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  1. Well i think i messed up at some point. i finally did the mod and after putting it back together i hooked it up to a tv and it flashed yellow then stopped flashed yellow again then stopped flashed yellow one more time then stopped and then it stayed stopped.
  2. Ok never mind, i guess i had to brute force it a couple times. i'll just hope this actually works.
  3. So i found out windows can burn discs by itself so i tried that and it still came with an error but you can see i have this box below unticked.
  4. Yes it was unticked just right after i pressed start i got hit with errors.
  5. Sorry for late reply i just got back from a trip but this is an error i got from a recent attempt.
  6. Yes i did that. Just i got errors and it would not complete.
  7. Well i'm kind of at a loss. I now have DVD-Rs that are 4.7 gig in size but now it seem i can't burn the iso to them. i don't know if its the disc drive i'm using or the cds. I was hoping to try doing this before may but it seems i won't be able too.
  8. Welp then i'm off to buy 4.5gb recordable disc then. Thank you.
  9. Is file suppose to be really large? I have recordable discs i can't fit it in there.
  10. Also i heard you can load games from your hard drove with this chip, does anybody know how to do that so i can set that up after i install the chip?
  11. I know my system is a 1.6 so i think i need that board. will use lots of flux.
  12. So i kind of excited to finally have it and want to ask if there is anything else i need to get this running. i have the little board for my xbox so in theory i should be good to go but i wanna make sure i ask those more experienced then me so i don't mess up.
  13. why would it show you the temp of the board and not the cpu/gpu?

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