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  1. Yeah I know, you can't plug both in at the same time. I've got an idea for that. I'd use a switch to turn the usbs off. Using a switch would ensure that I can't make that mistake by accident.
  2. I've uploaded some pictures on facebook although I need to finish it. The blue leds and the black jewel are nice touches. I've noticed you've got usb ports I'm considering adding them in although adding them on the right side and connecting them to the controller ports without actually removing the controller ports usb component. Is that a hard drive light on your console?
  3. Xbox original slim mod Hey everyone this is a log and a tutorial on how to build an Xbox original slim. Xbox builds modifications sections are listed in dot points. In this build I will be adding and or installing the following: A fan. A laptop hard drive. Led modified controller ports. New screws to hold the casing bottom half and top half of the Xbox case together Power input and IDE or sata ports on the side of the xbox for an external disc drive. If the Xbox isn't cut completely accurate, painting and sanding the Xbox to fix the mistake is recommended. The Tutorial will be finished later this week. If time allows due to work, money and having a life. The Xbox must be either chipped, tsopped flashed or contain the original disc drive board. This will stop the Xbox from throwing an error because the disc drive is missing. All of these will be shown and explained in the log. If you want to use an External disc drive you will have to chip the Xbox or tsop flash the Xbox still. When completing this tutorial and or following my log please note that the Xbox must be turned off when plugging in your External disc drive. If the Xbox is not turned off, it is recommended to turn off the Xbox as keeping the Xbox on while plugging in the External disc drive is not recommended or safe. The Xbox will not detect the drive, the Xbox must be restarted after the drive has been plugged in to allow the Xbox to detect the External disc drive. I am not responsible for your own faults, or any damages you cause to your Xbox or to your self when modding the Xbox please ensure that it is switched off, unplugged and that you complete an electrostatic discharge, by holding in the power button to drain the capacitors of any remaining power. I recommend grounding yourself as well. Look up how to do this before you start. Some sections of my mods will cover theory although you don't really need to understand everything in the theory. Just understand that this builds modifications sections should be completed in the same way or similar way to the log and or tutorial steps. You will need to know how to solder for some parts of this tutorial, please if you do not know how to solder, practice on some leds and resistors outside of the Xbox and use a battery to turn them on or practice on something thats not as valued as your Xbox as you probably don't want to break your Xbox console. Tools required for the full build Tutorial in a few easy steps Firstly you will need to own or buy an Xbox original. Keep in mind you cannot put your Xbox back into original shape after this as you will be cutting the case down. After cutting the case there is no turning back. If you already know how to fully disassemble the Xbox original skip to step 12 Step 1 Clear a workstation area for you to work on the Xbox. You want to have enough space to place the Xbox down and take everything out of it. Once you have a good sized workstation area, open up the Xbox with Torque driver, you will need to use a T20H bit. These bits are generally in any general Torque screwdriver set. Step 2. Flip the Xbox over to the Bottom, you will notice 4 rubber feet either peel the rubber feet from outside in. Peel the rubber feet either half way along to keep them half on the Xbox or peel them right off. Although remember to keep them unless your using different rubber feet for your build. Step 3. You will find a total of four torque screws, one under each rubber foot. Remove all four of the Torque screws. Once completed carefully peel back the Microsoft Corporation bar code sticker, if you want to put the sticker back on later, please ensure you peel the sticker of carefully and apply heat to the sticker, for the best removal. Underneath this sticker you will find another torque screw, remove it. Step 4. Once you have removed this screw there is one more left. You will need to peel back the Xbox video games sticker from the top left hand corner, the text must be facing upwards. When removing this sticker note that it makes a cube pattern on the Xbox, this is so Xbox could see if the Xbox had been opened to void warranty. Obviously you aren't worrying about warranty, although if you want the best possible outcome to make it look like the Xbox hasn't been opened. You will have to also peel this sticker of carefully with heat applied. The sticker does not have to come all the way off, it only has to be peeled until you see the last torque screw. Once you have peeled the sticker back with heat, remove the last torque screw, push the sticker back part way to keep it from creasing, flip the Xbox the upright and pull the lid off of the Xbox. Step 5. Once the Xbox is open you will find a DVD drive on the left side of the console and a hard drive on the right side of the Xbox. If you have never opened the Xbox and it has never been opened before you will find two torque