-R. My next step is to buy a Verbatim DVD-R, Staples has a pack of 5 for $5.99. If that doesn't work the only way to do it would be I guess to FTP. Was wondering if a USB would work as well. Lost the generic 4gb 2.0.usb I used four years ago to softmod but ordered another one from eBay should arrive within a couple of weeks. But why is the extras disc giving me so much trouble? Can anyone chime in what I could be doing wrong? I also forgot to mention, I have a 1.6 Xbox produced in May 2005, TSOP is not an option, and I am not confident in my soldering abilities to install a mod chip hence the softmod.
  4. OGXBox Installer 2021 (EOL) Created by Sweetdarkdestiny THIS INSTALLER DISC ONLY WORKS FROM A BURNED DVD DISC, NOT MOUNTING THE DISC IMAGE SAVED TO THE HARD DRIVE This version is EOL and should only be useful for archival purposes. The newest version of this installer can be found here. Sweetdarkdestiny: "Why use this this instead of HeXEn/TruHeXEn or Slayers? Well, good question and here is the answer: It's faster than all of them. It doesn't have faulty bioses on it. It's up to date and it offers way, way more to install than any of the others. So you have plenty of Apps, Dashboards or Emulators to install and a huge amount of bug free bioses (ModChip and TSOP (incl. Winbond). It's a simple build without any fancy code or the need of copy stuff over and over again. It's clean by default which means no temp files will left behind. You have plenty of live apps you can use or just test before you install them." Bowlsnapper: I had to put these discs in my Xbox, rip them to the HDD, then take out the HDD, mount it with FATXplorer, copy the files to my PC, Create ISOs with Quix, then upload them to Mega. I only have the PBL versions, as those are the only discs I ever downloaded and the original ISOs are gone. I rebuilt the ISOs to the best of my ability as I feel that this is the best installer out there and puts Hexen and Slayers to shame. As I said, these are PBL (Pheonix Bios Loader) versions. This means that you must have a preformatted HDD for the BFM to load properly. If your HDD is new/blank, it will freeze upon loading and not work. I do not know why. It's a glitch, I guess. If your Xbox is sitting at a red LED and a black screen THIS IS WHY. Format your drive using the Slayer's Installer if necessary, or FATXplorer. As long as the partitions are there and the HDD isn't totally blank, the installer will load correctly. So stock HDD setups should work fine. If I had the non-PBL versions, I would post them, but I do not. We are lucky that we have them at all. It is a shame that Sweet pulled the links but I feel that this is something that should be shared and used for a very long time, at least until another installer shows up. Credit for this installer goes to Sweetdarkdestiny. He worked hard on it and it shows. I am STILL finding new things on this installer disc every time I load it up. Every other installer is a waste of time, in my opinion. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ OGXbox Installer 2021: https://mega.nz/file/QjkhyRKR#Wxd3RTFiKS3l7gSqsGDVkbM03bscWXn_RTQGx7lyKck OGXbox Installer 2021 Extras Disc: https://mega.nz/file/lmcREZjQ#VfzXvJiKAAdNb0oNvmOW_kBgEOBTQpNNWMV1LlVt5QI 1.5.4 EOL Mirror: https://1fichier.com/?cmclnzvvd4gufvt90j4d
