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About Me

  1. Hi I bought on ebay a cheap "1.0 MainBoard" XBOX but turns out the guy put in a 1.6 and forgot to snip the screwpost. Can it be brought back to life or ist it gone for good? Gruß
  2. I bought a Japan skeleton smoke xbox which arrived today. I used Metal Arms to softmod it which worked well after a few tries. I then opened it up to clone the hard drive to a 2tb Seagate and noticed the clock capacitor was leaking, but didn't seem too bad yet. I got my hard drives set up, slid the DVD drive forward to make it easier to swap the IDE cable and pressed power. I immediately noticed an odd light behind controller port one followed by wisps of smoke. Yeah. My special edition skeleton smoke xbox was losing its smoke! I immediately pulled the power cord out. Pictures show what I found. This capacitor is supposed to be attached forward of the clock cap, but had literally fried. I'm not sure if the leaky clock cap caused a short, or if while sliding the dvd drive forward, I did something to it. What do you all think? I can get another board easy enough, but I kind of want to keep the original board in it if possible. Where would you start as far as evaluating the damage and then repairing the board? Lastly, thanks for the help y'all have already given me through old posts I've found about softmodding a NTSC-J xbox!
  3. Pulled the xboxes out of the closet and having some "fun" reviving them. Looking forward to all ya'll's help.
  4. Howdy! Long time follower of the forums and well this is my first post ever on the site. Finally got me a modded original NTSC Xbox from eBay after years of not owning one. Loving it! Mostly playing Halo2 on XLinkKai. My only issue with it is that who ever modded it and sold it to me on eBay removed the iconic classic flubber intro boot, all it has is just this blame and dull blue Xbox logo during boot and nothing else. I mean it's cool and I guess, but anyway I can get the flubber screen back? Kind of a sucker for the nostalgia, also figure this would be an excellent way to find my way around the machine and get familiar w the different types of software and methods. I know it's something to do with the BIOS, just haven't found any leads in what to do and all the information i used to frequent back in the day is gone or anything I find is obscure with no instructions and I'm afraid to mess anything up with out guidance. I'd really appreciate the help or any kind leads for this little "project". Thanks in advance! Keep the OG Xbox scene alive
  5. Started modding a little over 15+ years ago but was in-and-out of the scene for a bit as I was starting new ventures. Finally have been able to regain some time and dig out some old hardware to get started again. Very impressed to see where the scene has gone in some directions - especially with new bios and HDMI upgrades. And thank you to all of you who post frequent, quality information. It sparked the interest again in a longtime lurker. Anyways, my main rig - X3CE 1.4 Halo Edition w/ Front Panel. Love this beast. Ready to upgrade to hdmi, cerbios & 4TB SSD. Got a few other box’s & a crystal with soft mods or not working. Going to be bringing them up to speed so I can give them out to friends/family to enjoy. Stoked to be back!
  6. https://github.com/antonic901/xbmc4xbox-weather Try it!
  7. Hello all! I use to be really into the mods back in the days. I shared a lot of hardware info and came up with a easy to build Eprom reader to get the Hdd KEYS out of the bios chip storage. I recently pulled out 4 Xboxes that I had squirreled away for future projects, I saw this on a YouTube video and thought, wow people are still into modding the old Xbox! Good to meet all of you!
  8. i'm having issues with this newest one and don't care for some of the ui changes. how can i revert the dashboard to the previous version? the xbox is hard modded with an open xenuim chip.
  9. Hi guys, After 18 years XBox offline i found my old xbox and it still works great (1.0, softmodded & 160GB). Next step is to build the hdmi mod next month, so hopefully this website/forum can help me find back my childhood. Rikoos
  10. I went and tried to move files around so I could be xbmc emustation on drive E as I had it on F. Now when I boot up the xbox I get a fatal error message "special://masterprofile/guisettings.xml, Line 0 failed to open file" Now am I completely ruined or can I just somehow boot back to a dashboard and reinstall xbmc emustation?
  11. Due to some modification that previous owner made, when I turn on the Xbox it's working fine, but the circle is red,but there is no error at all. Its really annoying, I would like to change it back to the original green. Also, when I boot up the xbox the Xbox logo is blue instead of green. I would like to restore this too. Do I have to flash a new bios, or it can be done by only modifying a couple files? Before I reformated the HDD on the title screen there was a "Slayers 2.7" text, so I guess they made all this with that, I mean I dont know what is this Slayers stuff, but it maybe have to do with something with this case.
  12. Just getting back into Xboxes after being out since 03-04. I found 14 cds/DVDs of backups and utilities, emulators and bioses. I built my son one was in clear case remote power on and at the time a huge 160gb hd. With a Xenium Ice chip and programer port.
