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  1. Note that for the SNES/N64 (With RGB mod) and PS1/PS2 cable you need to add the 220uF capacitors to the RGB lines. I did this externally with an adapter board I made (pre-pandemic). I found the green RCA to BNC cable at a Goodwill.
  2. The xbox360 cables are straight-up-quality shielded and flexible cables. I have used them to make OGXBOX, SNES/N64(wRGB Mod) and PS1/2/3 cables. Console5 has the unpopulated connectors. The only console I personally have left to build one for is the Genesis.
  3. I have a 1.6 XBOX (I call it SpideyBox) with a bulging clock capacitor... and looking for a decent replacement from digikey our mouser. Located in the US. Looking at Digikey part 604-1034-ND looks like it might be viable?
  4. We all have to start somewhere. I would probably put this on the shelf since it "can" be fixed, but probably just a hair out of your current skill set. The three biggest things that improved my soldering was getting magnifying glasses, practice and watching some soldering videos on youtube ~ recommend Voultar's videos; but there are others. The right wire (30awg kynar), flux (lots of flux) and a decent soldering iron (I did not say expensive) go a very long ways. I would also recommend getting a practice board; easy enough to pick up something from a thrift store for cheap to practice soldering on.
  5. Thanks for hunting that down, I figured it is actually nulled based on the txt file, config magic and that it boots fine. It can be a bit overwhelming finding some of that information depending on the search phrase used. Thanks!
  6. I picked up a v1.6 XBOX today and did a Rocky5 1.1.5 softmod (a bit behind; but whatever). When I went to null the HDD key it says it completed and everything looked good. However when I check the System > Settings > System > Xbox info > the HDD still had a non-null HDD key. I then loaded Config magic 1.6.1 application and it reported a Null HDD. What do I trust? I could probably swap in a Nulled HDD, but this is weird. I checked a different XBOX and in the Xbox Info screen it is all zeros. Any idea why the Xbox Info is reporting a value for the key while Config Magic is reporting zeros? which do I trust? Thanks!
  7. What happened to R7D2 ? Rev 1.2 to 1.4 have different points to solder, but the process is nearly identical. This forum is an awesome resource!
  8. I think there are plenty of people interested in the Internal HDMI mod; that is not the cheap-china wii2hdmi (etc) random solutions. One huge issue is that many people are not aware this exists and there is very little information about it outside of this forum. Please consider open sourcing (or making available) the pcb (gerbers) and BOM etc. for the DIY folks. Thanks!
  9. Great! Making a cable like this is difficult; but so rewarding in the end and now you are the expert in your Country!
  10. Sure, Refer to post #13 in this thread for the Pin references.
  11. I think the analog audio and video will be exactly the same. Personally I like to unsolder the 360 wires instead of cutting them so I don't have to mess with the shield braid. You may have to add some "Fresh" solder to get them to flow better. With my method the cable will still be compatible with TVs without Component inputs because the switch is there and works. If you want details about that, I can provide more information. And I always wanted the optical audio. I have found some variations in the 360 cables where the wires for the optical audio is either Black/Brown/Red or Blue/Yellow/Green Red/Blue go to VCC Black/Green go to Digital Audio Yellow/Black go to ground The Black/Brown/Red combination seemed to be more common in my neighborhood. Final tip: Take Pictures of EVERYTHING before you cut, remove plugs or unsolder the wires.
  12. You can also get OGXBOX connectors (just like in the link) from console5
  13. Personally, while in there and soldering everything up I prefer to just do it once and have all the bells and whistles. The optical transmitter in the 360 cable is compatible with the OGXBOX and the little board has a capacitor on it already. You never know if you are going to upgrade your audio system (or get wireless headphones with Optical Inputs) so it is nice to have it there already. The metal housing for the OGXBOX connector is thicker than the 360 so it take a lot of fiddling to get "just right" without removing too much material. Wish I had a 3d printer. Ultimatly you probably will not be looking at the minor (the pictures make it look huge) gaps; but enjoying the OGXBOX in 480p or 720p and much more clarity than the composite cables for much cheaper (these cost me about $7 in parts...total... each) I did a bunch of these and found a lot of variations in them; not only with the internals, but with how much glue holds the casing together and if the metal shielding was soldered heavily, lightly or not at all. But they all work the same. How well yours turns out will depend on how much time you spend on it. I would guess that about half the time on these is spent on the plastic housing getting them "pretty good". They will never look "perfect" because they can sometimes take a beating getting them open.
  14. It changes which outputs are used: HD = Component (YPbPr Aka the Red, Green and Blue connectors - Pin 18 and 19 to Ground) and SD = Composite (Yellow - Pin 17 to Ground). They way I wire it up with the original XBOX, it changes which "Mode" pins are connected to Ground.

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