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  1. they're the xenium blue clones. me and a few others ive encountered have discovered the blue clones will NOT hold an update(they'll take it for one or two boots then the flash gets wiped), the ice clones however will happily take an update. looks like i need to find some way to upload the openxenium code to the cpld without a jtag programmer around here, save for a nand-x with the v3 code on it.
  2. So, an update of sorts. Got them flashing "properly" by using a different Xbox. But they'll only hold the OS for one boot then they FRAG and I have to reflash them. And during that one boot up they work, they're sooo laggy. Its almost a half second delay between button press and something moving on screen. Beginning to think using old xenium clones was a baaaad idea.
  3. Clones do NOT have the recovery partition . and the code running on the cpld does not play nicely with anything but the modified xenium os1.0 that came on it originally. Which in a a panic I overwrote the flash.bin by accident. Trying to update the code on the cpld itself to openxenium so it'll hopefully work again. So to reiterate, the code running on the clone REQUIRES its own modified xenium OS for the chip to function. Official xenium OS does not work. Which is why I was asking about JTAG to flash the cpld itself. So I ask again, will that programmer I linked work for this purpose?
  4. So whatever code is running on the xenium clones I have does not like anything being on the flash other than their own modified xenium os 1.0. They're still happily recognized by the flasher tool, even after flashing 2.3.1 to them. but I accidentally overwrote the flash.bin when I went to write it back. Learn my ass for not fully reading shit and madly clicking. TL:DR: I'm an idiot and need a JTAG programmer to flash the openxenium code to my xenium clones. Would this work?(page auto-translated from Russian) Got all the parts to piece it together, so its a helluva lot cheaper and quicker than buying a programmer online.
  5. Hooooooly man! Those are better quality than the xenium blue clones I have from way back when.
  6. Just dug out all my old xboxs of storage to keep myself busy. Been modding og xboxs since I was 12, haven't really looked into it for quite a few years buy holy crap has it ever come far! I believe I was using krayzies ndure last time I softmodded. Lots of new electronics to play with now too. I'll make sure to take pictures as I go and share anything interesting I do. Looking forward to what I'll see and learn here.

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