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  1. Mod Chip Bank Switch Wiring Schematics

    With help of that x3 diagram, I was able to finally fix my x3cp, where the bank switch cable had been cut off near the connector and none of the wires had been marked. I soldered new connector which I took from the original x3 switch board (like the one in your image). Interestingly the x3cp's bank switch cable has only 11 wires, as the unused wire (yellow in your diagram) is not present. Thanks for making this!
  2. N163lph03n1X's Modded XBox Collection

    this is amazing. Full X3 and XCM collection. Huh? what is the story of that? assuming it's self made as i've never heard of it?
  3. 1.1 Xbox 128mod Bios Split Dual Boot

    If you don't use XBMC or XBMC-based dashboard, I suggest using patched version of X2 (by ernegien), which "properly sets the cache type for the upper 64 MB range of memory". Here's a link to the patch : http://ernegien.net/public/xbox/software/Retail128Patch.zip
  4. Debug Bios With Focus Video Encoder

    Did not understand the first part of the question but the dash it boots is defined in the xbx.
  5. Debug Bios With Focus Video Encoder

    DISABLEDM=1 at line 10 has to be 0. Otherwise it's still running retail.
  6. Made a HeXEn 2018 Update

    I meant the statement that it "no longer exists".
  7. Made a HeXEn 2018 Update

    Is it an assumption or do you actually have some inside information?
  8. Possible? Use Tsop_m7 Bios To Recover Modchip

    I was kindly trying to hint that the Xbox you have is 1.4 and not 1.5.
  9. Possible? Use Tsop_m7 Bios To Recover Modchip

    I remember Spiderchip and its elegant metallic case. One thing to note is that a 1.5 Xbox (if it would exist) would require an LPC rebuild to get the required 3.3v and gnd. So basically two additional wires vs 1.4.
  10. XChanger 2.5 Bad Flash M7.Bin

    Just use the network flash. Why M7 though?
  11. Farmer X-Tender Guidance

    Would you be interested selling that? I'm located in Europe, but will pay any shipping costs of course.
  12. Wanted, 480p Force Bios Files

    V3 Force_480p_XBOX_bios_collection_v3.rar
  13. Just enable wide screen from the dashboard, and check that your TV is in 16:9 mode. Note that in wide screen mode the internal resolution is still 640x480 (or 720x480 in some cases), but the viewport is now squished horizontally by 75%. This way it'll return to correct ratio when it gets scaled to the screen. Also note that in many games the HUD doesn't get the 16:9 treatment, which means that a circular map or speedometer in the corner of the screen will still appear in 'wrong' ratio.
  14. Sata/Ide Adapter

    I never got my HDE adapters to work properly either. Here's someone else having similar problem with them.
  15. Crack Shack Ram Removal.

    This how i used to remove them as well..though I heated from the opposite side

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