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Destroyed Lpc On V1.0

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hi i have been given a v1.0 and someone removed a chip refilled lpc and and all box does if frag

is there any v1.0 lpc diagrams available

thx in advance

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LPC Debug Port = Please login or register to see this link.

Filled holes doesn't mean it's destroyed.  V1.0 has no pin 4 as only on v1.6 consoles.

A TSOP reflash could have been attempted that failed.  Bad / missing BIOS - FRAG.

First, install a modchip using pin header install method.  Not guaranteed to fix the console though.

However, FRAG'ing can occur for so many reasons.  If any major system component fails during startup tests it is indicated.

Modchip install to check one possible erring major subsystem - TSOP/BIOS loading.

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