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  1. Hello It has been a while since I've messed around with Ninja and was wondering since I have a drive thats split into two 70 gig parts f &g how do I get lets say a folder with games in it to show in Ninja? So lets say I put everything in F drive but some games didn't fit how do I make those show in ninja? I saw no option to "scan" folders.... Thanks !!!
  2. Wish there was a 360 to og xbox converter. like a hdmi to dvi. I have several 360 comonent/vga cables laying around from my 360 modding/bulk buying days. Sadly only one OGxbox component. At least I have about a dozen A/V cables
  3. Not sure where to post this but wanted to let people know to check everywhere for lost items. I thought I looked everywhere for my og xbox component cables in my shed, video game extras totes, garage, ....but I wanted a coax cable and I knew I had one connected in my living room that wasn't being used. While grabbing the coaxial I noticed some component cables in the back and thought they were for a 360. I decided to take them off because I don't have a 360 anymore. To my surprise they were xbox component cables !!! I haven't had an OG xbox for over a year and a half!!!!!!! They're Original o
  4. I've had several in the past and they've all been 1.6 which I'm fine with. Others seem to have issues with them and some games. I don't chip them so softmod 1.6 is fine for me.
  5. I'm reading all of this (http://coinops.ninja/readme-ninja.html ) to see if I can figure it out but thought I would ask anyway. How do I add the vison packs so they show in Ninja? I would assume copy everything over except for these items as stated in the read me : "Vision Packs are supported in NINJA. But you need to swap the 3 MyVideo.xml files located in \skin\Default\720p\ \skin\Wheel\720p\ \skin\Wheel Fade\720p\ with the corresponding one from \- Help and ShortCuts\- Common Reconfig Helpers\Full Animation Skins\skin\ ... \720p\MyVideo.xml. This enables all art poss
  6. Yea me too. I try but I've gone above the limit many times only to be outbid LOL
  7. I have other xboxes but ....I used JB weld epoxy and this thing isn't budging. I have other tops but this one being my "baby" from back in the day it's quite sad for me...... I guess it really is custom now !! haha! But I'll check him out, always good to have extras . Any info on which wires are 12 volt? My multimeter broke and I tried looking in the forums but search didn't return anything. Nulled my HD though successfully, after a failed attempt on one of my hard drives, used config magic on it, on my 1tb used rockys and worked great. I'm cloning c and e on screwed up drive since I lost m
  8. Update: Painted a gloss black , plexiglass and jewel in as well. But one BIG mistake made.... I epoxied the jewel in.... UPSIDE DOWN!!!!! [emoji44][emoji35][emoji23]. Expoxy already set and secure as hell!!!! Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo . I do have a question though, is the hard drive power 12 volt? I need to splice in some 12 volt strips that I got for really cheap... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. I had this happen to me on a 250 gig drive. Only had 127 gb free and seemed weird. I had to reformat and made an f and g drive then size was correct. I personally couldnt get it to work for just F drive. Either way, technically wouldnt matter can still put anything anywhere on f or g.
  10. I bought one with no cables and works well for $6 in my hometown so no shipping. Also got another for $9 with $11 shipping. Good deals.
  11. I've only seen one video and it really looked good. They did their whole xbox though. It's nice to know there's "options" if one or two things don't work out! I'm still waiting to buy all necessary clear, paint, textured etc... until tomorrow, dam alcohol got in the way . Good thing is whichever paint/clear I do it will definitely be different and I will certainly be pleased with it . Being my first case mod of anything I'm sure it won't be perfect but it sure is fun.
  12. I'll have to check on how to enable synopsis never thought to check to see if it was enabled. . Thanks! EDIT: That was it just had to enable it. I couldnt find the setting but I had to press the black button while inside the plank preview pane ( white button > synopsis> blank page > black button.
  13. How do you get this at the time the vid starts. I've put the items from the dl in the correct folders just cant get it to look like the vid below.... I dont have any "synopsis" items there I'm sure that's where I'm fuorking up.....
  14. Thanks, still messing with it. All that's left is paint, well still sanding, not looking too bad but we'll see. I'm all set up with xbmc4gamers except for a few things sysnopsis etc... I was going to go ham on it (clear) to see what it looked like but had to cut my yard....and weed...and water all those fukin plants.... but I'm on it this weekend . Edit: If I have to Paint Im leaning towards the textured paint, saw it on a console and looked sweet. I won several xboxes at my local goodwill auction so If I have to chuck a top I'll be fine. Most likely wont have to though. I'll give em aw

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