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  1. Thanks, I work in IT and have access to plenty of junked computers i can practice on. I did have all of the above that you mentioned... just need practice I suppose. Thanks again.
  2. Title says it all, I suck at soldering. the lead pulled off when i was putting on a wire. Am I pretty much SOL with this board? I have another but I'm rather discouraged from doing anything to it now.
  3. Good video, thanks, Makes it a pretty clear cut decision to go with the Startech adapter.
  4. I was going to just burn a disc and throw it somewhere, but now I thinking throwing it in a display case sounds pretty cool.
  5. That's pretty awesome, it's things like this that make me get excited to do my first mod to the XBox.
  6. I did remove the heatsinks, I have new thermal paste but I have yet to put it on, the heatsinks are just sitting on top right now, but the old stuff was hard to get off the GPU with just isopropyl alcohol. The CPU came off easy enough but I also used a hair dryer to get the GPU heatsink off lol.
  7. Hey guys, I'm starting my first Xbox mod ever. I had owned the original but got rid of it years ago and haven't owned an XBox360 since 2011. I had found an XBox on Facebook for $50, turns out it's a 1.6, fully functioning, and after I bought that my brother in law found his XBox while he was moving so I have that as well, haven't taken that apart yet. I've taken the first one all apart and cleaned it all out. The thermal paste on the GPU is super tacky, I've not run into a thermal paste like that before, is that normal? I plan on installing an Aladdin XT4032 and putting in a SATA HDD. If there's any other "You should totally do this" or "instead of doing that do this" let me know, like I said this is my first time modding the XBox. Happy Thanksgiving!

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