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  1. So, I got a modded Xbox off of a friend a few years back. It's been collecting dust on a shelf while i was modding 360s and messing with other things. Some console info: Motherboard Revision: 1.0 Kernel Version: 1.0.3944.1 TSOP Chip: ST-M29F080A In January i decided to play around with it and upgraded its mod with Rocky5s Softmodding Tool, although i had to use the Hardmod method show in MrMario2011s guide. I decided I want to hardmod the system and TSOP Flash rather than run the softmod. While digging through the file explorer on XBMC i found evidence of SmartXX which a google search turned up a modchip. So, I took to r/originalxbox and thanks to the help of @KaosEngineerfound that it must be a softmodded system and I'm good to flash the TSOP. I went on to download and burn a DVD-R with Bios Checker and burned another with the .iso file found in the download of "OGXbox Cerbios Disc v2.3.2". I bridged the R7D3 points on the top of the board and the R7R3 points on the back of the board, reassembled and popped on bios checker to get the info. I then popped in the OGXbox Cerbios v2.3.2. Once the disc launched, I read through the "Read Me" files on my PC and on the disc. After reading, I selected the following options: "Cerbios Disc - Static IP & No BFM Mode" --> "Flash Cerbios with XBlastOS" --> "Flash Cerbios UDMA2" --> "Flash Cerbios UDMA2 256KB" Once in XBlastOS I chose "Boot Onboard Bios". No dice... So, I copied/unpacked a clean .ini to my C partition, ran through the steps again and got to XBlastOS. This time I went to settings and saw Flash options. I selected: "HDD Flash" which gave me "C:\BIOS does not exist.' So, I tried: "CD Flash" which gave me "insert a disc with an img.bin file." I can't figure what step I'm missing or what I'm doing wrong here. Am I supposed to burn both the .ISO and .RAR files to the DVD-R rather than only the .ISO? OR am I missing something else entirely? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Figured I'd give my results of testing I did today. Initially, I was under the impression that a softmod couldn't take advantage of anything past the stock UDMA 2, but a user on the xboxscene discord said it should work, so I tried it. The results aren't exciting, but it's a clear improvement. I performed the tests on a v1.6 with an HGST 3TB HUS724030ALA640, at full capacity, only 100GB free on F. The only changes were the bios version. UnleashX noticed the changes. The stock bios showed Ultra DMA Mode 4, the UDMA 5 bios shows Ultra DMA Mode 32. I was told this is to be expected, as UX doesn't show the correct numbers, but it clearly shows the changes being made. Everything I tested showed an improvement, although minimal. I ran every test 3 times and took the average. The xbox has an 80 wire and Startech adapter. UDMA 2 (Mode 4) UDMA 5 (Mode 32) Console Off to XBMC4Gamers = 36 seconds 34 seconds XBMC4Gamers to Emustation = 16 15 XBMC4Gamers to UnleashX = 51 50 XBMC4Gamers IGR = 33 32 UnleashX Soft Reset = 18 15 XBMC4Gamers to CoinOps8Massive = 12 11 XBMC4Gamers to Xenon's PS1 Pack = 15 14 XBMC4Gamers to Xenon's NES Pack = 16 14 XBMC4Gamers to Halo CE (No Trainers) = 27 25 XBMC4Gamers to Halo 2 (No Trainers) = 34 32 XBMC4Gamers to Def Jam FFNY (No Trainers) = 26 24 My next test will be with my old 60GB OCZ Agitity II that I had in my pc versus UDMA 6.
  3. Sooo..... chinese IDE 80 way cable to sata adapter (Master jumper available and enabled)... "aladdin advance" modchip with SST chip. 2TB drive yada yada... been working fine for years. with Evox Wanted Cerbios because... y'know - new toysnstuff.... Flashed the default 2.3.1 Beta - All working well - lovely stuff. Then... I thought I'd try the one with UDMA4 on the end. Now - no video output. At all. my TVs all say (no signal)... This is with component and with composite. Green lights come on on power on - flashing if I push the eject button to turn on. (I heard there was a "safe mode" udma2). But alas no video. Did my flash go bad? It seemed to complete the flash just fine in EvolutionX flasher for both the standard 2.3.1 Beta, and for the "UDMA4" version. But dead now. Any ideas? zero cost option I guess is remove the modchip and TSOP flash (I think it's a 1.4 board definitely not 1.6)? Or try to get a disc to load hexen 2021??? the DVD drive seems to try to open (I can force it with the little pokey hole thing - the eject rubber band is dry)... Or do I have to buy a chip flasher... wanna avoid money spend if possible! lol! Thanks folks!
