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Preferred artwork size and resolution


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Is there a preferred pixel size for the box art and screenshots? I want to add my own in so I was checking to see what size and resolution works best. Also, do PNG files get converted to jpeg? Because I placed some PNG files in and noticed they turned to jpeg.

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Those who created artwork packs might have different recommendations depending on the screen format but the size I've used for the dozens of custom icons I've created for things like homebrew games, alt game saves*, apps, emulators etc which works well with both XBMC and UnleashX is 256 x 256.

Keeping the file size down below 50KB by using JPGs or 'optimized' PNG helps with the latter. It is particularly important with UnleashX as that has some sort of total dashboard menu icon memory size limit (possibly 100MB). As you approach that you'll get progressively bad slowdown at boot and icons will eventually go missing.

With both XBMC and UnleashX .PNG or .JPG image files are often interchangeable, you can just change the extension. With XBMC that is more useful because certain uses require .JPG rather than .PNG.

Also with XBMC .TBN (thumbnails) can be either .JPG or .PNG. You just change the extension to .TBN. It may also work for .BMP with XBMC which that supports unlike UnleashX.

*Alt game save icons ie. TitleImage.xbx and SaveImage.xbx can be created from .JPG or .PNG but the PC XBX Tools program, preferred to the very crude Xbox Image Converter, requires that they're converted to a .DDS image file, of a specific type too, first. A graphics program like Paint.net has plugins to do that.

Oddly XBMC's file manager won't display .XBX image files using its picture viewer whereas UnleashX will.

BTW the XBX Tool is picky when file naming. Name the .DDS as a single word or number ID and, when prompted, name the .XBX to be created exactly the same. It also does not seem to like long folder paths and whilst I try to avoid working on the desktop usually for this purpose it may help resolve any error messages you may get when using this converter program.      

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