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  1. Hey Peeps, Wondering which is the better option to use for my arcade joystick which I want to build. Could anyone comment on either of these units and their compatibility and functionality with the xbox ? https://paradisearcadeshop.com/home/electrical/pcbs-lighting/pcbs-for-controllers/godlike-controls-pcbs/1828_mc-cthulhu-multi-console-pcb-by-toodles https://www.austinamusements.com.au/i-pac-s-and-encoders/new-2018-version-32-input-usb-button-joystick-trackball-spinner-interface-includes-usb-cable.html https://akishop-customs.com/PS360.html
  2. Hey Crew - I've really been getting into my softmod xbox after discovering them recently and I decided to modify 'tazorax_g' original xbox skin .... I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts and or suggestions Cheers VID_20191105_132650.mp4
  3. @KaosEngineer - there are so many versions of coinops ! .... which is the latest and greatest ? ive got eh CO8 massive which is 84GB and also R5 standalone and Gems, whixh are the other ones worth getting? Thanks also for the tip on vision i got version 6 and it looks cool with its menu system
  4. agreed it is a little annoying at times that the pre packaged versions arent too easy to configure. I downloaded the lite version and had many troubles getting the roms to be recognised and loaded I have used CO8 R5 and CO8 Massive and both have been fine - Im trying the ninja and other versions now to see how they go
  5. I may go back to it and try getting it working again - however to be honest coinops has my attention now so i will stick with that ..... I also had a bit of trouble finding earthworm packs ....
  6. XBMC Origins does look nice but its too much like XBone for my liking - Ive found a skin for unleashX that I like and im just going a tweaking a few things on it to taylor it for me (if only I could load the original that would be nice but i get a funky error message in UXArchitect) Ive tried FB Legends a while ago .. i might load that up again soon once ive sorted a few things out.
  7. The N64 surrel.ini files would always error on scan and are from another person package file (earthworm2012 or something similar) so when it errors trying to fix it was a pain in the butt, I could only really ever get genesis games working easily on this platform.
  8. Hey all - My original plan for my emu box was to leverage XBMC Emustation by Rocky 5 however it was super clunky .... So after a while I stumbled across Coinops and its a pretty good looking piece of kit and ive got it up and running no worries ..... however I am sure there are prettier and better front ends out there and or packages Here is another example I have seen > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jrZ27eCwpLM So what do you recommend and why ??
  9. So i'm pulling whats left of this old mans hair out trying to simply get a good old game of gran turismo working or resident evil ....BUT NO pcsxbox is being difficult I've downloaded many versions and tried loading all the different .bin versions into the bios but it simply wont run anything. The application simply hangs and doesnt load any .bin or .cue i try to play. Some experienced help would be appreciated - I have triev version 22 b25 and redux version 21 and they both do the same thing - allow me to select the files but then nothing happens
  10. still no joy with any DVD's that i make which is really annoying ive tried many different discs and burners too @SS_Dave do you have a disc with hexen that you could mail me please? of course ill pay you for the efforts .... im just really stuck The good news is that ive refined the process and a couple of other cheap usbs from Ebay work perfectly and I can soft mod in 5 minutes now
  11. @SS_Dave have you mucked around much with the tsop bios and what it can and cannot do ? Im thinking about going all out and doing a slimline xbox so i need to remove the DVD drive - I tested with removing the DVD drive and just leaving the PCB connected to the data cable however it still didnt work LOL
  12. @M0RPH10U5 I might do that on the old HDD later and have a play around with it ... appreciate it thanks mate
  13. @SS_Dave so whats the difference and benefits of tsop over the softmod ? now that I have worked out all the process and I have the bits its not too hard to do it to my other xbox that I have ..... Remember end goal is a simple to use Emu Station for me here at home and also one for where I work for customers to play on
  14. worked out the Chimp Issue and have done the upgrade to a spare 320G sata laptop drive I had lying around - the funny thing is that the G partition is not showing only the F so im missing a bit of space ... no biggy im sure I will work it out later
  15. Please dont hijack threads -> create a new one @sinclairuser

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