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  1. Chimp 261812 Not Displaying Over Component

    The version of Chimp that's in HeXEn is Rocky's version though, is what I'm saying. I grabbed the latest version of it from Rocky's GitHub. The Extras Disc is older than HeXEn 2018, so it's possible that it has an older version of Rocky's Chimp on it, but I'm pretty sure it doesn't because both of these discs came out in 2018 and his last update to Chimp was in 2017, I believe. I mean, unless he forgot to include the latest version when he updated the Extras Disc.
  2. Chimp 261812 Not Displaying Over Component

    They are. Unless the version on Rocky's disc is outdated. The version I put in HeXEn 2018 is the latest one from his GitHub page. Chimp and other Linux based apps on Xbox just seems to be very finicky with component. Seems like it's a very inconsistent problem that varies from person to person, Xbox to Xbox. Personally, I use component cables 100% of the time with all my Xboxes no matter what I'm doing with them and have never had issues these apps.
  3. Made a HeXEn 2018 Update

    Yeah, some people have used conductive paint to bridge connections for a TSOP flash. I haven't, so I've no experience with it. It's neat, I guess, but I don't see the point of doing that over some simple soldering that would be more reliable.
  4. G'day Guys, New Modder Wanting To Learn Tips

    Definitely upgrade to Rocky's softmod yes and null the HDD key afterwards. But you don't need to use his disc to upgrade. Just grab the Quick Upgrade tool from his GitHub/Google Drive and use that instead. Spare the DVD drive.
  5. G'day Guys, New Modder Wanting To Learn Tips

    The vast majority of them are, yes, but a small number of the PAL ones are 1.4. His could be either, but my mind just went to 1.4 because 1.4/1.5 are the same. He very well could have a 1.6 though and be claiming it's a 1.5. It's not like we all haven't seen that before.
  6. Hd Mode for Pal XBox

    I don't recall it asking for console region when formatting a HDD. I don't see why that would change anything regardless. Doesn't matter if you upgrade the HDD before or after. Just launch Enigmah-X at some point to switch video modes.
  7. Hd Mode for Pal XBox

    Composite cables are shit. They won't allow HD resolutions. You need a component cable for that. Preferably the official Microsoft ones, but those are expensive. All you have to do to change to NTSC is launch the Enigmah-X app and switch it. Once you have switched to NTSC and have plugged in a component cable, you will be able to enable HD resolutions in the video settings. Enable widescreen, 480p and 720p. Do not enable 1080i though.
  8. G'day Guys, New Modder Wanting To Learn Tips

    It's insane how many newbies keep claiming they have a 1.5 lately. It's a 1.4. No one has a 1.5. TSOP flashing is definitely the way to go though. It's incredibly easy to do and there are numerous tutorials for it online. Make sure you are removing your clock capacitors from any non-1.6 Xboxes too. Leaving them in means death for the Xbox.
  9. Updating Old Modchipped Og XBox.

    Yeah, hardmodding is definitely the way to go. You can use the disc to get XBMC4Gamers, but it'd be better to download it and XBMC-Emustation from Rocky's GitHub (XBMC-Emustation can also be downloaded from its own website). The version on the disc is extremely outdated and using the DVD drive is just a bad idea in general because they're all dying nowadays.
  10. Yeah, the upgrade tool does not delete your games. To null the HDD key you launch the NKPatcher Settings application, then select EEPROM > Advanced Features > Hard Drive > Null Key. The reason you do this is to provide yourself a back door to easily recover from HDD failure in the future because with a nulled key, you always know what your key is (32 0s) and no longer need an eeprom.bin backup. Whenever you softmod an Xbox, always use Rocky's softmod and always null the HDD key.
  11. Repairing a Frag/Christmas Lights 1.0 XBox Via Mod and Sata Hdd?

    If the Xbox is FRAGing then it shouldn't be a HDD issue (though maybe the HDD is toast too if it's making weird noises). A FRAG is caused by something motherboard related. Trace rot, dead components, dead or corrupted TSOP, and a bunch of other potential problems.
  12. New Coin Ops Packs

    Check out XBMC-Emustation instead. Much better and still gets updated.
  13. Made a HeXEn 2018 Update

    I don't know what this has to do with HeXEn, but your Xbox should be a 1.4. Make sure to remove the clock capacitor ASAP before it destroys the motherboard. More than likely it's already started leaking. HDMI adapters work, but naturally you'll have some display lag.
  14. I was referring to upgrading the softmod to Rocky5's and then nulling the HDD key. You can grab the Quick Upgrade Tool from here, FTP it to E:\, then run the default.xbe file to perform the upgrade. After that, you'll be using Rocky's softmod and will now have the NKPatcher Settings app installed. You can boot that and null the HDD key in the advanced menu. For emulation, you should look into XBMC-Emustation.
  15. Time for an upgrade and a nulled key.

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