  13. My original Xbox as one of the first ever modded Xbox's when the Matrix BIOS leaked on IRC. Before any commercial mod chips were out. It's flashed on a old EPROM. The downside of that was I was never able to flash the BIOS as they evolved over the years, so no bigger HDD for me. 20 years later I got a 2nd Xbox and read up on TSOP flashing and have had good fun putting a new HDD and loading it up,
  14. I'm going to replace my original XBox HDD with a larger capacity one. In the meantime, since the original HDD has been modified (additional dashboards etc), what is the best way to put it back to "stock" mode and to remove everything that got installed when it was originally hard-modded?
  15. Hello! I have finally just got my XBMC install nearly to where I want it, and want to back it up in this state. What is the most ideal way of doing so? Should I just mount the drive in FatX and save each partition?
  16. I dug my old xbox out of the loft at the weekend and am trying to get it up and running again after a 15 year break! Back in the day I installed an Xecuter chip but this didn't seem to want to work so I binned it and have installed an Aladdin XT Plus2. Box boots up fine but when I try and play some old games they generally run the intros fine, but when they try to go into the actual gameplay it throws up a 'There is a problem - the disc maybe dirty or damaged' message. I'm assuming either the DVD is on the way out or the discs have degraded over time and are no longer playable so want to install a new HDD and ru the games from that. Do have a few questions though..... It's a 1.4 version, boots to a Homer Simpson dashboard and has Evox +3935 in the top left corner Guessing I'll need to flash it with a newer bios to install a larger HDD, is there a step by step guide on how to do this anywhere (I've downloaded a M8+ 67 No DVD bin) SATA drives are much easier to source, do I just need an IDE\SATA adapter and an 40 pin 80 ribbon cable to get this to work (will probably only be 500gb) Not worried about keeping anything off the original drive, so do I just swap the drives over and then use something like Hexen (I've downloaded 2020 version) to format\setup the drive Cheers
  17. Hello from SE Michigan. I pulled my Xbox out of the closet today. I was going to fire it up and see what all I had done to it (Its been a while). I know it's a v1.6 with a Xenium Gold and I installed a Seagate 7200 rpm/ 120GB hdd in it, loaded with ROMs. Turns out my TV needs an adapter to connect RCA A/V, LoL....figures. I'll get it sorted, but just wanted to say hello and its nice to see OG Xbox modding still going strong! I was on the Llamma forums back in the day.
  18. Hey guys, finally blew the dust off my old v 1.0 hoping to have some fun and meeting new people.
  19. @Rocky5 Unfortunately, the LED color on the powerbutton switches automatically back to it's regular "green color" if you start a game. (LED1) Can you fix this or is there any option to "lock" the color in the system setup? Big issue for Consoles with LED Mod Just to make sure, I know how to change the color in the system setup, but you can change it for example to red and if you start a xbox game it switches to green, it stays red in any other emulator or homebrew or the main menu of XBMC4Gamers.... but not in XBox games. Thanks for your kind attention!
  20. Hey all, Was known as SupaDawgX on the old x-s forums, and am dipping my toes back into the scene. Somehow managed to nuke my old 1.1 Xbox doing a hard drive upgrade (grounded out the power supply on a data/ide board), so now working on getting the x3CE and x3cp working on a 1.0 board.
  21. does anybody no how to get back to game selection menu after playing a game. every time i hold the trigers and back and black button mine goes into the unlesh menu. any help people thanks
  22. Hey everyone. Thanks for this community - yet another Xbox 1.4 that's been with me since it was new, out of the closet and getting the gold star treatment.
  23. After many years of service, and too much time without a power on, my beloved Xbox 1.0 decided to not boot anymore. In my attempts to revive it, I stumbled on this forum. Awesome discovery. So much updated information on how to mod the original Xbox that I felt in love again with the machine. It was really amazing to find such an active and supportive community. Happy to have joined you and hello to everybody!
  24. I have recently discovered the stuff you can do with a wii2hdmi adapter, where you can chuck an xbox video connector to the back of it, and have the xbox og output over HDMI. I have just completed this mod, and found it simple enough. The xbox connector itself is however a bit fidly. I think there would be enough room under the DVD drive to mount a board and get hdmi output directly out of the back of the console, which would be alot cleaner in style and easier to use (without having a huge dongle sticking out of the back of the console). Now in order to get video signals, I figured I would just solder to the bottom of the motherboard where the video output connector is connected. I havnt had much play with this connector yet, and had planned to attempt to map it out to the connector., Does anyone have this already, which would make my life a little easier. I am also mindful of the fact that the wires inside the Faraday cage of the xbox would be liable to interference, it is part of my plan to perhaps use cat6 or similar shielded cable between the connections. Has anyone got any thoughts on this?
  25. Hello, I am new. I would like to learn how to English Patch old XBOX games and SMT Nine is one that I would like to do. I believe someone was doing it in HEX editing or something like that and the font kept coming out way too big and would not shorten. Is the only way to use the XBOX SDK (XDK)? I know some C++ coding so I'm super ready to dive headfirst into this. Please help any tutorials and all help would be much appreciated. I Want to get this on the road and in english. If there is any other way to do English patching please let me know.

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