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  1. Make sure you have 500MB free not sure if the install would fail if there isn’t. Wonce its extracted you run the script from the skin settings menu or if using emustation, it’s in the other settings menu.
  2. Up to 10 split ISO files will be mounted, so you don’t even need to think about it.
  3. If running the latest version, use the downloader to download and install Xbox Artwork.
  4. Here is what I use personally. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BzRN8P835YijbGtrU3ZIZkl3c2c it loads a BFM M8+ bios with eject fix as ind-bios has issues with ISO loading, so tell your bios to load C:\BFM\default.xbe and it will do the rest. It uses my dashloader for dashboard loading so if you don’t want to use it put your own shortcut there called dashloader.xbe or add a .cfg file called dashloader.cfg and add your path in there instead. ( so much simpler )
  5. Well the “Xbox artwork installer” is out, although it’s only on my downloader that comes with XBMC-Emustation and XBMC4Gamers. Currently prebuilt is 1072 Games with full artwork and synopsis information. There is more artwork done but that’s for specials and homebrew/emulators eg... these aren’t part of the installer. But you can download and manually install them from the github link below. Also a big thanks to everyone who scanned the disc and sleeves of all the Xbox games over at Emuxtras. If you want to make your own artwork or manually install the artwork you can get everything you need here. Link: XBMC4Gamers Artwork Github Full artwork source, 23.1GB worth so it’s big :eek: (removed, as to many downloads effect downloader and all files on this account) Link: Full Artwork Source Google Drive (23.1GB) Here is a preview of said artwork prebuilt ready for the Xbox. Link: 007 - From Russia With Love
  6. Update to a bios that has the clock loop fix. ( bypasses the clock check )
  7. If you need testing let me know, what’s the deal. I buy it and test it?
  8. http://blankj5.blogspot.com/2011/07/xbox-360-and-original-xbox-controller.html
  9. Above answered the first part. the LED you need to set on your softmod or hacked bios. XBMC doesnt oatch the kernel when changing the LED. UnleashX does just like the softmod or hacked bios does.
  10. Edit startup.xml For folders remove faster_game_loading.bin Also games have nothing to do with it, depending on the size of the artwork you have, I recommend 212x300 for posters using lanczos as the resize filter..
  11. Low ram, make sure you’re using the latest version that doesn’t have 180 font entries lol ( ate up 12MB of ram ) also xmv isn’t fully supported in XBMC, as it uses the open source xmv codec. Since the official one is copywriter by MS.
  12. V1.6 Xbox it’s the scrambled screen bug. There is a script included with XBMC4Gamers to fix these problems games. black button > setting > skin setting > script > XBMC4Gamers extras > 480p game loaders. use the auto mode to scan you games for problem games and they get auto patched. made it simple to use.
  13. Yeah like above, I thought you meant the backgrounds.
  14. Q:\skin\profiles skin\media\folder fanart\games.jpg (games_fog.jpg) i said how to get folder fanart working further up in the thread. the jpg image must match the name of the folder.
  15. Fanart.jpg next to the games default.xbe or use the resources structure.
  16. One background colour for all, and no you can’t chnage the master profiles login screen background. I added support for folder fanart ages ages ago so have a look in the media folder of the profiles skin. ( the jpg file must have the same name as the display name, so in your case it would be console.jpg for that image you showed )
  17. No, it’s part of XBMC, It getting the names, thumb location and if games have trainers. I sped it up as much as I can, without disabling it completely and breaking games.
  18. Rocky5


    Would be a pain and pointless since you only need to change the artwork type one. I would be more hassle than it’s worth to be honest. There are none, the xbe menus aren’t static. If they were you wouldn’t be able to set trainers eg... and more people want that than some info. ( I may add it at another time but as of just now it’s only roms that get that treatment ) you would add it via one of the custom tiles. Start > UI Settings > Customize home > scroll down.
  19. I just came on here to get the files here is the command line version, just drag you folder onto the bat file. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OKjpHHJoIXtlaPvQ7D-B3GGSTDmDrtV3/view?usp=sharing if that doesn't work then I haven't a clue why.
  20. Why you running it as admin? there is no need. I cant say why it’s not working, as I have no issues with it on my Win10 64bit OS. i can upload the command line version I use for my project. ( I only ever use XPR express to extract )
  21. It’s built in to windows 10, you just need to enable it. https://www.groovypost.com/howto/enable-net-framework-2-windows-8/
  22. Make sure you have the correct .net framework installed. (V2.0)
  23. It’s cause SPPV uses bat2exe. here is my converter. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BzRN8P835YijcHpHalBqald6dTQ also here is XPRExpress for 32bit and 64bit OS. https://github.com/Rocky5/XBMC-Emustation/blob/master/Other/Tools/XPR Express.zip
  24. You place the _reaources folder you downloaded from the pack on here and put the folder next to the games default.xbe. you can also use default,tbn if you want XBMC to cache the custom thumbnail ( default mode )

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