  4. A friend has found an xbox with an Xecuter with the front panel switches. He's asking if I could upgrade it to a 3TB with Cerbios and be able to use Insignia. As I've never dealt with hardmods, is there a guide that I can use to direct me? Is it as easy as formatting the hdd with Hazeno's guide, inserting it into the xbox, and updating the bios somehow? He doesn't know which version Xecuter it is, but since it has the bank switches, is it safe to say it's a v3? Is there a big difference between 3/3CE for bios? He's going to get me pics soon. I've read that some chips block access to xbl, is that no longer relevant if you have Cerbios?
  5. Good evening I'm trying to disable IGR on Cerbios bios as it uses the same combo as coinops to save games I use Cerbios tool but once the prepared bios is flashed, there is no difference Where am I wrong?
  6. ENDGAME 8MB Cerbios Flasher & UX Dash Installer I am posting a mirror of the TSOP flasher utilizing the Endgame exploit. This means that no savegame exploit is necessary. Just a memcard or USB drive with a stock Xbox. Will also Install a basic version of UnleashX to get you started with something. Mega Link: https://mega.nz/file/lzcFBRqb#SdqDkbwJ5qQuD_Md6aXht6shgPiD1A_N27e4X7D8b9o --------------------------------------------------------------------- Use this as a starting point to maybe run the OGXbox installer that Sweet made! Very fully featured and handy! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Credit for this flasher/software goes to SweetDarkDestiny. I do NOT take credit for this. https://www.xbox-scene.info/forums/topic/437-endgame-8mb-cerbios-flasher-ux-dash-installer/#comment-833
  7. Hey Why is the new cerbios - bios named "hybrid" and is it safe to flash to the aladin chip Reg Finn
  8. OGXBox Installer 2021 v1.9.3 Cerbios Edition (Refresh) Created by Sweetdarkdestiny Just "small" updated version of his Installer till 2.0.0. comes out. Changes: Fixed some small funny stuff. Changed the EvoX m8+ BFM bios to Cerbios 2.3.1 BFM bios. (This fixes the boot issue people have reported.) Added an option to flash the latest Cerbios v2.3.1 in various flavors. Updated to the latest XBMC4Gamers build. Updated to the latest XBMC-Emustation build. And with the 1.9.0 build: This will now boot without the use of a BFM bios (Like Slayers) and loads a mini boot menu. In there you have the options to launch the installer in various modes: Launch OGXBox Installer - DHCP & No BFM Bios Launch OGXBox Installer - DHCP & BFM Bios Launch OGXBox Installer - Static IP & No BFM Bios Launch OGXBox Installer - Static IP & BFM Bios With the 1.9.3 build: The disc will now be able to boot using the endgame exploit. Sweet tells me that there are some small updates to the build, so I have updated the link. Sweetdarkdestiny: "Some people seem to have problems with brand new HDDs which cause this installer sit on the doggy logo forever. To avoid the need of using anything else other as this disc you can boot now without the BFM and set up your HDD. You can also switch the mode at any time if you like. Please Take note that some options in the "No BFM" versions are slightly different. Not by much but you may see it if you used the old version. However, I hope this make some ppl happy." Bowlsnapper: Looks like Sweetdarkdestiny fixed the BFM Blank HDD issue. Thank you! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Folder Link for the download : https://1fichier.com/dir/oU8S1x1b Folder Link for the download of the Extras Disc's : Emulators v1.0.0 / Game DLCs v1.0.2 / GAME Wide+HDD Fixes+Updates v1.0.3 https://1fichier.com/dir/RTai0x0y ------------------------------------------------- Bowlsnapper: I hate fichier. There are a lot of limitations on how many things you can download and ads. So I hosted these on Mega. Installer Disc: https://mega.nz/file/Aj1SBRhS#PtY226v0PJdLfrrIZD8NDwsyXkhzKmw8K3pazlAJ9iw Extras Disc 1 - Emulators: https://mega.nz/file/53l21SxC#Sytcsk9sAAYyBZVUSDM3LN4i6vEVdP0YiOhoFOviDrE Extras Disc 2 - Game DLCs: https://mega.nz/file/o2Nh2LBQ#d6KMQEBzRU18HzdJM5gZYQB-ckrSnOvI78Cto-H_Q6c Extras Disc 3 - Widescreen Hacks, HDD fixes, Updates: https://mega.nz/file/UvFSyQLR#oMouAkyzzcje04XhQ-D9C-BAuooUg2KhVnqMqF3KPT8 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Credit for this installer goes to Sweetdarkdestiny. I do not take credit for this. Original Thread: https://www.xbox-scene.info/forums/topic/396-ogxbox-installer-2021-refresh/#comment-722
