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  1. Sprayizm

    1.6 Xbox

    i feel you hehe .. the good ol dayz
  2. i aint sure but i believe you have to upgrade your bios however im not an expert i just follow guides and figure things out like you and eveybody does , i suggest you wait for a better reply and dont use cheapo adapters make sure your jumper is set to the right pin goodluck homie
  3. Did you install the chip yourself? if so did you flash it using flashbios with the proper version set for your xbox ?
  4. check this out if you want a chip or chip + install --> http://www.modchipcentral.com/store/install-services/ about those friendtech dreamX i think they are pretty rare and expensive , ebay is your best bet but yeah.. maybe you know about that website idk check this out --> http://www.theisozone.com/market/ i think some of em are 128bm and 1.4ghz upgraded.. good luck homie
  5. this thang all pimp'ed up son!
  6. Hi there About the same here! i hope youll find what you look for

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