  5. OGXbox Cerbios Disc 2.3.2 Created by Sweetdarkdestiny A very big thank you to sweetdarkdestiny for creating this other amazing piece of work. The original thread is here. This thread is basically a mirror. https://www.xbox-scene.info/forums/topic/382-ogxbox-cebios-disc/ THIS IS NOT THE OGXBOX INSTALLER DISC! PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION CAREFULLY! This the new Cerbios Disc 2.3.2. Build 03 This is disc started as a simple flasher made to make it easy as possible to flash the Cerbios. Now it's a fully grown installer which is up to date by this day. It not only provides every public available Cerbios bios in different flavors, it now provides you evey needed dash, app you name it. You have the option to launch this disc in 4 different modes: DHCP + Boot From Media Cerbios (BFM) bios. DHCP with your own bios which you have on the modchip/tsop. Static IP + Boot From Media Cerbios (BFM) bios. Static IP with your own bios which you have on the modchip/tsop. You also have the option to use XBlastOS, EvoX, GentooX or ResctooX to flash your modchip/tsop in any mode! This flasher also offers a simple option to go from a softmod to a TSOP flash for NTSC & PAL users. And it offers even more like the latest Team-Resurgent apps on it up to date to this posting. As well as apps from the XBox Preservation Project, Cerbios Intro Maker, CISO, Custom Cerbios Splash, Ram DeLimit & XBMC4Gamers / Emustation Artwork Stuff. UnleashX in a special version only available on this installer, Rocky5's latest XBMC4Gamers dash with additional skins and XBMC-Emustation build. There is also the option install/reinstall more apps (if needed). And like you may know from the OGXBox-Installer this disc here provides every repair option you can think of. Below I attached a couple of screens. And a massive shout out and HUGE THANKS goes to JadeSparrow for his support, suggestions and testing! You did an incredible job! Finally, here is the changelog or at least some parts of it. The changes we have made are massive! Boot Menu Added: The "Cerbios Archive" to it (Not using a BFM for this). And I removed it from the other main configs since there's no need for it to be there anymore. Added: The about & Infos section to the Boot Menu and removed it from the other configs since there's no need to have them in every config. It saves some lines of code and speeds up the boot slightly. - Added : Huh! Main Flasher Upd. : XBMC4Gamers to the latest build by 1.1.2024 (Comes with a couple of themes) Upd. : XBMC-Emustation to the latest build by 1.1.2024 Upd. : Xbox Artwork Installer 3.1 to the latest build by 1.1.2024 Added & Upd. : CISO 1.3 Now with OSC & Linux support. Added : Copy Cerbios Disc - Sort of a manual (WIP) Added : 7.3.6. Ram DeLimit (PC App) Added : 7.2.7. Launch ElpisHD Added : 8.8.7. Install ElpisHD (ALPHA TEST RELEASE!) Added : Copy XBlastOS RAMTester chips locations Added : 7.2.6. Launch EEPROM Backup. Added : 7.2.16. Launch Xbox Ram Check Added : 7.3.5. Custom Cerbios Splash Added : 7.8. Copy Manuals/eBooks/PDF-Misc. - 7.8.1 Copy Manuals - 7.8.2 Copy eBooks - 7.8.3 Copy Misc (TSOP Pints, LPC Rebuild ...) Added : 7.2.19 Launch Xenium Tools Extra. Added : LithiumX Dash by Ryzee119 Added : Read Me files to the re-/install app section along with MD5's. Added : A "special" version of UnleashX which will be installed by default. Added : XBlastOS Manual PDF. Added : Xenium Tools (As live app and installer) Added : HDTV Test App (As live app and installer) Added : Controller Test (As live app and installer) Added : XBMC-Emustation to the Disc. Added : Hardware Test Suit (Install & Live App) Added : CISO 1.3 (PC App) Added : Config Magic (Rocky5's fixed build) Added : XBox Preservation Project's PineCone. Added : Enigma Video Mode Switcher. Added the option to setup a XBox HDD up to 2TB. XBMC4Gamers with Team Resurgent skin and UnleashX are your setup options. For bigger drives use Eaton's FatXplorer 3.0. Added the option to repair / rebuild your C / E / C & E partition/s. Added the option Backup UDATA & TDATA. - With it you can easily backup the folder to FTP them to your PC/MAC to search for DLC's & Co with PineCone. Added Copy clean Cerbios.ini to C:\. - Usefull