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Nice Jewel Backlight... the Electroluminescent panel

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I found this and thought it would potentially make a nice jewel backlight. They are paper thin, 10cm x 10cm EL panels. They are cheap and simple.




There is a little inverter for the panel, but its small enough to fit behind the harddrive. Its powered by the extra molex connector on the startech ide to sata board. They come in 3.3v, 5v, and 12v. I got a few 5v panels, and a few 12v panels, since thats the available power from the molex. I thought maybe 12v would be brighter, but no, its the same. The panels are all the same. Its only the inverter that is different. Some 12v panels I ordered came with a slightly larger inverter that will not fit in behind the harddrive. So, if you order one of these, make sure its the small inverter that is included. 





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So, I'm happy with how they look. It will be an easy mod to do. There is plenty of space to instal it, and then reinstal the rf shield. The green isn't exactly xbox green, but its close enough, i think, to fool somebody thats not really paying attention. The blue looks great, my favourite. Pink is nice too. Its a vibrant colour when the light is off. It is kind of purple tho. pink-purple, but more purple then pink. 

green off.jpg

green on.jpg

blue off.jpg

blue on.jpg

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Not quite finished yet. I have been busy this week. I installed the inverter on the shield at the back behind the dvd drive. there is more room there then behind the HDD. But its still possible to put it behind the HDD. I notched out the trays to run the power wire over to the connector, and everything sits flat enough for the cover to close properly.

inside inverter.jpg



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I'm just working on the top now. I wanted to have the EL panel as close to the bottom of the jewel as possible, so I sanded the inside of the top around the jewel hole. I must have taken off 3-5 mm. I think it makes it look better. the panel itself fits nicely between the tabs.

top hole.jpg

top el panel.jpg

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