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  1. xbinwin

    Fried Psu

    Thanks so much and congrats on over 1k posts! The Xbox does still power on, but it always forced the date/time setting after boot-up. So it works just barely I'd assume. Better safe than sorry though, that capacitor will get replaced. Would be refreshing to see a permanent fix for this issue, rather than always facing this problem on a regular basis...
  2. xbinwin

    Fried Psu

    Well, you're right! Need to replace them. I believed that 1.6's would always be a safe bet regarding clock caps
  3. xbinwin

    Fried Psu

    i recently got a new crystal, 1.6 PAL console. after first turning it on and leaving it on for some time, it just made one loud "pop" noise. wanted to be sure and turned it off and unplugged it immediately. today it made the loud "pop" noise again, but only after having it turned off and after unplugging the console. Which was even weirder to me.
  4. I use XDVDMulleter to extract ISOs and then transfer them over to the XBox via crosslink cable
  5. I want to try this method: I hope that it won't be that much worse compared to an Original Microsoft AV Plug. It's just way easier like this for a newbie who's got no experience soldering
  6. How are extracted Xbox ISO so much smaller in file size? Most games take up 4-7 GB in ISO, but when extracted, they're half or even less the size they were before in ISO
  7. Thinking about it more thoroughly, I came to the conclusion, that it might be still somewhat early for them to release it, as the console was part of the generation of the Sony PS2 and Nintendo Gamecube. Microsoft have also been more active in making backwards compatibility a thing within their newer consoles. Therefore they might have been seeing a release of such a mini retro console as something that would cannibalize their existing efforts. The main goal could be that they just want people to buy their newest current-gen products.
  8. What features would you want to see? Or would you rather not see any of the sorts at all, after looking at the underwhelming retro product delivered by Sony, the Playstation Classic? I think it would be sweet to see a miniature version, that would enable you to download games of your choosing, outputting higher resolutions etc All in all it would be nice to expose a bigger audience to the classic Xbox and its unique features and feel. But there also lies the problem... How in the world could any manufacturer do it justice, without just throwing out a cash grab?
  9. Great job! You're in for an awesome ride and lots of fun Are you aware that only 2TB can be used/recognised by the Xbox though?
  10. What an awesome thread! Props to all of you!
  11. xbinwin

    The Kbox

    Hopefully it never goes K.O. lol
  12. XDVDMulleter seems to be the best option, for anyone looking to easily extract Xbox ISOs
  13. Thanks, this really came in handy after an HDD upgrade I just did. But what about ISOs? Is that "C-Xbox Tool" still a thing?

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