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  1. Basically did the same, I just put mine 1 step below under Game Management. Works great!
  2. Ty for this, I was looking for the answer to the same!
  3. Thank you both for your helpful replies! @nikeymikey - When I said I had made an Emulator-folder on E:\, I doublechecked, and had in fact already named it Emulators. The thing that got it to work, was configuring the path, as described by KaosEngineer. Also calibrating the display in XBMC. Everything looks great now, and the emulators are working like a charm. Thank you so much! Regarding the static IP-issue - the XboX is obtaining its IP from the router using DHCP. It is cabled to a switch, which is connected to the router. The green LED is constant on both the XboX Ethernet Port and the switch it is connected to, and the yellow LED on the XboX Ethernet port is flashing when transmitting data. It is of no big concern though, as its connected and working using DHCP, I would just like to have the option to set a static IP if I could. Eagerly awaiting the IDE to Sata adapter now, to upgrade the hdd again, and was also thinking of replacing the stock fan, as it is quite noisy when turned on. Thank you so much again!
  4. Hi, First time modder here having some issues with the setup after upgrading the hdd. I have a modchipped v1.6 OG XboX and set it up with a 160 GB IDE hdd using the Hexxen 2018 disc. I also switched to a 80-pin IDE cable. The install went well, and I have uploaded games via ftp and can play them from the hdd. I then created a Emulator folder on E:\ and put a N64 emulator there (Surreal64CE B6.0), and the roms in the Roms folder, but the Emulators-'tab' is not showing when starting the XboX. I installed XBMC from the Hexxen 2018 disc, but there is nothing showing under the System\Emulators tab in XBMC. Also the display in XBMC is too large for the tv-screen, and changing the options (Normal/Widescreen/Letterbox) does nothing. The bullet options for 460, 720 and so on in XBMC display settings are greyed out, and I cannot use them. This is also true for the display settings in the XboX Admin/Settings in the dash which shows up when I start the XboX, but I got a correct display after disabling Pal-60. Last, I am not able to set a static IP address when switching from DHCP to static. I can input the new IP, but when I click OK, it still says IP: The display and ftp issues are not serious per se, but I would like it all to be in working order, and not being able to play the emulators is a bummer. I have bought a 2TB hdd, and am currently waiting for a Startech IDE to Sata adapter to arrive, and was hoping to have it all working when upgrading to the Sata disk. My option now is to try the whole procedure again and see, but don't know if it will make any difference... Can anyone please help point me in the right direction to get it all working as I would like? -Thank you.
  5. Hey all! Just found my old xbox in the attic and decided to set it up again for the kids to play with. Want to upgrade it a bit with new hdd and dash, and this forum looks like a great source of info I will need, it being like 10 years ago since I played around with the box. Well, take care!

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