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I have setup the PSX emulator using Rocky5 xbmc-emustation. All the games play great except 4 player games.

I can use any controller to select the game I want to play, but once in the game only P1 & P2 work?

I can exit to PSX menu pressing down on the Analog stick on all 4 controllers but only player one can move in that menu.

this is a 4 player game “ chefs love shack“ but P3 & P4 don’t respond until I quit the game.

this only happens in PSX

please advice 👍 

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  • Lexieye changed the title to PSX 4 player games help

The standard one that comes with Rocky5 XBMC-Emustation. Libr i think? 
I can press the analog on any controller to get the PSX menu but only controller one can navigate and exit the PSX menu. 
I have full SSH / SCP / FTP knowledge if there is a plist I must edit

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I guess there's really only one PSX emulator that most people use for the ogXbox.

PcsXbox.  There are two recent releases V22b25 and V23. 

I don't have either installed on my console right now and its currently at a friend's house so I can't easily check how to get to the emulator's controller configuration settings if it even has such a section.


I know some emulator's have only the first and possibly second controller configured with any actions when a button is pressed. All the other ports have no button presses assigned to them.


Edit: Look in E:\UDATA for a folder named 08302006, is there a config.txt file in there.  It may be named something else.  I'm not sure if PcsXbox creates a folder in E:\UDATA\<titleID>\ to store its configuration files but some emulators do.  PcsXbox's TitleID is 08302006 (at least V23's is). Or, it could be saved in the folder where the emulator's XBE file is located on the hard drive.


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Posted (edited)

I have tried your idea and config.txt not exist in 08302006. 

the emulator is PcsXbox  release V22b25
I made a save of current config within game menu and it saved to Location of Emustation\emulators\psx\SAVES\PCSXBOX test.ini but that not exist,  just testsavepath.tst with “boo!” when opened in text ?

im thinking of deleting the game and maybe games item from games list , then FTP it back over so the original setup menu on 1st boot of new Rom appears?

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Does your main menu for the emulators have a Configuration option?  The v22b25 version (main menu displays version at the top as PCSXbox 1.5 v22.25b) that  I have installed from emuxtras.net's download section shows:

  • Favorite Games
  • Select Game
  • Configure Skin
  • Configuration
  • Utilitiees
  • Shutdown Xbox
  • Return to Launcher

Settings for the controllers are found under - Controller Configuration ->Controller 1 to Controller 4.  To me, the configuration is a big pain.  It requires setting the Emulator Definitions slots for the Playstation button name then the Joypad Mappings for those slots as to which Xbox controller button is used to send that emulator slot N action.

Mine seems to have all controllers configured.  I know I've had a different emulator that only had controller 1 and 2 configured with buttons assigned to the various Slots.  While controller 3 and 4 had no Joypad Mappings for them - Nothing+Nothing was assigned to all the slots instead of the various buttons to be used on the Xbox controller.

If one controller is configured, you can copy the settings from one to another.


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I don't know why only ports 1 and 2 seem to work. 

Edit: Wait the PSX only had 2 controller ports.  For 4 player games, you had to use a Multitap device.  

When I first ran the game, a screen with various settings that can be configured.  At the bottom of the list was a controller settings item that I selected.  Once in there, Multitap was one of the items that could be enabled by default it was disabled.  

Now, how do I change the games initial settings so Multitap can be enabled.

Edit 2: That was it!  You have to enable Multitap in the settings for the game when you first run it in the emulator.

I'm not sure how you change the configuration for the game once its configuration has been saved.  I simply deleted the PCSXBOX save folder for the game then ran the emulator again. This time I went to the bottom of the list to change the controller settings to enable Multitap.  The emulator/game then allowed me to use all 4 controller ports.

The default game configuration save folder for my installation of PCSXbox is:

  • E:\SAVES\PCSXBOX\<gamename>\

I deleted the folder for Chef's Luv Shack then ran the emulator again to change the initial settings.

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