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  1. Now I hav twiddle around with all different settings. If I enable flicker filter in games settings on xbmc, games wont start,, If I enabled only 720/1080i then the picture is horrible in games. If I choose 1080i only in settings/appereance in xbmc settings and forces Lauch 60-pal in game setting and then launches a game, the picture is better with less vertical ripples lineing, it still comes and goes, but it's dissapearing more often and I get a clear (component) picture. So could it be because of the adapter model? A real cheap made, non advanced converter Chip, bad upscaling etc? It was this model,, non goldplated hdmi socket and a tiny hole under the hdmi socket that has no function.
  2. Now I have measured the points,, on the v1.6 with internal montage, it's 75,5 Ohm, soldered on the right side of the resistors on the MB. The other v1.1 seems to only have 38 Ohm resistors on the MB, but measures only 75,5 Ohm on the wii2hdmi pcb after the resistors there. So nothing seems to be strange when it comes to the Ohm from point A to point B.
  3. Here is another one I have, from 2013, v6 with chip MST6M182VG-LF-Z1 if I can see the small text correctly,, but this one I have had for years in my Wii console, so that's why I bought 2 new ones to disect for the xboxes.
  4. I can upload a photo of the Wii2hdmi pcb model,, I know there are a lot of different variants of them,, this is Jade Empire,, the same "canvas" lineing. The chip is a MS9288A, and that's almost all there is except the voltage regulator and resistors.
  5. The one I mounted inside one of the consoles I wired on top of the MB on the resistor side inwards the xbox, away from the AV connector,, I think that is before the resistors on their way to the AV connector? and the 5v is taken directly from a 5v line on the MB. But the picture is still the same on both the built in and outside console,, the one with built in is a v1.6 and the other one is a v1.1.
  6. I see this is a little older post, but I tried this mod with 2 different Wii2hdmi on 2 different consoles,, ntsc ep'ed,, one internal and one external,, seems to work fine, but on both consoles, there is a little irritating vertical lining through the width of the screen,, tried two tv's a 32" flatscreen a couple of years ols and a 55" just a year old,, I don't know the right term for it, but it's like soft lines, a tiny bit tilted, that slowly goes to the right, stands still, goes to the left or just melts away and the picture is perfect. This is only in games, tried som emus too, and the same with them. Standard XBMC dash looks fine,, But as an example of the lineing, I started Forza,, mostly it looks like it is painted on a slightly tilted canvas or something as seen on the 3rd picture, and sometimes in between the lineings sidemovements speeds up so it melts to a perfect picture as it should be. Anyone know why this is? Is it to live with,, is there a fix, component add, removal on the Wii2hdmi pcb for better vertical sync or is it just the way it is with those 1080 upscaling converters?
  7. So the safest way would be to make a 512kb x2 bios and the flash it with the switch to bank 1, or just to take an 1MB bios and flash onto there? But maybe better to make an 512kb x2 bios, in case there are some corruption in one of the bios someday,, I came across some information when people have had corruption in their bios and have needed a reflash to get them to work again.. I have no knowledge what is going on in those small chips electronical speaking,, but I can imagine it is better to have two bioses, like a dualboot on the pc, incase one OS crashes, it's easy to boot with the otherone to rescue the files. I have some other chips knocking about, so I flash one of those with an 1.6 bios first as a backup chip incase I need a hotswap chip,,and then try to flash away on the Muppet-X now that I know the banksize and switch function,, and then come with an update with the results here,,if there is somebody else that come across a Muppet-X chip and need information.about how to flash it
  8. Then I could boot it on the bank that works, flip the switch to the other bank which frags an then try to flash a 512kb with Evox and see if it works, otherwise I still have the working 1.6 bios bank to boot from again as a backup in case it will fail
  9. Thanks a mill Never heard about the Wayback machine thingy, I have just found a picture of it but with no working links about any install or wiring. Now, the flashing thing there i am not 100 about what you meant, I mostly used HeXen, Evox from HDD or such to flash with,, I have an Akira 2 in the first Xbox I bought years ago, so I seem to be lucky when it comes to get odd chips in my consoles But when it comes to flashing 1MB chip, which seems to be split,, would it not be possible to flash an 512kb file when the switch is in either position? Now it boots up, but if I flip the switch it frag's, so either there is nothing on that bank or an 1.0-1.5 bios. The TSOP I did some days ago on a 1.1 console,, to move my 2TB HDD over from the 1.6 with the Muppet-x was just to pick a 512kb Bios through Evox and flash it,, and it seems to duplicate it and flash it correctly.
  10. Hello everyone. Quite new to this site, I was more active a couple of years ago when it came to the OG Xbox, but since, much else in life has taken it's time,, and I got stucj in the RGH business some years,, and I notice how quickly the memory fades. So now, when time has come back to dust off the old consoles that's been standing in the closet for some years now, many of the sites has been gone with the wind,, but, then I found this one : and I'm glad to see that the OG Xbox community still flourishes,, with a lot of new updates and upgrades since I last installed XBMC from a AID 4. disc. So,, I thought I would see if there's any bright minded folks that know something about a chip I discovered in a recently purchased 1.6. I searched about it but all I come across is dead links. The chip is a Muppet-X,, neither Kermit or Animal, but a white one with a 4 pin connector where only D0 is used, no BT etc,, those I removed, just want always on mode. But, I can't find any information about flash bank sizes, or the switch, so I have not been able to update the bios on this rare thing. So is there anyone with information about this thing I would be grateful.

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