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  1. Just done this on both power supplies and get top left blue -1.6v tip right white - 3.0v I also get 0v on the brown 6st wire down on both on both power supplies both are deltas and both work fine on my working board it has to be something else on the board is it worth changing more caps maybe the two bigger ones?
  2. Tried two identical power supplies both of which power another winbond board I have perfectly I don’t have any 1.6 models at the moment
  3. Ok, blue - 1.6volts white - 3.2volts where the grey wire is 6 down I have a brown wire and get 0 reading from it
  4. Checked all the traces for the power eject all seem fine, Im going to give the board another clean with alcohol and see if that makes a difference as I’m running out of options here...
  5. The power supply is good, I swapped the board into another working console case so I could check the power buttons etc at the same time and it made no difference. ill check the readings but I think it must be something else on the board besides the 3 caps I changed which were all bulging.
  6. 20 pin plug has a white wire but no grey, and is reading 2.9volts is that correct? is there anywhere else on the board I should be checking with the multimeter?
  7. Fan doesn’t turn at all, seems totally dead. should I try changing some of the bigger caps on the board? one thing I did notice is that the 3 copper coiled components on the front of the board looked like they had some residue on the board beneath them, only visible when turning towards the light though...
  8. All other traces have continuity and visibly look fine
  9. dirtykash

    No Powers Issue

    I have a board that won’t power, had 3 caps gone below the cpu which I have changed for new and a slight trace corroded which I have jumped and still no power at all. the PSU is good I’ve tried another and swapped power/eject buttons, so where do I look next? https://imgshare.io/image/NXxtmZ https://imgshare.io/image/NXxonc
  10. I’m gonna hook mine up to the software later today and see how I get on, I’ll report back... ive got an old laptop knocking about somewhere, but no mini usb cable so I think I’ll just splice into the yellow cables with another usb if I can’t find a cable or mini to micro adaptor today.
  11. I have one of the 1.5 version and was wondering if I could flash one of the banks with the bad flash recovery bios? i have a board with a winbond TSOP that is corrupt and will only boot with a modchip so it would be great to have on a modchip.

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