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  1. Hey, I really appreciate that!! Thank you very very much
  2. Outstanding... I should get off my fat ass and get back into this project..LOL
  3. I THINK..I remeber you could only uses eide drives up to 1 gig if they made them that big. But I was thinking if you used sata adapters yoy could go up to 2tb for each drive..BUT I am not positive. This will be a fun project
  4. I thought the xbox can only see 2tb at a time?
  5. Sorry but no. I am looking forward to getting it hooked up
  6. Also, I tried youtube and could not find anything on this mod. I thought that was a bit odd.
  7. Hello Everyone. Since I found this site I have dug into my basement and uncovered all my xboxs and ready to get back to them after many years of just sitting. One thing I found was me X-tender kit made by Farmer. Does anyone have any insite on this kit or advice? I am excited for getting this going..Also, I was wondering, with the appropriate adapters, could I possibly put in SATA drives? Potentially 6 TB...Oh my!!LOL
  8. That is always what I have wondered. Just replace it with a high quality cap, right?
  9. LOL. ya she is a keeper, 25 years so far
  10. LOL. Well here is some of my collection. I am a bit unorganized so don't judge..LOL My wife calls me a hoarder...Silly woman. I am in the process of cleaning up and organizing the collections very soon though. So this could be a before and after scenario. Enjoy.
  11. This is not mine but I plan on making one some day...Just thought I would share the image. I have about a doz pics if anyone wants me to upload them all.
  12. Hi, yes the 3 drive expander, and the module is the x3ir i believe.

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