if you screwed up your ini. Added a Back to Stock option - "Full Back to Stock (PAL/NTSC)". Added (By request) the option to flash XblastOS for ram upgrades. - Make sure you read the read me first in the sub menu. Added the Cerbios Config Cheat Sheet. - It's like a small wiki which explains the Cerbios.ini. Added the option to reinstall dashboards and / or shortcut. - Can also be used to switch the main dash on boot. Added a option to reinstall apps. - Search in 8.8. Install additional applications. - - ALL Apps will be installed by default so it's only need if you have deletet something! Added : Team Resugent XBCM4Gamers skin. Added : Cerbios Intro Maker. Added : Cerbios BFM UDMA2/4/5/6 incl. PBL.. The BFM loads as follows: - C:\evoxdash.xbe - E:\XBMC4Gamers\default.xbe - E:\Dash\UnleashX\unleashx.xbe It will be copied to your apps directory - - E:\Apps\Cerbios BFM U2 - - E:\Apps\Cerbios BFM U4 - - E:\Apps\Cerbios BFM U5 - - E:\Apps\Cerbios BFM U6 Fixed : XBlastOS not installin when setting up a new HDD. Fixed : ACL Files not installing. Fixed : ETM and XBTF Files not installing. Hidden Flasher Added : EvoX d6 & m7 TSOP Recovery bioses. Added : 6. Flash Cerbios 2.3.2. ALPHA with XBlastOS* UDMA2 up to UDMA6 and 256kb up to 1024kb. Upd. : Read Me first file. Archive Added : 4.6. Cerbios V2.3.2 ALPHA U2-U6 (256kb bioses only)* Unlistet: Added the Cerbios 2.3.2. as BFM in varius flavors to the disc. It's just a folder in the root dir (biosBFMALPHA). JUST FOR TESTING! Cerbios Disc Changed : The Cerbios Disc skin. Changed : The BFM bios of the BFM Modes to 2.3.2 alpha. Changed : Instead of 4 configs for the 4 Cerbios disc modes we are now just use 2 for all 4 version. Archived by removing all BFM gimmicks like: Open Tray, Close Tray and such. It minimize the work to maintain all 4 modes by HUGE amount. Who has seen that coming? Changed/Added: A non BFM boot menu to avoid problems using a new blank HDD. I also added the options to launch this Disc in varius flavors. * Guess it's the best to do it that way for now. The main flasher will stay on the 2.3.1 till a beta of 2.3.2 or newer drop. I also added a lot of icons (still a lot missing). And I wrote a lot of txt files. Made a DVD Cover AND a "Cerbios Disc - Sort of Manual" (Still WIP). And a lot (!) more adds, fixes, changes. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fichier Download Folder : https://1fichier.com/dir/XpNkvkyV Mega Mirror: https://mega.nz/file/MvUyEJRC#cZsvQ5Dw7Bl-lZn9jbXoj4yCuQHsyJpvB3IClucG4X0 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This software package was created by @sweetdarkdestiny. Credit goes to him.
  6. The xbox dvd drive is SDG-605B version B it scratches discs. Refer to discScratches.JPG the scratches are not circular. I am trying to pin point the root cause of the damage. The xbox must of been dropped. The optical pickup head must be causing the scratches but I don't see any raised sharp edges that would cause those marks. The dvd drive reads both cd's and dvd's but they get damaged in the process. The xbox original is TSOP so the only use I have for the drive is formatting the hdd. I thought I would disassemble the dvd drive and compare it to an identical drive. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1B0_VHvgu-ACzN3azkw6Aq4r6GdUQbuLW?usp=drive_link A.JPG is the dvd drive scratching discs B.JPG is a reference drive identical to A.JPG
  7. After i Tsop my xbox with Evox M8 plus the dash won't boot and i was know about this then i tried to install unlashx dash from hexen 2021 disc then i installed in E/Dash and then i got message says: do you want to make it your default dash, i click in Yes, after that the boot animation frozen with microsoft and when i tried to boot hexen nothing happend :(