  9. Cerbios Bios Mirror (Updated) Current: 2.3.2 Since the original thread is no longer being updated, I will attempt to do so in this thread. 2.3.2 Is the ElpisHD version with HD+ support. I have also included Cerbios Tool, as well as UDMA 4,5 and 6 files. Only use 6 if you have a Startech, basically. if you have a cheapo SATA adapter, use UDMA 4. If you have upgraded your cheapo green adapter with "the resistor", try 5. If you are using IDE, use the non-UDMA descripted file, which is UDMA-2. OP will be updated with every release and there will only ever be this thread. .nfo file should contain changelogs. Happy flashing! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mega: https://mega.nz/file/x6VmRbzT#hjH2mFkYUEtqyAUUyJ5dIV-_iCu45Te700TdSoh5cx0 Google Drive Mirror: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/18rD7KbLxou94_J4dP3mujspxTcBcYZ8y?usp=drive_link
  10. Has anyone seen this? After talking to a well known scene member he says its legit. up to 8tb hdd and .iso supported. From xbox scene forums: "This is a new custom bios with all existing and new features implemented by the team.While we may share some similarities that can be found in bioses such as config loading, custom colors etc, our solution will be different compared to all existing solutions.In addition new tools will also be released to take advantage of some of the features we have implemented.With our custom LBA support we now support hdds up to 8TB in storage size.No more 2.2tb limitations and file corruption.***8TB size limit may be expanded upon again in the futureMore info will be made available in due time Everyone loves a little ISO in their life. So why not add it natively into our bios.No more patching Bioses with hacky ASM, Diskutilities, Dashloader or Nkpatcher.With Cerbios just boot your console select your favorite game and enjoy endless hours of fun.Existing attach.xbe compatible.Check out the videos below of two problematic games working flawlessly as ISO and on 128mb hardware using Cerbios.https://emalm.com/?v=WU9GVhttps://emalm.com/?v=RNwC3But why should I use ISOs over HDD dumps?Well with our custom LBA support for HDD up to 8TB there is no excuse about not having enough space.ISOs do not have file length limitation like some HDD rip games do, so no patching or truncating of file names is required.All DRM checks pass as ISO (Harry Potter).More info TBA" Cerbios Alpha V1.zip
  11. OGXbox Cerbios Disc 2.3.2 Created by Sweetdarkdestiny A very big thank you to sweetdarkdestiny for creating this other amazing piece of work. The original thread is here. This thread is basically a mirror. https://www.xbox-scene.info/forums/topic/382-ogxbox-cebios-disc/ THIS IS NOT THE OGXBOX INSTALLER DISC! PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION CAREFULLY! This the new Cerbios Disc 2.3.2. Build 03 This is disc started as a simple flasher made to make it easy as possible to flash the Cerbios. Now it's a fully grown installer which is up to date by this day. It not only provides every public available Cerbios bios in different flavors, it now provides you evey needed dash, app you name it. You have the option to launch this disc in 4 different modes: DHCP + Boot From Media Cerbios (BFM) bios. DHCP with your own bios which you have on the modchip/tsop. Static IP + Boot From Media Cerbios (BFM) bios. Static IP with your own bios which you have on the modchip/tsop. You also have the option to use XBlastOS, EvoX, GentooX or ResctooX to flash your modchip/tsop in any mode! This flasher also offers a simple option to go from a softmod to a TSOP flash for NTSC & PAL users. And it offers even more like the latest Team-Resurgent apps on it up to date