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  1. I agree it COULD look clean but that shield is asymmetrical with the hole placement. Sets my OCD on FIRE
  2. Not bad at all! I wouldn't have gone with the dark tint and red combo personally but you pulled it off quite nicely. Curious why you installed the top RF shield hiding all the cool insides.
  3. Nice. Is that just red spray tint like Nite Shades or something?
  4. Welcome! It's a bit scary. I felt the same way. Done a bunch of soft modding and I am at a hobbiest level of soldering ability but when you do the tsop soldering correctly and fire up hexen to flash and it works... you feel like to can do anything. Huge confidence building. My advice is don't rush, read up and watch all the you tube vids FIRST, then get to work and GO SLOW. Especially when flashing it's super easy to click through one of the menus and miss a step or flash the wrong size bios because you were rushing or over-confident. While you have the board out, it's a good time to cl
  5. Welcome back to the Xbox world. Especially with the 6th gen and up, there really is no substitute for original hardware. emulation is pretty good on 5th and down (provided you have a beefy enough system) but you're right the OG can do so much. I am so lucky to have found a nice 1.2 at goodwill that was easy enough for a modding noob like me to be able to TSOP but still challenging enough to keep me interested. This site is a treasure on the internet and I've learned so much about the console that I passed by back when it was new.
  6. I don't see a reason it wouldn't work. I just liked the idea of internalizing a cheap HDMI converter rather than purchasing a separate cable. From what I've seen and read the Pound cable is decent but here in Canada they aren't available. Have to order them through amazon.com instead of .ca and the price and shipping is just silly. comes out to around $50 to my door. hence going with the much cheaper alternative. plus tinkering is always more fun than plugging in a bespoke connector.
  7. yeah you did! Nice job! Hardest part is getting the silver connector shield back together and lined up so those little clips hold it in one piece, isn't it?
  8. AMEN! Couldn't agree more.
  9. You're not Walmart, dude. No one is going to expect you to teach them how to solder, troubleshoot their shit solder job and hold their hand the whole way. By the looks of your PCB it's fairly straightforward. No messy bodge wires halfway across the board to some tiny via like an old school mod chip install. Just be clear that you offer no support on it and no one can complain that you're not helping them. You're helping the scene immensely by taking the time to create the board in the first place. No one would think you're a bad person for not wanting to answer 50 emails a day from some
  10. That's the best thing I've ever seen for a console mod. I normally don't care for LED fans but they work perfectly for that application. Amazing paint work. Is that a Gamester FPS master controller with backlit LCD there too? SO MUCH GOODNESS IN ONE POST!
  11. Welcome Banane! There's a lot of info on here and feel free to ask questions (after you have done a search first of course!)
  12. As a Canadian I don't know what it means anymore so I was curious what OP's thoughts were. My only interaction with the flag has been on the Dukes of Hazzard growing up. And the fact that he's from MI didn't make much sense as to why he'd be flying the flag. It's a really well-done paint job and flows great with the lines of the top of the console. I was mildly curious as to why he chose it and thought I'd ask. But yeah no worries. I just wanted to explain myself so people don't think i was egging him on to expose a big thing. That's not how I roll and I don't want you chaps thinki
  13. That's a really well set up slim mod. I'm curious about the confederate flag motif but maybe it's none of my business. Feel free to explain though
  14. I dunno. I'm just being paranoid of a cheap product. It very well may last a while. It ended up that I didn't do the mod yet as I was curious what N64Freak was charging for his board and the fact that my roomate is now using the converter in his room. I might still pick up another one to try. If it for some reason fails then I could always hit up N64freak for one of his boards. (assuming he has one available).
  15. Very cool! Thanks for the files. I might check these out this weekend. As this system is brand new to me (I was a playstation guy at the time) there's a ton of things like this that i didn't know was possible. I just recently found out about xbox trainers and this is right up that alley.
  16. You appear to have something in the LPC location above the header you added. Appears to be populating the whole LPC and one of the pins doesn't look to be soldered at all on the top left in your picture. Just curious what's there. I should have been more clear, sorry. But yeah if everything works without the chip and stops working with the chip then that seems to point to a bad modchip to me. I would contact where you got it from and see if they can RMA the thing.
  17. I think @ironsniper1 is referring to the LPC header soldering as well. Seems pretty straight forward but can't hurt to see it too. Did the xbox work perfectly before you installed the chip? Have you double checked your AV connections and input on the TV... only other thing I can think off the top of my head is the modchip is DOA. Do you have a spare system to test it on? I mean you clearly followed the really good instructions so there doesn't see to be too much to it. I find at times like this is when the dumbest things are causing the problem.
  18. Welcome! Glad you could find us. There's a lot of great knowledge and ideas around. Have a look and don't be shy!
  19. This. Sadly this wouldn't work with a pi out of the box. You'd also have to engineer a IDE/SATA converter let alone porting xboxhdm to linux. I agree that it would be very cool to have an AIO solution for doing these annoying tasks but it would take a special kind of person to have both the know-how and drive (no pun intended) to make this for a system that isn't exactly at the top of the spotlight right now. At best you could go with an Intel NUC as it natively supports windows and usb drives. Might be able to work with something like that but those systems in very basic 2ghz celleron co
  20. Hey guys, So @N64 freak posted his awesome PCB HDMI converter in another thread. With luck he will be able to make these available for everyone. Until such a time I am annoyed with having my DIY Component cable going into a cheap amazon converter. I figure it would be easy enough to do the "dirty version" where you gut a converter down to the PCB and solder wires to the mobo. In researching the pinout of the AV connector on the mobo i found a great post from a gent named William Quade. He did a nice write up on his blog about doing it and I thought i'd share it here in case someone else
  21. Good to know. Thanks!
  22. We don't discriminate here. The colour blind are always welcome!
  23. Well this got me thinking. Why am I using my DIY Xbox 360 spliced component cable plugged into a component to HDMI converter? Why not gut my component HDMI converter down to the PCB, remove the original AV connector, put it in the xbox and wire directly to the AV points on the xbox mobo. I can easily steal the +5V that the converter needs from the mobo as well. No more wires into boxes into another wire and have to use my tv's usb port to power the box? Only issue i'm seeing is i bought a cheap amazon converter so I might have to end up redoing the mod down the road when (not if) th
  24. Yeah if the entire Nintendo catalog was available as part of switch online that would be massive. Even if you only got a few games like they're going to do at least on launch, but gave the option to PURCHASE the ROM that would be huge as well. This "well you can play it while you're paying your sub fee" nonsense is just a glorified renting and is not what I personally want (and i believe a lot of other people who play ROM's).
  25. Welcome! There's a lot of knowledge. I've been lurking for a while now and have learned so much!

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