screws in between the left side of the Xbox and the DVD drive and the DVD drive and the hard drive. You will also find a torque screw underneath the IDE cable in between the Xbox DVD drive and the Xbox hard drive. Remove these torque screws with a Step 6. Once all the Xbox screws have been removed pull out the Xbox DVD drive by removing the IDE cable from the back of the drive and the Xbox power cable from the back of the DVD drive. The DVD drive can be pulled out of the plastic mount and put to the side, or the plastic mount can be removed with the drive on it. Step 7. Next remove the Molex power cable, and IDE cable from the Xbox hard drive, move the Molex cables out of the plastic mount cable mount before pulling the mount out of the Xbox. Remove the hard drive with the plastic mount still attached. Put these to the side. Don't throw anything out you will need pretty much everything. Step 8. At this point your Xbox will still contain a motherboard, fan, power supply, power eject buttons, aluminium shielding and controller ports. Remove the motherboard screws pull the motherboard out and place the motherboard on a non conductive material, such as a wooden bench top or glass bench top. Preferably place the motherboard in an Anti static bag. To remove the motherboard all cables must be removed from the motherboard and all screws must be removed. Do not drop any screws on the motherboard. This is to prevent the unlikely event of a short if you haven't completed an electrostatic discharge on the Xbox. Normally by the time it would take you to take the Xbox apart the power would be discharged completely anyway. Step 9. Remove the psu carefully and place it down on a non conductive material as well or place it in an Anti static bag. Do not put it down on any metal by accident or your going to have fun wiring up a Pico psu or another Xbox psu. Step 10. Almost removed everything Next remove the fan by pulling it upwards. Step 11. Remove the controller ports torque screws holding the controller ports down, next remove the controller ports. Pull them up to remove them. Next remove the aluminium shielding, the shielding needs to be pulled out slightly from underneath the front of the Xbox, underneath where the Xbox DVD drive was present you should be able to see where the aluminium slides in and under a front part of the Xbox casing. Once you have removed the aluminium from the front of the Xbox you should be able to pull the entire shielding off of the Xbox without bending the shielding too much. Step 12. Now that you have removed everything, you should now only have the case left. Clear space at your workstation, and mark out where to cut the Xbox, the picture below will show you how to use masking tape to mark out your cutting lines and will show you were to cut the Xbox. When cutting the Xbox you can use either a wireless multi tool with a cutting disc, a tenon saw although if you choose this option it will help to also use a multi tool, a good dremel tool, or a band saw if your confident. Will be updated shortly. To be updated this week
  4. Ultra Slim Xbox Original Laptop details update, I have purchased two Joytech Xbox original screens to help me add on the Laptop screen. The lcd screens inside the Joytech screens will be removed and replaced with a replacement screens. At this time the Xbox screen will be powered off of a Y splitter Molex cable. These screens will not be used in the end product. The Xbox screens are only being used for testing if the Xbox can power them through the Molex cable. If the test is succesful which it should be as voltage remains the same on both split Molex ends although amps divide the laptop screen should be possible to power on compared to these older more power consuming screens. The screens have been posted from England, The United Kingdom to Melbourne Australia. I have now received the screens and will test one of them shortly. The next step at the moment is to order solid state capacitors to replace the Xbox originals general electrolytic capacitors. Using solid state capacitors will allow for much more room in the Ultra Slim Xbox Laptop which is necessary and or almost required to fit everything within the xbox with ease. At this point the capacitors which will be replaced are as follows: These capacitors have been replaced The 6.3 volt 3300 uf capacitors with five instead of three 6.3 volt 1500 uf capacitors. These capacitors do not make up the entire value of the x3 3300 uf capacitors although it should not matter in this case. Other Xbox revisions have the original x5 6.3 volt, 1500 uf capacitors installed instead of the 3300 uf capacitors. 3300 uf x 3 = 9900 uf, the new value will be 1500uf x 5 = 7500 uf. This leaves a difference of 2400 uf. The original Aluminum Electrolytic capacitors will be replaced with smaller new Aluminum Electrolytic 6.3 volt, 1500 uf capacitors. These capacitors remain the same value. By replacing these capacitors, it will be possible to fit a isolation bridge for the power supply to be mounted to and an isolation plastic sheet to protect the components on the motherboard from the hard drive IDE to sata adapter. These capacitors will be replaced if possible without bending extending and bending the capacitor legs over and or connecting capacitors in parallel. The 16 volt, 680 uf capacitor The 25 volt, 100 uf capacitors The Xbox will need to fit overall a 1cm heat sink spread across the GPU. The heat sink comes with an 80mm fan attached to the