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  1. I've successfully mount xiso on my hardmodded box.
  2. If you have the box's EEPROM, use XboxHDM to rebuild the disk. It can format, populate formatted disk with pre-defined files, and then lock the disk with its EEPROM pair. If you don't have the EEPROM, hotswap the box and transfer Rocky's softmod using FATXplorer. BTW, is the box hardmodded? It's easier for hardmodded box because of no locking needed. Also, softmod need the optical drive logic board to be functional (no error 10, 11, 12?).
  3. Thanx. Was successfully using split command in Linux: split --additional-suffix='.iso' -db $(( $(stat -c%s Nintendo.iso) / 2 )) Nintendo.iso 'Nintendo-' The xiso was created by extract-xiso. Perhaps it's create an xiso in multiple 2048 bytes and simple file split in half works just fine.
  4. Doesn't work on Windows 10 LTSC. "Access violation at address 004619D4 in module 'XISO Split.exe'. Read of address 0000000C." It's not redump iso, just a regular one. Was trying to archive GameBoy and S/NES roms into an xiso. The total size is approx 4.4 GB. I've tried to manually split the iso (by separatedly archive GB and NES), but the attacher only attach one iso.
  5. Sorry to bother you, but unfortunately cannot replicate it using both XMBC 33032 or 33026. Perhaps just glitch in the matrix. Another question; is there PC utils to split large image (bigger than FATX limitation)? Similar to isoripper from driveimageutils.
  6. Ya, the attacher seems like to mount the xiso on D:\. My thought of it mounted on V:\ is because I see V: drive appears in XBMC's file manager while using the loader. There is no additional drive appears in UnleashX's file manager.
  7. Cannot re-edit above post... After testing both @KaosEngineerpatched evoxdash.xbe and @Rocky5Bios Virtual Disc Patcher Loader: OGXbox and TruHexen installer instantly throw error 13. But Rocky's Xbox Softmodding Tool Extras Disc works just fine, and when using its file manager I can see the D:\ drive is populated by its content. Which mean that Xbox Softmodding Tool Extras Disc.iso is mounted on D:\. I think the attach.xbe is the one who responsible to mount an xiso into a drive, not the PBL. I wonder what's made the differences as I see all of the installer's XML hardcoded to D:\.
  8. Can I mount the ISO in D:\ drive? At least, evoxdash.xbe from @KaosEngineerseems to mount the ISO on V: so some ISO (e.g. installer such as TruHexen) will throw error 13.
  9. Thanx for the installer. Perhaps you would consider to host the installer code on git (GitHub or GitLab) for everyone to contribute. Of course the binaries (or incompatible licenses) probably better to excluded. Other than reguler ISOs, also release updates in diff/delta ( e.g. zsync or xdelta3 in Linux?) so user won't download gigs of files every release.

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