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  1. oh sorry then thru-hole pads are simple to bodge tho. i bodged pads on duke, which had cracked traces near the analog sticks and it works fine to this day
  2. I doubt you have good soldering skills considering you managed to fuck up a through hole pads
  3. Is it possible to patch games to 1080i? It's probably not very practical, but it would be interesting to try it with some simpler games.
  4. You have got a rare aladdin 4064! This Aladdin XT uses a different CPLD (LC4064 instead of LC4032) and DOES support a LCD screen! The chinese clones are always only with lc4032 and they don't support lcd. Your aladdin xt is therefore pretty interesting.
  5. I am testing this xbox w/o hdd and dvd drive connected. PSU voltages are well and i tried it already with different psu. Sadly it seems, that this xbox is not going to be easy fix. i am envious of people, who have "bricked" xboxes, that are just non-ejecting dvd drive, fucked softmod, faulty hdd or bricked tsop
  6. I am probably late, but you can flash CPLD with those cheap FT232R boards from aliexpress. You need to use OpenOCD or Openschemes SVF player (works only with svf files tho, no xsvf)
  7. The xbox does the Triple-reboot frag. nothing ever gets displayed on screen and xbox just reboots. EEPROM dump was fine when i tried dumping it
  8. It always reboots three times and on the third reboot it flashes red and green the xbox did not work before in the first place. i thought it was tsop corruption
  9. I might have been using maybe a shitty chinese soldering tip with bad heat transfer, but i don't really know. Anyway the problem is not anymore with the pinheader install, but with the fact, that it still frags even after installing the modchip
  10. The modchip is a normal aladdin xt clone from ebay, that worked normally in my 1.6. I even tried flashing indbios into it. I have checked the soldering and i can say there is definitely good continuity. Only non-clean thing there is the flux residue. I'll check again if i haven't burnt the trace at the point, where it connects to the via tho. EDIT: Fuck the 1.0's filled holes. I can upgrade RAM, but i can't solder pinheader to 1.0 xbox Next time i'll install it probably with wires or something
  11. So i have got an xbox revision 1.0 for parts. Inside the motherboard was pretty much immaculate with non-leaked clock cap. Sadly the xbox just FRAGged. I did lots of troubleshooting including dumping the eeprom with raspberry pi, testing it with different psu or trying the TSOP bank split trick for coma console. I thought, that the TSOP must be faulty so i ordered aladdin xt. However the holes on 1.0 are filled with solder and hard to clean up. In the end, i soldered each leg of the pinheader individually. It looks ugly, but there are at least pretty wet solder joints and modchips do fit in it. Sadly it still frags. Images: I have: 1. Grounded the bottom d0 point 2. Grounded BT on the aladdin 3. Tested the aladdin in my 1.6 and then reflashing it with indbios 4. Replaced a R7D4 resistor i accidentally desoldered I also remember, there was possibly a short at Q7R1 part. I fixed it, but two pins next to each other are still shorted according to multimeter. The two pins are those closest to the Q in the Q7R1 marking (left down side on the bottom side picture)
  12. Please show us inside. I wonder what hdd is inside, what revision is it and whether it's ram upgraded.
  13. Interesting, but unfortunately EEPROM dumping of xbox is still going to be easier. You will get only password of the actual HDD, which is calculated also from its serial number. Different HDDs will have different code. This will not get you the HDKey itself (which is used in generating of the actual hdd password. This should however be good for data recovery for example from broken debug kits.
  14. Can you please get me new invitation link? That one expired
  15. Does anyone have 720p patch for Half-Life 2? In the spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HpxKGQ6wVTRevUdQ6_4rkuyF_ZugOgc2C4tXnZxBZCk/edit#gid=0 It says, it works, but i can't find the path nor ogxhd anywhere

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