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  1. This is the adaptor giving issues, its does look like it has a place for a pin header to be installed might see if I can install one and get these working https://www.hexin-technology.com/SATA_22-PIN_Female_to_3.5_inch_IDE_Adapter_M2_JM20330-Product-422.html
  2. The the adaptors I was trying to use have no header to switch from master to slave they work and boot but stop the dvd drive working, just took another adaptor with a header switch on and it boots anything I throw in there. So definitely dodgey adaptors, good job I have more on the way.
  3. Just tried putting back in the original HDD for this console, so removing the IDE to SATA and it boots OGXinstaller DVD, so it looks like a ide to sata issue, got two more connectors on the way today from Amazon so i'll do some more testing with my 500gb hdd and report back.
  4. I used the bios's from the new OGXinstaller2021 and then some more downloaded bios's all have the same results
  5. Ok so I have two v1.6 consoles, both had LPC rebuild and an Xblast modchip installed with LFRAME cut. Both boot fine from my chosen bios in Xblast The issue I have is I cannot get either of them to boot a dvd, either an original game or Hexen,OGXboot2021,Slayers. I know the disks are all fine as they boot in other consoles. I know the dvd drives are fine as I have rebuilt them all and they work fine in other consoles too, tried changing IDE cables and sata adapters this has no effect, so that leads me to think its the actual modchip that is stopping disk being read, no-dvd and s
  6. Sounds like it could be HDD failing or maybe you have spin down power of hdd set in the xbmc4gamers setting maybe?
  7. Great install disk, just used it to setup a new HDD works great and auto installs lot of useful apps too. Great work, thanks
  8. So I ordered a couple of generic 500gb HDD’s on Amazon for 2 Xbox’s both are v1.6 and mod chipped, they just happened to all be WD green. Wrote a 500gb hdd image to both drives as I have done with many in the past, new ide cable and adapter etc but non of the WD green drives will boot?? Is there an issue with these drives and OG Xbox’s?
  9. Yes the 360 replacements work just fine, I use them on all my controllers no issues.
  10. To fix an Aladdin I flashed with the Xblast code with and couldn't get the 49lf to flash in Xblast-OS I have a programmer on the way to flash to 49lf and would like to have my only aladdin chip back working if possible Compiling the VHDL needs ispLEVER which I have but cant use without a license so cant compile myself either.
  11. Are any of these compatible with the standard SST49LF020A and the standard Aladdin bios?
  12. Anyone know where I can get the original Aladdin XT Plus 2 firmware ? Looking for an .SVF for the Lattice LC4032 Thanks
  13. Ok, so I’ve managed to get the jtag working in windows 10 and detecting a standard Aladdin modchip connected to the jtag using UrJtag, just need to build a new chip and should be good to go now.
  14. I did have the chip in the Xbox so would of had 3v, is the pin header supposed to be on top or bottom thinking this may be my issue? also just noticed I’m an idiot and fit the led/res in wrong spots think I’ll try make a new one today and retry... still need some working software to program with us blaster too.

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