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Raspberry All in one

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T2Steve    12

I've had an idea and I'm looking for someone to carry the football on this. I'm thinking about the possibility of combining xboxhdm with a Pi. That would be a cheap all in one solution for a variety of things.


It would allow the extraction and/or flashing of the EEPROM on the xbox. It would allow for locking and unlocking of an attached IDE hard drive or SATA hard drive via USB. It would allow the formatting of the drive, and possibly allow for faster data transfer when cloning the hard drive. Maybe also allow for the formatting of the drive without the need to change the 2 TB partitions around, and maybe even allow for cloning of drives without the use of the xbox. 



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As with everything, any idea someone has where they aren't going to "carry the football" will be doa. Everything I've tried to do, I've had to carry it out myself. Most everyone sits around and just waits on things to be done for them. It's the world we live in today. 
As far as the technical aspects of it, I don't know if it has USB 3.0. It would require this to theoretically have faster transfer speeds than the xbox. (hdd to hdd) 
What need is it that you're referring to with 2TB partitions?

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T2Steve    12

just thinking of an all in one solution, something that would replace external EEPROM readers, xboxhdm, and even save games for soft mods, as well as a repair device. I'm not versed in Linux at all, and even less in Pi, so I thought I'd float the idea to see if there was anyone out there in the group who would give it some thought and say "yeah, I like that idea"


If someone takes it and runs with it, that's fine. The idea is out there to be worked with.

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