  8. Looking to buy a working disc drive ASAP. I'm from Canada, ON if that makes a difference.
  9. Oh no, another flasher! YES! I have resently read from the one or the other that it would be nice to have a option to just flash a bios wihtout the need to install any apps, dashboards or what ever. So I decided to make that DVD for the 2-3 ppl. out there. So this DVD provides XBlastOS and EvoX as flashing tool. Like the MC/USB installer I made, all bios files are already packed as bios.bin so you can flash any TSOP (Incl. Winbond) or ModChip with it right away. Other as the MC/USB flasher this DVD version provides more bios files you can flash. And ofc there is also a XBox 1.6/1.6b flasher on board. And no, if you didn't have already a modded XBox you need to use the MC/USB TSOP flasher (Or you soft mod). How ever. On the main screen you simply select what you like to do: Flash XBox 1.0-1.4 Without Dashboard Install. Flash XBox 1.0-1.4 With Dashboard Install. Flash XBox 1.6-1.6b Without Dashboard Install. Flash XBox 1.6-1.6b With Dashboard Install. So you could install one (1) dashboard along if you like (Ava, EvoX, UiX Lite, UX, X4X, X4G or XES). If not just select the "Without" option and the Flash Menu will load up right away without installing anything. Btw. this installer will install nothing if you don't wish (The only thing you could install is a Dash anyway). Not even XBlastOS or EvoX which both run of the DVD. So you will just leave with a Bios folder on C:\ which contains the bios you have flashed. And if need you have some basic tools in the Main Menu under Miscellaneous. You also will find the option to update the MS Dashboard to the lates version (5960.01) if needed in that menu along with some other options. So you see, the main goal here was basicly bios flashing. No Apps, No Dah (If you don't want) and No Crap will left behind. And ofc this installer didn't touch any byte of your maybe already installed Apps/Dashes or what ever like some others do. Finaly this installer provides all the latest bioses like Cerbios, MakeMHz, EvoX TITAN etc.. Finaly one last word. This DVD didn't use a BFM on boot so it's pretty fast. And all bios MD5 check sums I know have been added to the EvoX flasher and to the Bios Checker App (Oh Dave will throw eggs at me for this). HOW EVER..... Hope you guys have a use for it. PEACE! Downloads : 1fichier : https://1fichier.com/dir/wVNkbBai Mega : https://mega.nz/folder/UN1DzDAL#CuuhnuVesotAbaZVmIZzeg
  10. I found that if you rip your disc with DVD2Xbox using the ISO ripper mode, the dump can be used with Repackinator. There are a few steps in the middle but it works great! Technically, you can create any kind of file you like once it is in a format Repackinator will accept. Just keep in mind that scrubbed CCI is the smallest file we can get that still known to work with title updates, DLC, and Insignia.
  11. Does this softmod support xiso files? If so, how to enable it. Since it uses Nkpatcher it should support it? Rocky5 softmod don't have working virtual eeprom, i really hate ntsc boot screen. :\
  12. I wouldn't consider this necessarily a mod as much as a repair but I wanted to talk about how when I was 14 and had absolutely no clue how anything on an xbox worked, I replaced the laser on my disc drive in an xbox that was completely stock (at the time). Now I don't know if I actually fixed the problem but it sure seems like it. At one point I stopped being able to load games from the drive, no games worked except for some reason the JSRF/SEGA GT 2002 game worked every time that originally came with the system. So at the time, all I could think was that the laser was bad and that the only option was to replace it. So I went to Ebay and searched for an original xbox laser and sure enough found one for I believe around $15USD. I swapped it into my drive and its been loading games perfectly fine since. Only I don't know if that affected its ability to read other disc types. In any case, I've read everywhere, for the most part, that people who have dead drives have no choice but to go buy another xbox that still has one working. So the conclusion I am coming to is, why have I not seen anyone mention buying a replacement laser? Did I just happen to find one or did it not occur to anyone that you could potentially just replace the laser? Was just one of my thoughts I've had for several years and just wanted to share and see what other people thought or know about replacing just the laser.
