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  1. Here's my Cab in my gameroom. Customized Quasimoto Arcade Station EFX with (3) OG XBOXes in Silver XCM cases. Consoles direct boot to Vision, HyperVISION, and CoinOPS 7 Massive/dual boot to XBMC. I can switch from console to console by turning the front knobs on the cabinet. 1 button turns on/off the entire cab. The marquee is custom, as well as the button layout and color scheme. Side buttons were added for pinball. It's a shame you can't find Quasimoto Interactive cabinets anymore. Extremely rare. I love mine. (I have a Quasicade 2 as well, I'll show that one off some other time once it's 100% done) Enjoy!
  2. Is this still for sale?
  3. G-Money


    Do you have a link for one?
  4. G-Money


    What about a build that I can use on a 120 GB partition (F) ?
  5. G-Money


    YES!!!! I am looking for the same. Looking for a copy I can install on a 2TB HD, split F &G evenly. Also must be able to work with HDMI.
  6. Patiently waiting for a few more sets. I have one internally installed in my OG XBOX and I use it every day. Awesome product. Ryan.....I need 2 more ASAP! Check your email mate.
  7. Player 1+2 are not usable anymore (wired) with my method. Only 360. Player 3+4 are still wired. Curious to see how you would do what you are suggesting with the limited space inside.
  8. So I cut the player 1-2 wires that go into the ports, and soldered them into the Micro USB plugs (same ones you used), and installed your board under the DVD Drive.,
  9. I used the one you sent me. Internal install. I installed it under the DVD with double sided tape, and hot glued the top of the chip so it would not spark on anything. (If you are using a Philips DVD Drive, this will not work because of the bump under the drive) Then I attached the sensor to the right side of the xbox, by controller ports 3 and 4. Looks great. I'll post pics soon.
  10. Got my adapter working on my XBOX.....AMAZING! Ryzee's work is top notch. I played some games and it works smother than the original. I will internalize the install, and post a video soon.

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