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Just wondering if anybody else has encountered something similar. My hard drive is 250 gigabytes, xbox sees it as 23o gig but my issue is that my f drive where Ninja Premium (all packs 70ish gigs) and games (18 are 1-2 gigs, some are only 500megs) only occupy 12oish gigs, I see this by trying to delete it and then it shows me the size before confirming. I had f occupy all the leftover space with the partition tool when I copied my original drive but it just doesn't seem correct. I'd hate to redo everything, since ftp'ing takes forever. Are there any "hidden" files I should be looking for? If I do "start over" should I just do the regular formatting ie: f,g drives etc....? 

Thanks !!!!!!!


EDIT: Realized I posted in Hardware Mods. Could this be moved to general if not allowed. Thanks again..


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Wrong area?

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Figured I'd redo anyway....now showing 123 gig for f, 107 for g. We'll see when files are transferred over how much room it takes but seems to be good.

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The BIOS of the ogXbox only supported LBA28 access for a max 137GB unformatted HDDs.  Stock HDDs were either 8GB or 10GB drives with only the first 8GBs used.  Users of modified systems with an original 10GB drive could gain access to the remaining 2GBs (actual formatted space is less than the full 2GBs).

Updates to modified Xbox BIOSes enhanced the LBA support to pseudo LBA48 (actually only 32-bits are usable) for a maximum of 2TB. Use of the LBA48 enhanced access requires the use of the proper tools to correctly format the extended partition(s) of a new larger HDD namely XBPartitioner v1.3.  IIRC with it, the maximum size of a single partition is 1TB (927.78GB) when formatted to use 64KB clusters.

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21 hours ago, wikati said:

what dash are you using?

edit: what dash were you using?

UnleashX, after I reformatted put all games back on there and ninja and still had g drive free!!!!! So I must have mucked something up originally.....

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