  13. Hi guys TLDR: - My xbox's Samsung disc drive no longer works, already tried the usual things. - Am I using the correct replacement laser? - have I overlooked anything for optical drive repair? - Can I still mod my xbox with an OpenXenium chip + can I properly upgrade the hard drive without ever needing the disc drive again (eg for running Hexen or OGXbox installation Disc, or can I use another way to properly set up a 2tb hard drive I've got for the planned upgrade). ________________________ Full version. Hi guys. I've got a stock OG PAL Xbox (v1.1?) that doesn't read any kind of discs anymore. I found this out 3 weeks ago when I took my xbox out for the first time after a few months. It doesn't ever give disc errors. It does not have any hard or soft mods applied yet, but I've got an openxenium chip on hand ready for when I eventually get to modding (also have a 2tb Seagate Barracuda drive set aside as an upgrade). I'll add that I've already removed the clock capacitor almost 2 years ago when I bought the xbox and had zero associated issues. I usually run my xbox via RGB scart on my CRT, and it previously ran without any problems. My OG xbox has a Samsung drive: SDG-605 version B, and originally has a SOH-D16 laser. I initially tried the usual stuff and none of it worked : - cleaned the laser lens - tried lowering the DVD Potentiometer resistance through various ranges (1800ohms from factory, lowered down to 830ohms testing every 100 or so Ohms) - checked the lubricants and deep cleaned the console for any dust/debris. - Eject button and disc tray works fine. I can't find any spare optical drive replacements in the UK currently, so I opted to replace the laser assembly. I purchased the replacement from AliExpress, though the laser model number I received was actually SOH-DR16S, rather than the SOH-D16. The listing stated it was for SOH-D16, but I received the SOH-DR16S instead (I can't seem to find any of the former anywhere). I couldn't find any confirming information about whether these laser assemblies are completely cross compatible in my DVD drive (but all the connector assemblies and ribbon connectors seem to fit perfectly fine). I also followed Bahamutfan64's reddit post and the linked guide to try and prepare the laser for best compatibility*: - swapped the white houseing onto the new laser - desoldered the static protection/storage solder bridges for both potentiometers (and tried my best to minimise static discharge risk when working with the lasers after the safety bridges were removed) - reassembled the laser assembly into the Samsung drive and removed the blue lens protection film - cleaned the lens with 99% IPA to remove any residue from the protective film. - recorded both potentiometers' factory resistances. The CD pot was 800ohms from factory, whilst the DVD pot's factory was 2010ohms. These values failed to boot any of my games or CDs. - I then gradually tweaked and tested my DVD pot down to about 1240ohms, testing at roughly every 100ohm intervals, and still couldn't boot into any of my games. I'm not sure if I should go all the way down to 800ohms onnthe DVD pot on a "brand new" laser. Here's how the Xbox mostly seemed to usually behave with the new laser (and even with the old laser with Pot tweaks): with the game disc inside, the eject button would keep flashing. At the same time the optical drive motor would try a few short bursts of spinning the disc, followed by a longer spin. After this longer spin it gives up reading the disc and the eject button stops flashing. I don't know if this is a sign of the optical drive's spindle motor failing, but I think it may be unlikely. I don't get any error messages, and the xbox simply remains in the green home menu screen (even last year when I had occasional failed disc reads, I would never receive error messages). I tried a range of different known working games and CDs to no success. I want some help and was wondering where to go from here. I have a few questions: Is there any way of telling whether the optical drive's PCB is gone? There aren't any obvious signs such as leaky caps or burnt componenents. I don't own an oscilloscope or any really seriously fancy equipment. The ribbon cables are all intact and I've even tried cleaning all of their contacts and reseating. All the necessary moving parts/gears appear/feel lubricated (doesn't appear overlubed) and the laser's worm gear/motor seems to be working fine. The eject/disc tray motor and associated parts also seem to be working. Is my replacement laser assembly actually compatible? I actually tried ordering 2 laser assemblies, sadly I received SOH-DR16S and not SOH-D16. Would these differences in lasers even matter for my Samsung Drive? They both appear identical. As far as I know, I believe an SOH-D16 can be used in place of a SOH-DR16S, but not sure if it works the other way around for my specific context. Would it be worth me trying the second brand new SOH-DR16S laser as well? I have no way if telling if these new lasers were dead on arrival. If