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  1. OGX360, with or without arduino and cables, do you have a price for it?
  2. cashonly


    hello, it seems that the MCE Remote is not working in EmuStation, it is working fine in XBMC.
  3. actualy there are solderless adapters:
  4. Hello, i have a little collection of 5 diferent modchips. X-Bit Duo X 3 Alladin Advance SmartXX v2 X-Changer v2 They are all used and working fine, i have found them in consoles that i TSOP-ed. You can make me an offer on one or multiple items but you must know that the buyer will pay the shipment (i live in Eastern Europe). Also, i really dont want to sell the SmartXX modchip because i am expecting an 20x4 LCD to arrive and put them both in my primary console but if the price is ok, i cant live without it. Also, i can accept offers like 1.4Ghz xbox board in exchange, or
  5. Hi Rowan, i have one of these chips, i have sent you a PM.

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