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  1. So i'm pulling whats left of this old mans hair out trying to simply get a good old game of gran turismo working or resident evil ....BUT NO pcsxbox is being difficult I've downloaded many versions and tried loading all the different .bin versions into the bios but it simply wont run anything. The application simply hangs and doesnt load any .bin or .cue i try to play. Some experienced help would be appreciated - I have triev version 22 b25 and redux version 21 and they both do the same thing - allow me to select the files but then nothing happens
  2. still no joy with any DVD's that i make which is really annoying ive tried many different discs and burners too @SS_Dave do you have a disc with hexen that you could mail me please? of course ill pay you for the efforts .... im just really stuck The good news is that ive refined the process and a couple of other cheap usbs from Ebay work perfectly and I can soft mod in 5 minutes now
  3. @SS_Dave have you mucked around much with the tsop bios and what it can and cannot do ? Im thinking about going all out and doing a slimline xbox so i need to remove the DVD drive - I tested with removing the DVD drive and just leaving the PCB connected to the data cable however it still didnt work LOL
  4. @M0RPH10U5 I might do that on the old HDD later and have a play around with it ... appreciate it thanks mate
  5. @SS_Dave so whats the difference and benefits of tsop over the softmod ? now that I have worked out all the process and I have the bits its not too hard to do it to my other xbox that I have ..... Remember end goal is a simple to use Emu Station for me here at home and also one for where I work for customers to play on
  6. worked out the Chimp Issue and have done the upgrade to a spare 320G sata laptop drive I had lying around - the funny thing is that the G partition is not showing only the F so im missing a bit of space ... no biggy im sure I will work it out later
  7. Please dont hijack threads -> create a new one @sinclairuser
  8. @SS_Dave yeah ill buy something external soon and different media soon - once i get Chimp working .... hahah
  9. @SS_Dave I might look at that 007 option later Today ill be doing HDD upgrades and mucking around with HDD etc and learning XB HDM and other tools to work out which I like best and yes the DVD was burnt at a slow as possible speed for my Pc which was 4x - im thinking about getting a external burner for my laptop and trying to get it to go 1x or as mentioned above use a different media type for the TSOP machine
  10. I want to get to know all the methods and work out which one I want to use going forward my understanding is that tsop is only for bios and HDD null etc ..... you still need to softmod after ?
  11. G'day everyone I've just soft modded my ver 1.4 xbox and i have installed the xbmc emustation so i can play some ports .... however How the FRIG do i install them ? I have a few SEGA Genesis roms up and running but i really want to get quake and quake 2 up and running as i have the homebrew files however i have no idea where they go ? can someone please help this old gamer relive his youth on his xbox .... PLEASE
  12. so i got an 8MB usb drive delivered in the mail this week and i went and tried it and was having a lot of issues with it complaining about being unable to write to certain clusters.......till i worked it all out #1 I had to use a different version of usb xfat formatter (see pic) the one on the left DID NOT WORK - the one on the right did it correctly #2 I had to make sure that the xfat app was running in compatibility mode (windows XP SP3) #3 I had to copy each softmod file to the USB individually and then copy to xbox one at a time needless to say i am a little happier as I TSOP one of the second boxes i got only to find out that the DVD drive doesnt like reading Verbatim DVD-R drives from office works so now I will have to try some DVD+R or another brand. and then comes the fun part of doing the HDD upgrades ..... hahaha
  13. @nikeymikey so even though the xbox can see the drive its not a given that it will work ? or is it a problem with the files being written with xplorer360 ? Do I need to be trying a different software tool or look at different USB sticks ?
  14. okay first hurdle - ive loaded up the save games to the USB drive (after making sure the Xbox could see it okay first and yes it did) when i plug the usb into the xbox it doesnt see any of the save files ? however the folder structure is there in xplorer 360 ?? update - i have tried on a second xbox i have here now and the same thing happens - even after building the file structure manually and inserting the files (windows 10) in xplorer360 the second machine also shows no save files on the USB drive
  15. @SS_Dave sorry mate im in brisbane hahah

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