I fail with disc drive repair, could I still successfully install the openxenium chip without ever needing the disc drive? Is it possible to run the OG xbox without an optical drive ever again and still get the key modchip benefits? Ie changing the bios/nand file, upgrading to a 2tb hard drive from stock (and boot my backups from this drive). I know that the Hexen disc/OGXBox installation disc would still require an optical drive, but could I still run these (or at least their features) without an optical disc drive? Is Hexen/OGXbox install disc even necessary in my setup is using OpenXenium? Ideally I'd like to avoid grabbing a second xbox just to salvage a working DVD drive that will likely fail soon anyway. I'm also aware with a modchip I can grab a PC dvd drive to play CD/DVD/burned media if absolutely needed (sadly I don't have one of these to hand, and I won't ever be able to use this to boot my original discs). Sorry for the long post, I wanted to include as much detail as possible including everything I've already tried and considered. *Guides I followed for laser replacement: https://www.reddit.com/r/originalxbox/comments/phuhy3/samsung_sohdr16_laser_replacement/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share http://fillwithcoolblogname.blogspot.com/2011/02/xbox-dvd-laser-replacement.html?m=1
  14. I've been writing and tweaking my UnleashX config for about a day or so and I think I have every feature that I personally want from my dashboard. The only issue is with the DVD copy function. It works as expected, except that when it is selected without a disc in the drive, it completes instantly and still says that ripping the disc was successful. I'd like to throw an error MessageBox if this is the case just to make it a bit more presentable. Do any XML wizards know if there's a way to check if there's a disc in the drive? Any help is greatly appreciated. <List Text="Copy Disc to HDD" Sort="Off" Batch="True"> <Item Action="AskUser" Arg1="Copy Disc To HDD">Proceed with copying the disc to the HDD?\nThe directory will be written to F:\games\[Title]</Item> <Item Action="CopyDVD">Error: failed to copy disc. The disc may be dirty or damaged</Item> <Item Action="TrayOpen"/> <Item Action="MessageBox" Arg1="Complete">Disc successfully copied to HDD!\nPlease remove the disc before continuing.</Item> <Item Action="TrayClose"/> </List> config.xml
  15. Hello I've worked out how to add the games along with Covert art and Video Preview. I'm struggling on Multiple disk games Could someone point me in the right direction on the best way to do these? Google seems to lack results
  16. I'm attempting to use the 720p hacked xbe from the ogx disc and i'm getting an error (in 720p no less) that the disc is dirty. Does this xbe need to be patched to run from the HD?
  17. If even the slightest bit of pressure is placed on the case directly above the disc drive as it’s running, there’s a metallic “vibrating” noise. I actually had to loosen the screws on the case to stop it doing it all the time after reassembling it. I thought perhaps I’d tightened the two halves of the shell together too much. Also, is the read/boot time “normal” between inserting a disc and the black Xbox splash screen showing? Video here:
  18. I bought an OG xbox, softmodded it with Rocky5, upgraded the HDD to a 2TB Seagate Barricuda, have an 80 pin IDE adapter connected to it. I bought 10 games to start off with, to include Halo: CE (the original Halo) and Mechwarrior. I ripped all 10 games to my hard drive. I get horrible, unplayable lag when playing any game (Halo is the most noticeable). Any time I fire the weapon everything lags. I also notice that for every single game, the startup animations (The grey/white/black "Microsoft Game Studios" logo) also lags, so I don't think it's framerate dependent. Here's a link to the logo animation that I am talking about. The animation in this video is how it should look. It's smooth. On my screen (I can't upload a video, sorry), it stutters, lags, and is generally unsmooth. This animation isn't smooth at all, but just showing what I'm talking about for reference. Does this have something to do with HDMI? I am running the output to an hdmi adapter that plays on the monitor. I have tried multiple monitors and have the same problem. The only thing I haven't tried is the component to TV route, because I do not have a TV. I'm wondering if this was a waste of money. Games are unplayable from the HDD, which I thought was supposed to even speed things up. Any help would be appreciated, thank you. -R
  19. I recently bought a few faulty Xboxes yesterday and I want to try sort out this 1.1 which FRAGs. When I press eject it will often not open the disc tray, sometimes it will open quarter or half way or not close when it does open. I've tried 3 disc drives and they all have the same issue indicating a motherboard or possibly daughterboard problem. I have removed the clock capacitor which was only starting to leak. I've cleaned up what little leakage there was. Any ideas?
