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  1. Solved it there was an option on the TV of input select silly me. it was set to video all is good now.
  2. fairly old. like old old. it was an IDE.
  3. this is what I have.
  4. Seagate and yes it worked for about 3-4 days.
  5. its 5 and 12
  6. on pc its around 5 and the other pair 12 haven't opened the xbox yet.
  7. so I bought a cheapo component cable and outputs black and white sometimes split screen. Tried booting to NTSC outputs black screen. Tried booting PAL split screen. Tried PAL 60 black and white. any ideas?
  8. nope its dead as a brick.
  9. will do but my original xbox hdd ain't dying I wonder.
  10. So I have 2 IDE HDD's that are dead now. my xbox is soft modded with hexen 1.0 I think? two instances that I cloned my original xbox with softmod unto a new hdd that is xbox compatible and locking features is available, at first it was running smoothly then after some time the HDD just dies and outputs an error 07 after rebooting checked the hdd and was not spinning is my xbox killing my HDD's?
  11. Yanimo

    dead Xbox?

    thanks dave.
  12. Yanimo

    dead Xbox?

    The fan runs quietly.
  13. Yanimo

    dead Xbox?

    Can I give up? I don't know what to do anymore cleaned it traced it retraced it removed mod chip but still it just boots for a second then shutsdown flashing orange
  14. Yanimo


  15. dayum. so many factors.

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