heat sink and there will be a small fan attached to the original fan vent at the back of the Original Xbox. I was originally planning to use a heat pipe which are much smaller although finding the right size at the right cost is difficult and it is difficult to find one suitable for both the CPU and GPU. The Xbox needs to fit a laptop hard drive on the left hand side of the Xbox, this is where the DVD drive was originally located. This laptop hard drive includes a IDE to sata adapter that uses a modified 80 wire IDE cable. I have successfully shortened a 40 wire IDE although this Xbox will most likely require an 80 wire IDE cable. These cables have three rows of pins on the IDE component compared to the 40 wire which has only 2 rows on the IDE component and because of this the 80 wire IDE cable is much harder to shorten. The three rows of pins will need to be tested with a mulitmetre to make sure none of the wires are touching each other. Only one end connector and the middle connector will be removed and reattached to shorten the cable. The IDE cable when installed in the Xbox will be attached to two sata to IDE adapters. One adapter will be for the hard drive and one adapter will be for the external disc drive. I have a second option which is to solder one adapter directly to the Xbox motherboard and attach it to the motherboard. This will allow for a much shorter two way 80 wire IDE cable instead of the longer three way cable. The IDE cable attachment goes as follows, IDE cable to Xbox Motherboard - to IDE to sata adapter (hard drive) - to IDE to sata adapter (for the external disc drive) or IDE cable to Xbox Motherboard - to IDE to sata adapter (hard drive) - to IDE to sata adapter directly wired from IDE port on the Motherboard to the IDE port on the IDE to Sata adapter. The testing screens are shown below. Images attached.
  5. Updated 4/25/17 Slim Xbox Original Laptop Build Photos are attached below. Hey everyone this is a log for my very own Ultra 5cm Slim Xbox Original Laptop Build. The goal for this build is to keep the Xbox originals originality by using the Xbox original case and to slim it down into an Xbox original laptop with wicked accessories. The Xbox will be cut down to just above the controller ports. The sides of the lid and the back corners of the lid will be cut off, sanded and reattached to the bottom of the case. The Xbox will then have a removable top plastic flat cover and or palm rest added to the case to replace the original lid. The original lid will no longer have sides or back corners on it, the lid will be cut to fit a Laptop LCD screen which will be powered on through the Xbox's Molex cable by using a shortened Y splitter cable. This cable will turn the Xbox's hard drive on and the Xbox's LCD screen on. The Molex cable Y splitter, splits the Amps the new Xbox pico psu outputs while the voltage remains the same. The LCD screen will either be a 15.6 inch laptop screen or a slightly smaller screen around 14 inches and will have a frame on the front of it and a cover on the back of the lcd. Two Xbox jewels will be used at the moment on this Laptop build. One jewel will be used and attached either in the center and or bottom right of the Xbox's LCD screen back cover. Another jewel will be cut into a rectangle around the Xbox logo and will be flipped over to the Xbox indentation logo side and displayed on the front of the console. There will be two to three models of the Xbox Ultra Slim Laptop at the moment, one will include two wireless controller inbuilt and will be the first model, and will be build into the Xbox Original case. The second model and third model details are yet to be released. Accessories included The accessories which are included are: The Xbox disc drive, modified into an external sata drive which can be plugged into an Xbox when its off and used easily for ripping games and playing disc games. The Xbox has to be turned off while plugging the drive into the new sata ports on the side of the Xbox and turned off while unplugging the drive. An Xbox original wireless handheld portable home device with a controller inbuilt into it. This is similar to a wii u like controller. The idea is to be able to walk around the house and be able to play Xbox as you go. These will be available for sale and the transmitter and receivers have already been tested and do transmit the video signal to screens away from the Xbox. The Xbox original will be powered by a 12volt DC 250watt pico psu, the psu is capable of outputting 20 - 20.83 amps. Whats inside the Xbox The Motherboard. The controller ports, LED modified. The 12 volt DC 250w Pico psu. A heat sink with an 80mm fan to cover the CPU A laptop IDE to sata adapter connected to the hard drive, the laptop hard drive will be positioned over the av and lan ports at the back of the console, between the ide slot and the gpu heatsink. A modified 80 wire ide cable will be used to keep the build tidy. Two Xcm wireless controller transmitters, which can be turned on and off by the use of switches on each transmitter. There will be four controllers used for this and only two can work at one time. Two controllers will be made into Wireless Xbox Portable Devices. Xbox will still be fully capable of handling wired and other plug in wireless controllers by turning off the transmitters inside the Ultra slim Xbox by the use of switches on the right hand side of the Xbox's. The Xbox will have the capacitors replaced to increase the amount of size