to this posting. As well as apps from the XBox Preservation Project, Cerbios Intro Maker, CISO, Custom Cerbios Splash, Ram DeLimit & XBMC4Gamers / Emustation Artwork Stuff. UnleashX in a special version only available on this installer, Rocky5's latest XBMC4Gamers dash with additional skins and XBMC-Emustation build. There is also the option install/reinstall more apps (if needed). And like you may know from the OGXBox-Installer this disc here provides every repair option you can think of. Below I attached a couple of screens. And a massive shout out and HUGE THANKS goes to JadeSparrow for his support, suggestions and testing! You did an incredible job! Finally, here is the changelog or at least some parts of it. The changes we have made are massive! Boot Menu Added: The "Cerbios Archive" to it (Not using a BFM for this). And I removed it from the other main configs since there's no need for it to be there anymore. Added: The about & Infos section to the Boot Menu and removed it from the other configs since there's no need to have them in every config. It saves some lines of code and speeds up the boot slightly. - Added : Huh! Main Flasher Upd. : XBMC4Gamers to the latest build by 1.1.2024 (Comes with a couple of themes) Upd. : XBMC-Emustation to the latest build by 1.1.2024 Upd. : Xbox Artwork Installer 3.1 to the latest build by 1.1.2024 Added & Upd. : CISO 1.3 Now with OSC & Linux support. Added : Copy Cerbios Disc - Sort of a manual (WIP) Added : 7.3.6. Ram DeLimit (PC App) Added : 7.2.7. Launch ElpisHD Added : 8.8.7. Install ElpisHD (ALPHA TEST RELEASE!) Added : Copy XBlastOS RAMTester chips locations Added : 7.2.6. Launch EEPROM Backup. Added : 7.2.16. Launch Xbox Ram Check Added : 7.3.5. Custom Cerbios Splash Added : 7.8. Copy Manuals/eBooks/PDF-Misc. - 7.8.1 Copy Manuals - 7.8.2 Copy eBooks - 7.8.3 Copy Misc (TSOP Pints, LPC Rebuild ...) Added : 7.2.19 Launch Xenium Tools Extra. Added : LithiumX Dash by Ryzee119 Added : Read Me files to the re-/install app section along with MD5's. Added : A "special" version of UnleashX which will be installed by default. Added : XBlastOS Manual PDF. Added : Xenium Tools (As live app and installer) Added : HDTV Test App (As live app and installer) Added : Controller Test (As live app and installer) Added : XBMC-Emustation to the Disc. Added : Hardware Test Suit (Install & Live App) Added : CISO 1.3 (PC App) Added : Config Magic (Rocky5's fixed build) Added : XBox Preservation Project's PineCone. Added : Enigma Video Mode Switcher. Added the option to setup a XBox HDD up to 2TB. XBMC4Gamers with Team Resurgent skin and UnleashX are your setup options. For bigger drives use Eaton's FatXplorer 3.0. Added the option to repair / rebuild your C / E / C & E partition/s. Added the option Backup UDATA & TDATA. - With it you can easily backup the folder to FTP them to your PC/MAC to search for DLC's & Co with PineCone. Added Copy clean Cerbios.ini to C:\. - Usefull if you screwed up your ini. Added a Back to Stock option - "Full Back to Stock (PAL/NTSC)". Added (By request) the option to flash XblastOS for ram upgrades. - Make sure you read the read me first in the sub menu. Added the Cerbios Config Cheat Sheet. - It's like a small wiki which explains the Cerbios.ini. Added the option to reinstall dashboards and / or shortcut. - Can also be used to switch the main dash on boot. Added a option to reinstall apps. - Search in 8.8. Install additional applications. - - ALL Apps will be installed by default so it's only need if you have deletet something! Added : Team Resugent XBCM4Gamers skin. Added : Cerbios Intro Maker. Added : Cerbios BFM UDMA2/4/5/6 incl. PBL.. The BFM loads as follows: - C:\evoxdash.xbe - E:\XBMC4Gamers\default.xbe - E:\Dash\UnleashX\unleashx.xbe It will be copied to your apps directory - - E:\Apps\Cerbios BFM U2 - - E:\Apps\Cerbios BFM U4 - - E:\Apps\Cerbios BFM U5 - - E:\Apps\Cerbios BFM U6 Fixed : XBlastOS not installin when setting up a new HDD. Fixed : ACL Files not installing. Fixed : ETM and XBTF Files not installing. Hidden Flasher Added : EvoX d6 & m7 TSOP