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  1. I’m sure there are people with more practice but credit where credit is due. Don’t doubt yourself so hard. The system could have turned out a lot poorer, regardless I think you’ve done a great job
  2. What a gorgeous piece ! Absolute wonderful craftsmanship, great job man I’ll be sending one your way for the same treatment
  3. I’m in the same boat, I hear you. Unfortunately that’s sorta just how things are, these pieces are becoming quite the rarity and people that own these rarities can charge what they feel as they’re the ones holding them. I’ve been chasing a Friendtech for some time but I’d be after the 1480 for collecting/archiving purposes, same with a transparent X3CP ! Stay Vigilant friend ! As a fellow collector/modder, I can assure you there are multiple ways around paying ridiculous prices for real hardware but if you’re like me, save hard and invest. May be stupid prices but it’s probably the only chance you’d ever get to play with that kinda hardware, even with cheaper and more accessible options. I love it, so nostalgic

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