available inside of the Xbox, by installing aluminium electrolytic capacitors which are smaller. The Xbox will contain one battery. A LCD driver board to connect the LCD to the Xbox's video signal. Two speakers connected to the driver board, receiving the audio signal from the Xbox's motherboard. An 80 wire ide cable. A Molex Y Splitter cable. A wireless xbox original internet receiver. An Ide to sata adapter on the left hand side of the Xbox positioned next to the ide port for the Xboxs external disc drive and other external accessories. LED Strips A custom assembled ATX cable. A 5volt sb to 3.3 volt standby converter made by me A 5volt sb to 3.3 volt standby converter final made by and purchased from N64 Freak. A 1tb - 2tb laptop drive. In total 2x 1tb - 2tb laptop hard drives drives, In the bigger laptop model, through the use of a hard drive selector and possibly modified original disc drive. Switches to allow for the turning on and off of the wireless Xbox controller transmitters and for the swi An additional fan port GPU heatsink Additional fans Power button Eject button Plastic to isolate the laptop hard drive and ide to sata adapter from the motherboard. Four Xbox Screws for the controller ports Six Screws to replace the Xbox original case mount screws. To hold the top casing with the bottom casing. HDMI Composite converter board, purchased from N64 Freak. Slide in DVD drive, possibly in this model or another model, although will only play burnt games and dvds and not Xbox Original games at this stage. Eight 1500uf 6.3 volt capacitors to replace the original 1500uf capacitors and the 3300uf 6.3 volt capacitors. At this stage possibly a new soldered on board ATX right angle plug for the Xbox original. At this stage possibly a new soldered on board ATX right angle plug for the Pico Power Supply. Xbox hard drive isolation and Xbox hard drive ide to sata adapter isolation. Xbox power supply isolation. Xbox heatsink isolation support. 15.6 inch or 14inch laptop screen with matching driver board. Additional 64mbs of ram, to make the Xbox have a complete 128mbs of ram. Xbox duo x chip or aladdin chip. Multiple USB ports, to allow for mouse and for inbuilt directly wired keyboard functionality for use on the Xbox Originals XBMC dashboard and on the Xbox original avaliable operating systems, including at the moment Linu , Windows 98, and Windows CE. The Xbox External Disc Drive Power button will be cut off from the eject board/power on board and wired directly back to the eject board while the eject board is mounted else where in the case. The IDE port will have an IDE to sata connector directly wired to it for the external disc drives port to best fit in the Xbox Ultra Slim Laptop, while a single double ide cable will be used to go from the ide port directly to the laptop hard drive. The disc drive will be made an external accessory by using its own IDE female to sata adapter plugged which will be plugged into the back of disc drive and use a sata cable to connect to the sata ports on the side of the Xbox Ultra Slim Laptop. An Xbox dvd drive power cable extension and port will be added as follows, Male to Female connector, which then goes from the Female connector to the Xbox left hand side mounted Male connector. The male connector which will be added to the side will allow for the power, eject in, eject out, to be connected to the drive. To avoid the Xbox throwing an Error from the drive not being connected in general, the Xbox will be chipped or tsop flashed. If the sata doesn't work due to the Xbox originals DVD drive adapter not having a slave pinner, an ide cable will be used instead. The Wireless Controller Device The Wireless controller device will include a video transmitter connected into the Xbox originals av port which will be powered by the Xbox's power new pico power supply or battery power included within the Ultra Slim Xbox Original Laptop Build. The transmitter is capable of transmitting the Xbox's video signal to another LCD screen when the video receiver is plugged into the composite av video port if that LCD screen. The video receiver will be powered by battery and will be connected to an LCD screen. The LCD screen will have a wireless controller build around the screen, inside of a custom case, which will likely be build out of an Xbox original case, to keep the Xbox's original case style. The back of the device will have an Xbox Original Jewel mounted. The wireless controllers being used are XXX XCM Wireless controllers these controllers are power by battery. The power required to use the controllers, an LCD screen, blue tooth speakers and the video receiver will be combined within the handheld device and the batteries will be rechargeable. The Project Log 1 Here's the ultra slim laptop at the moment. I have cut the power and eject button in half and will jump the power to the eject board. The eject button will be mounted on the front of the Xbox. The power button will stay in its originally place. The eject half circle hole where the eject button used to go will be fitted with leds for an on light and standby light. The original led lights for the Xbox errors will be present still. The power supply is a 12volt, 250 watt power supply, that will be turned on by battery. The power supply is almost set up at this time, although the wiring is not yet finished at this time. The Xbox is working at this stage with the new installed capacitors.

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