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Null a Hard Drive With a Sid Modded Xbox ?

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I have a sofftmodded ver. 1.6 that was modded with an old flash drive I have with s.i.d. 5 on it. It works great and I don't want to format and lose all the movies,music,games etc. however i would like to null the hard drive to future proof it in case this hard drive dies so I can move to a large 2tb drive at that time .Is that possible? 

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Thanks for your reply,I guess what i'm asking is when I re-softmod  with Rocky5's as you suggest will it only replace the softmod or will I neeed to re-format the drive?

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Download this. Please login or register to see this link.


follow the instructions and that’s you. It only replaces the softmod so everything else of yours will remain. 


The go to Applications > NKPatcher Settings > EEPROM > Advanded Features > HDD > NULL Key

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The quick upgrade does delete all the files on the C drive leaving only the UnleashX dashboard installed.  If you have any other apps or data on C make sure you back it up first - FTP download.  (Move it somewhere else: E, F or G drives.)

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