Recovery bioses. Added : 6. Flash Cerbios 2.3.2. ALPHA with XBlastOS* UDMA2 up to UDMA6 and 256kb up to 1024kb. Upd. : Read Me first file. Archive Added : 4.6. Cerbios V2.3.2 ALPHA U2-U6 (256kb bioses only)* Unlistet: Added the Cerbios 2.3.2. as BFM in varius flavors to the disc. It's just a folder in the root dir (biosBFMALPHA). JUST FOR TESTING! Cerbios Disc Changed : The Cerbios Disc skin. Changed : The BFM bios of the BFM Modes to 2.3.2 alpha. Changed : Instead of 4 configs for the 4 Cerbios disc modes we are now just use 2 for all 4 version. Archived by removing all BFM gimmicks like: Open Tray, Close Tray and such. It minimize the work to maintain all 4 modes by HUGE amount. Who has seen that coming? Changed/Added: A non BFM boot menu to avoid problems using a new blank HDD. I also added the options to launch this Disc in varius flavors. * Guess it's the best to do it that way for now. The main flasher will stay on the 2.3.1 till a beta of 2.3.2 or newer drop. I also added a lot of icons (still a lot missing). And I wrote a lot of txt files. Made a DVD Cover AND a "Cerbios Disc - Sort of Manual" (Still WIP). And a lot (!) more adds, fixes, changes. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fichier Download Folder : https://1fichier.com/dir/XpNkvkyV Mega Mirror: https://mega.nz/file/MvUyEJRC#cZsvQ5Dw7Bl-lZn9jbXoj4yCuQHsyJpvB3IClucG4X0 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This software package was created by @sweetdarkdestiny. Credit goes to him.
  12. So i tried to flash a duo x2 (xecuter2 5035.06.v16) with cerbios using evox (512k, udma 5). I know i sholdnt have used udma 5 (i have yet to swap to the right hardware for that). On reboot i got two Cerbios boot logos overlapping eachother, something went wrong. I reflashed the duo with 5035.67.v16 with flashx v1.2mod. So no real harm done. The xbox is a v1.6 PAL, im using ogxbox 2021 1.9.1 dvd. Is there someone who has a notion about could be wrong? And yes i am a noob and did the duox2 mod a long time ago.
  13. Here you can find a mirror for the latest versions of Cerbios. Cebios folder @ 1fichier: https://1fichier.com/dir/L5ujxA2o Cerbios folder @ Mega: https://mega.nz/folder/lV8gjKYD#z8EfFTnK7bB9UYAzc87ciw For qustions, talk and such please use the topic from@ShinGoutetsu linked below and keep this topic clean. I will post update infos here as soon as a new version become available. And please, no thanks posting here to make it super easy for all to find update infos and links right away without the need to scroll/read 20 pages. If you like to say thanks, please use the thanks button for that. THANK YOU!
  14. Hi, Finally got some time to get back to the old Xbox, so first thing on my list was to update the BIOS from X2 v5035 to Cerbios v2.3.1. Modified the BIOS first in Cerbios Tool v1.2.2 to set UDMA6 as I have a Startech and 80wire. Also changed Drive Setup to HDD&DVD (mode 0) in case I want to boot from DVD, and changed Dash path 1 to C:\unleashx.xbe. Flashed to my Xecuter2 modchip. Uploaded the BootAnims folder and put a cerbios.ini (with same settings) in the root of C:. A press of the power button and it boots fine, but I don't get the blue dogs screen first, just straight to the blue/purple machine startup, then the big X, then loads the unleashx dash. Everything works fine after that as it did before. Next, I wanted to test Safe Mode, so a powered on using the Eject button. The tray opens, the LED ring turns red, the blue dogs appear this time with the words Safe Mode at the top, but thats it. It freezes on this screen. I notice it says in the notes that Safe Mode doesn't work on Xenium modchips, but this is an X2 so it should, right? So 2 problems really: No dogs on normal power on (but everything else works). Safe mode doesn't work. Any clues what I might be doing wrong? Thanks
  15. Hi. So I have this 1.6rev Xbox hard modded with a chip Aladdin 64 v1. 6 I tried to flash Cerbios using the OGXbox flash disc. But I am getting errors. Tried with Xblast OS and EvoX OS. Joining the screenshots. How can I flash this chip? Thanks.
