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  1. I think it was just the photo, I took another, and they do look straight upon inspection. The other board seems to work though.
  2. Thank you, I will try this! Would to happen to have the X2-5035.67 bios to share?
  3. Ok just tried checking the dashboard. evox_m8+_67 gave K:1.00.5838.01 & D:1.00.5960.01 IND-5003.67 patch MakeMHz IGR XISO gave K:1.00.5003.67 & D:1.00.5960.01 Other than that, both appear as the stock dashboard. I should mention too, i just added the clean files that SS Dave provided to my drive via fatxplorer, using format with LBA-increasing bios with partition table.
  4. Thank you!! And also, in fatxplorer, which format option should i use? LBA-increasing BIOS - no partition table or with partition table?
  5. The "Clean Cand E drive files" archive is telling me it's corrupt when I open. Trying to extract with winrar. Also, in fatxplorer, which format option should i use? LBA-increasing BIOS - no partition table or with partition table?
  6. Correct! I meant the stock dashboard. I'll check for that info!
  7. Thank you!! Does it work to also just upload these files VIA FTP? I think one of my two SATA connectors is for sure bad.
  8. Yes it does light up. Attaching a picture of the other side. I have two of these SAT A connectors, I believe this one is bad. The other seems to be working correctly (My assumption based on being able to access the drive over FTP). Edit: photo here: https://imgur.com/a/FvuqyCa
  9. Thank you! I just ordered a SATA USB cable so I can connect the drive. Is the second link correct? it appears to be service manuals. To further add to the mystery, my 2nd SATA2IDE (identical to the first), yields a totally different result. OpenXenium starts, but there are no options in the menu. Pressing eject goes blank and then shows an Initializing IDE screen which never ended. I also noticed the SATA2IDE adapter got crazy hot after disconecting it. One last piece of information - I am able to connect to the drive via FTP with the original SATA2IDE if that solves anything. Thanks again for the help!!
  10. Ah that makes sense. Yes, I'm using this 80way IDE cable: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003IDF0JC/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 When I loaded IND-BIOS loaded as you described, but then went to the retail kernal (with the original drive connected). With the new drive, I get the error service error.
  11. I burned as slow as possible, the brand is maxwel. I don't have an extra PC DVD drive to test, but that's super cool that works. You got me thinking with the Sata2Ide connector, so I hooked up the old harddrive and was able to boot into the retail kernal. Next I tried flashing the 2 bios again, and successfully added them as launch items. What was weird, is both led ultimately to the retail kernal. Any idea what I may be doing wrong? PS: here is a pic of the Sata2IDE i bought. It does appear I had it in master.
  12. Sadly this did not work. Does it matter what port I have the USB plugged into? I tried loading the disc at a couple different times, at the xenium menu, and then as EvoxM8 was starting. It resulted in the attached error.
  13. Thank you! I tried this, both with evox_m8+_67.bin & IND-5003.67 patch MakeMHz IGR XISO.bin, loading them off a USB via the controller port. It recognized both, and let me add. But once launched both result in errors- evox gave a "IND-BIOS KERNAL PANIC !" error, and the MakeMHz bin led to the green xbox service screen. Could it be my USB stick?
  14. Thanks for the response - Upon clicking “Launch Menu” it appears there are no files, only the option “add new item”
  15. Hello everyone - I'm happy to report I just successfully installed an OpenXenium modchip to my Xbox 1.0, I've tested it, and it boots to the OpenXenium menu. I also dropped in a 1tb sata drive. My question is, what's the best next step from here in terms of bios / dashboard? I've created the OGXBox Installer 2021 DVD. Can I do everything I need with just that DVD? If so, how do I boot it from the openxenium menu?

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