  20. I am getting a message pop up when a game disc is put in that says “this is an Xbox game disc. Please put it in your Xbox to start playing”. (Pic attached). I have the DVD remote receiver installed. If it’s removed I get the you need to connect the DVD playback kit receiver popup. Seems pretty weird to me that it IDs it as a game disc then tells me to put it in the Xbox when it is already in there. Has anyone ever seen or heard of this before?
  21. Hi, I've just cleaned up an old xbox to keep around as a spare. I've cleaned and lubed the drive mechanism in the DVD drive, all is moving smoothly and reading discs perfectly. The only problem is that, when opening the tray, the open/close button light keeps flashing while open, and after a few seconds, the tray closes by itself. It's not stopping me from playing games, but I'd like to get it back to working as it should. Does anyone know if this sounds like something that's easy to fix? Thanks very much. -Bob
  22. I think this belongs here? Since I'm just trying to install XBMC4Gamers. But like the title says, Xbox Softmodding Tool Extras Disc will not boot when I try to boot it from the "Applications" section. I've followed the instructions on how to set up the files correctly, but when I click on XSTED, the screen goes black for a few seconds then it goes right back to the UnleashX dashboard. I thought maybe it's mounting it to the disk drive virtually? But even my disk drive won't boot a disk when there's a disk in it using the "Run CD in drive" button, no matter what's in the drive. I'm kinda at a loss, so I'm coming here for some help. Attached is how I have it setup on the drive. 1.4 that's been TSOP'd, if it matters
  23. I have the two Virtual Drive Loader folders in their respective spots, C:\ and E:\Apps and I have Dashloader. However, it seems no matter what dashboard I'm loading to (XBMC4Gamers is what I tried initially) I must always launch the PBL App, or go into file manager and run Patcher.XBE... and then after it 'reboots' I can play my ISO games fine. How do I configure my system to automatically boot with the XISO hooks/kernel ready to go from coldboot? I tried copying the contents of Virtual Drive Loader from Apps to something that is highest on the dashloader order like "E:/XBMC-Emustation" so that it will find the default.xbe of Virtual Drive Loader and boot from that first but the console just hangs if I do that. So as of right now while I can play my XISOs off my HDD I must always first boot up, then run the XBE of Virtual Drive Loader or the PBL app. Please help :( Running TSOP'd 1.4 with EvoXM8Plus Thanks in advance!
  24. Hi Guys, I'm trying to fix an xbox which takes about 5minutes to boot. It is a softmoded V1.6 and I swapped its dvd driver from a Samsung (which I need for my main xbox) to a Philips (very temperamental and reads just some original games). I don't know why but the slow boot is related to the dvd drive, as it boots in a flash when connected to his original dvd drive. Anything I can do to solve the issue keeping the Philips drive? Thanks a lot!
  25. Hi, was hoping you guys could help. When loading any event on the 'Eastern Bay' tracks in Burnout Revenge, I get a black screen error with text explaining the disc is damaged or dirty. Obviously I'm playing this from the HD, so no optical disc as such, but the error persists. I have tested this on a friends console and also tried downloading another copy of the game and ftping it over to rule out a bad install. No change. Is there some sort of patch for this game, or is it a noted issue? I cant see anything else about it. Both machines were 1.6 boxes with basic Aladdin chips and EvoX M8 bios. I also have here various 1.0, 1.4 and 1.6 xboxes with x3 chips, but i haven't tested this as yet as i don't currently suspect the bios? should i? Hope you can help, Cheers!

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