  16. FYI: https://x.com/modzvilleusa/status/1712345234364080547?s=46&t=9Ks-lWRGXCwsmOy16I0-HQ please do not make this a slander/argument/etc post. This is just news that will make a few of you happy @Bowlsnapper
  17. Can anyone tell me if it's possible to configure cerbios to force progressive mode on all games? I downloaded a force480p bios pack a while back and have been using the x3 bios to force progressive mode on all games but I couldn't use that bios for insignia so I flashed cerbios and now games are running in interlaced mode.
  18. I have an Xbox with an Xecuter 3, X3CP, and the daughterboards for the controller port and front panel PCB, booting from the chip requires pressing the eject button but I have a couple of problems with this: - Booting with the eject button causes Cerbios to boot into safemode and not display any boot animation - Opening the disc tray each start up puts unnecessary wear on it, that's something I'd like to avoid I hardly have any experience with the X3, is there a way to enable the chip no matter what button powers the console on, or a way to switch which button enables it? I'd prefer to keep the ability to boot to the backup image
  19. Hi all, just finished a cerbios build for a friend. It’s a 1.2 with a 4TB drive. I’m finding that every so often the system will freeze. When I reboot the system, I’ll just have a black screen or sometimes black screen with a sporadic blink of an image onscreen. Then I’ll get a quick green flash on the eject light. Does anyone know what a flashing green light might mean?
  20. I've tried to boot with a newly formatted 2TB SATA HDD, and have been having issues... Cerbios Hybrid 2.3.1 UDMA5: Stays on the Boot Animation. M8Plus Titan & Stock (TSOP): Error 21. XBlastOS: Black screen, jumps back into XeniumOS The chip has XeniumOS 2.3.5. The drive has been formatted with FatXplorer using the Cerbios preset, and is unlocked. The only data on the HDD is the default C:\ contents from the XBOXHDM build of Rocky5's installer along with cerbios.ini and the BootAnims folder. I used CerbiosTool to generate the ini and have set "DashPath1" to "C:\xboxdash.xbe" and "DriveSetup" to 1 (No HDD, Legacy), with everything else being "stock". Does anyone know what could be the problem? UPDATE: Turns out it was an issue with using Rocky5's softmod files on a hardmod. I fixed this by just copying Rocky5's UnleashX build from xbins onto the C:\ partition.
  21. I am trying to set Cerbios to launch XMBC off of E drive. I edited to the .ini to say "DashPath1 = \Device\Harddisk0\Partition1\Dashboard\default.xbe" and placed it in C:\ I then put the XMBC files in E:\Dashboard and it doesnt boot. The only thing the BIOs boots into is C:\xboxdash.xbe. I am trying to do this because I want to put MSDash on C and not XMBC. What am I doing wrong? I want to be able to boot stock dash when I want. Its a pain in the ass when the dash doesnt boot because I keep needing to put the HDD into my Stellar xbox inorder to FTP again. I dont have a IDE port on my PC.
  22. Hi everybody, I was trying the new cerbios 2.3.0 UDMA4 but when I launch it from xeniumos my screen turns black for a second and then it reboots into xeniumos (imgur video of the issue). What I have done for now was fomatting my 1TB hdd with the new version of FATXplorer and installing the bios with a pendrive (I previusly cleaned the chip by resetting it to default settings) Thanks to everybody that will help! Have a great day
  23. I cannot seem to figure out where to place the Cerbios animation files and how to structure the .ini file to point at them. My other question is where to put the XMV player. I guess I need someone to explain it like I was a child or their golden retreiver! Help!
  24. I was wondering if it is possible to disable Cerbios bootanimation? How?

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