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  1. Has anyone tested different cat cables ie cat4 vs say cat8? If so is there issues with using one vs the other?
  2. It um.....it just works....I was prodding around with the meter saw a spark on testing the video chip....turned it off...cleaned it up with ipa....and now it seems fine
  3. Spoke too soon anyone got a diagram of the lines and power supposed to be on it?got a multimeter to test it since everything is failing to fix it.
  4. Tysm ss dave and the rest that were so reluctant to help me ...the psu was the whole problem.question though...is the bios unknown in 1.6 a good thing?ie because I cut the trace? See og post for latest TLDR : PSU or Power Supply Units can cause frag with simular issues to overheating/rotted traces/blown caps however id never suggest to replace a PSU without having these wonderful members take a look at it :). thank you all.
  5. Thank you for your reply will try and hope it dont melt anything else lol I'm gonna buy another one just in case but money was tight last week but paydays tomorrow
  6. Top https://www.dropbox.com/s/5ss0xyk07m5dw1d/img_20220111_134834.jpg?dl=0 Bottom https://www.dropbox.com/s/fkkde2fw9i1bxw7/img_20220111_134852.jpg?dl=0 Disregard the dirt tossed it in a junk drawer when it fried
  7. If its chipped id suggest a recovery disk maybe hexen 2021 .
  8. Is it normal to have a 1.6 board ran by a Tuscany psu?I could have sworn i read somewhere Tuscany was 1.5 only. Also....I believe the psu was in fact the issue....question...could a jumper fix a melted trace pad on the psu?
  9. Power supply died so wont be working on it for a lil bit till I can grab another
  10. If I don't mind the led being on I just don't cut the trace?and the black line is what exactly on the chip trying to fully understand... Wait so thats efficiently turning the led on and off with system power...gotcha Lastly without pin 4 and 6 the chip doesn't light at all on or off...and the power issue <frag> still persists albeit takes a little longer then frags over and over....maybe worth noting after it sits a while it attempts<attempts being it will boot for a while THEN frag> full boot again....if that helps
  11. So pulled those two out and it didn't boot the chip im assuming cause I desoldered D0 in the previous attempt to fix it however once I get off tonight <in 9 hours> ill resolder D0 and see if that changes it as it didn't full power cycle this time.
  12. Any way I could get a marked pinout for the pin header?not 100% on pin numbering as I didnt see it on the guide I used
  13. Hey Dave I wanna thank you for all your help it was in fact that capacitor that was causing issues although I cant see damage to it?I'm up and running though thank you for assisting in that. Edit: spoke too soon....ran an hour then frag...last thing I'm trying is new paste then if its still bugged im trashing the board and starting over as I cant seem to pinpoint the issue ...so hopefully its a heat issue.
  14. Yes it shows it and boots hexen but I haven't tried without the disk in ill test it without the disk but I assume its gonna error out as I havent had the chance to null the eeprom <update> I got it locked to the boards eeprom after formatting and preparing the drive only to be locked on the boot screen with Microsoft to finally after about two mins boot to the green screen. <update update> One of the main caps are busted i cleaned up what looked like dust on the board near a cap and its back so I beleive im waiting for the cap set.pics in link

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