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  1. I would definitely be interested. I have read about titan, Cerbios for larger drives. Does evo x bios have a 2TB limit?
  2. Thank you. I will look around.
  3. The LCD Mod is not something i really want, was trying to see if there were alot of differences in mod chips that work better with certain mods. I had heard about the LCD mod and that was why i was wondering. In regards to your other messages I would be interested in the other chips you have coming over. One question i would have about that is will there be the same complications with these chips you are getting from china similar to what i was reading in the mod chip section of this site where the labeling was wrong and flashing to those chips being a pain. This would be my first mod chip installation and i am trying to make sure that i am setting myself up to have a good experience with it. Honestly the only thing i am really looking for is the ability to have a large HDD with Most of the Xbox library(skipping repeat sports titles), the 128MB mod and the HDMI mod. I would really like to have the 1.4Ghz upgrade but i have been reading that is really complicated and i know that i wouldnt have the skill for that.
  4. I have been lurking for a while and I am not sure what mod chip to get. I have looked at the spreadsheet and while it shows features of each I am not sure which one I should try and find. I also have been reading where it is hard to find some of these and there are some who are getting clones from Ali express. goals for my build would be install make mhz hdmi mod minimum 2TB drive for games 128MB upgrade I saw on the make mhz site there is an open xenium mod chip that is back ordered till Octoberish. Is that something people on here would recommend or should I look at something else? Are certain mod chips better with certain revisions of Xbox? Are certain other mods(LCD, 1.4Ghz CPU upgrade) better with other mod chips?
  5. Was it something in the Army Men Series?
  6. Never thought to paint that but will have to try it. Any kind of paint you recommend works best for that?
  7. I have downloaded all the DLC I could find for games( crimson skies, mechassault etc) I am wondering if it is possible to install this dlc with iso images of these games or do they have to be the HDD ready version of the game.
  8. I can completely understand the cheaper hard drives. Another aspect I thought of was just time in general. We only have so much time in a week. I think it would be near impossible to have memorable experiences with all 800 something games. It’s good to narrow down the list for that reason as well.
  9. Since cerbios allows for up to 16TB HDDs, does that mean we could be waiting 10 or 15 minutes for everything to populate on a drive that full. To bring it back to the original topic of the thread. I can understand wanting a smaller drive to reduce the amount of boot time. But if cerbios has some tricks up its sleave to make this faster would make a larger drive easier to deal with.
  10. How soon do you think that will be available. I was going to go home tonight and download the HDD ready pack and this has me changing my mind
  11. That does look pretty good. Ill have to consider doing the cpu mod. So many mod choices, not sure where to start. Thank you for doing this.
  12. I keep seeing strange issues like the one you mention with windows 10+ machines. Makes me want to baby and hold onto all my old machines even more.
  13. Thats amazing you were able to get so many to work. I havent even considered doing a cpu mod because i thought i wouldnt get alot of games to play on it. One i am curious about is how well does elder scrolls 3 morrowind work on it? I know you had listed it but wondered how much time you spent in the game after the cpu mod. I read that there are ways to mod morrowind for the xbox as well and i figure this cpu mod could help in making using a modded version of that game even better
  14. Seems odd to not change out thermal paste or glue after this long. I am starting research what all i want to do to mod my machine and i know typically when working with old electronics generally you change that out. I havent removed the cooler yet but now i will probably leave it alone

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