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  1. Right managed to sort everything ! Just noticed that the resources were disabled (could of sworn I'd already enabled them) but when switched on I now get the format I was looking for Thanks again for the help and big thumbs up to Rocky5 for the great dash
  2. Thanks SS Dave think I'm getting there now I hadn't run the default.xbe file from the artwork directory - I'd sort of assumed everything was run as part of the download\instal process I now get the dynamic background I would still like to get the game cover artwork for the games though rather than the icons you can see above, any idea on how I do this? Thanks
  3. Also what should the Background option be set to, it's currently on the 2 arrows? Thanks
  4. Thanks but I've tried that When I click on the first option below it just toggles to the second screen Also tried playing with the Switch View options but whilst it changes the appearance\layout of the game icons etc none give a dynamic background Could it be anything to do with where I installed the fanart? I created a folder F:\Artwork when I downloaded the Artwork Installer so presume it's all sitting under that?
  5. Hi, new to X4G and have recently downloaded and installed v1.3.001 also downloaded artwork installer v1.9.4 and installed this to a F:\Artwork directory. It's working but I do have a couple of questions on getting it setup as I want. In youtube vids the game artwork is like a cover of the original game case but on my version it's more of an icon - is there any way I can switch to the case style images? Again on youtube as you switch between games the background has also changed to a game relevant image however on my setup it's a plain blue background. I've found where you can set the background colour or to a fixed image but how do I get it to be a dynamic image? I have had a search online and it suggests toggling the fanart to on but I haven't been able to find that option Thanks
  6. Ok thanks, saw that Xbpartitioner had a bug and that you needed to run it twice but didn't realise you had to set it as a smaller disk the first time round! Still playing with the dashes etc but think I'm good for now Thanks all for the help
  7. Thanks for the info - think I understand it but will need to do a bit more reading Also have managed to get the full 458gb on the F drive I used xbpartioner to format the F & G drive with 248gb each and then formatted again so that F had all available space and it now recognises it with 458gb Only issue is that I now have a G drive with no space. Is there a way of deleting this drive? Thanks
  8. Thanks for the replys The bios I'm using is an XBMC4Gamers version off of the OGXBOXInstaller disc it's the Evox m8+ CEE 67 yesDVD XFG (256klb) version That's what I did, I cycled through the options so that partion 6 was allocated the remaining space which was the 458gb Still apparently only have 248gb free on F: drive though - I've checked and F: is empty so should be the full 458gb Using the 4.5 utility is what I ended up using to switch the default dash to X4G. Just surprised I had to do this as given I'd used the X4G bios, I'd assumed that it would automatically load X4G first ?
  9. Apologies for posting to my own thread but now managed to get XBMC4Gamers as boot dash (used the utility on the disc) However just noticed that I appear to be missing half of the available space on my HDD, according to the dashboard C has 328Mb free E 4,493 Mb Free F 247,689 Mb Free It's a 500Gb drive so where's the remaining 250gb gone? Xboxpartioner was set with table section 6 as 458gb, I've tried formatting again but still only have 247gb free on F: Any ideas? Thanks
  10. OK I'm a muppet Just realised that I missed out the whole Setup a large HDD step !! Xbox is now booting but to the Unleashed dash how do I get it to boot to XBMC4gamers Thanks
  11. Hi all Tonight I finally got round to swapping out my HDD. Thought it was all going swimmingly until I tried to boot it up and all I get now is the a blue Xbox logo and the eject switch LED flashes between red, orange and green The box is a v1.4 fitted with an Aladdin chip and I had previously flashed the chip with a Evox M8+ bios which was working fine So tonight I swapped out the HDD for a Toshiba 500gb sata drive, fitted a sata\ide adapter and switched the jumper to the Master position and changed the ribbon cable for a 80 wire version Booted up the box with an OGXboxInstaller 2021 disc and it detected that a new HDD had been fitted, formatted this and went with the F: drive option Rebooted and used the standard settings in xboxpartioner to allocate max space to F: The rebooted again and installed xbox4gamers as the single default dashboard Thought that I'd be all good to go after that but no the xbox won't boot, just get the flashing led issue Any ideas of what I've done wrong? Thanks
  12. Hi SS Dave Thanks for replying I've pulled out the clock capacitor today and downloaded the OGXbox Installer, burnt it to DVD but am bewildered by the number of bios versions there are!! Before I kill my box can you check my process I've selected option 2.2 Flash Modchip or TSOP (No Winbond/Atmel/Sharp) Then 2.2.1 Flash Evox Bios (1.0 - 1.4) Then Evox m8+ (256kb) Then Evox m8+ Default (256kb) I was then going to go for Flash - Evox m8+ CEE 67 yesDVD X4G (256kb) - is this the correct one given your suggestion of using the xbmc4gamers dashboard and that my DVD drive does still seem to work (although I'm unlikely to use it much going forward) Thanks for your help Jim
  13. Thanks guys, I'll give it a go

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