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Xecuter 2.6CE Developing A Problem?


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I've had a v1.6 Xbox with a pro-fitted Xecuter 2.6CE since 2005 and its been pretty much perfect until recently.

On two or three occasions its refused to boot either via the Power button or the Eject/Close button. I get a green/red flashing LED typically indicating a hardware error. Sometimes it does that once and then shutdown, others times it frags.

However I found that if I shutdown, switch the chip off, boot to Error 5 (unlocked HDD) then switch off and reboot with the chip back on everything is back to normal.

But yesterday I noticed something else weird: the chip has two 512K banks with the originally supplied custom EvoX BIOS on both. The only difference between them is Bank 1 has the EvoX logo and Bank 2 doesn't. I usually have it set to the EvoX logo one but now it has swapped to the non-logo version on boot. It doesn't seem to matter whether I switch banks or not.

You might think a connection problem with the switch array ie. it is stuck on Bank 2 but, here's the weird thing: if I Reboot from my Unleash main dash or IGR the EvoX logo version BIOS appears to be used.

Never heard/read about anything like this - any ideas what is going on? 

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You could try spraying some contact cleaner or even use isopropyl in the switches and work then back and forward a few times.

Also check the soldering of the LPC rebuild.



SS Dave

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I've always thought that the cheap quality switch array might be a source of problems so I've rarely played with it over the years.

I just don't understand how cold booting and rebooting could use different BIOS on the same chip. If the EvoX logo version BIOS was corrupted and it was set up to use the Bank 2 BIOS in such circumstances (is that possible) how come Bank 1 BIOS is apparently being used on reboot etc.

You explained a few months ago here, all new info to me, that the BIOS for the Xecuter 2.6CE is an unusual beast that needs a combined single BIOS file to install two different 512K BIOS. I'm probably showing my ignorance about how these things work but Is it possible that part of the Bank 1 BIOS initial boot commands is corrupted? However the rest is OK and as they are not used on reboot or IGR the Bank 1 BIOS, otherwise working, is still being used.

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Just an update: the chip is now back to behaving normally. Boots the bank 1 'logo' Evox BIOS as normal and reboot.

So whatever it is/was is it appears it is not a BIOS corruption issue.

Whilst that is welcome it just adds another level of mystery to the problem.  

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