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    • By sweetdarkdestiny
      Here for all of you a new version of HeXEn / TruHeXEn called Tru3HeXEn 2021.
      It is basicly TruHeXEn2020 without bugs (which I luckly FINALY was able to find and fix) and some changes. I added XBMC-Emustation and XBMC4Gamers to it (made it switchable for TSOP/CHIP/SOFTMOD) added UiX Lite, updated apps and dashboards, splitted the configs into softmod and tsop/chip, fixed the bios files, added more apps cleaned a hole lot of crap up, fixed more, made the ini & configs looking clean like they should, closed tags, made it a cleanby default installer, added a new BFM Bios, switched the default root.xbe to a own HeXEn.xbe / HeXEnSM.xbe and so much damn more.
      If you boot it, you feel like "home" because i decidet to leave it as it made (just some minor chnages, I promise). So yeah...
      This one is for all the ones who wrote " It`s unifxable" (Yea I wrote that to but -> don't tell anyone.).
      AND finaly, If you like you can now add apps, code, remove apps, remove code, change the ISO to what ever you want (Remeber that I worte it's fixed?).
      So HeXEn / TruHeXEn is dead. Long live Tru3HeXEn.
      Note: The other to (what wrote he in the creadit file "Fool"?), so the other to fools are named in the creadis of this installer even they don't deserve it.
      If ou should find something, which you should not find, let me know. Links below (1fichier is a hotlink for all who don't have a Mega prem. acc..)
      Folder link 1fichier : https://1fichier.com/dir/yhWWWbdA 
      Folder link Mega : https://mega.nz/folder/5Bd3XYgC#vGE9SD0nHrC93Y5AG7XB1w
      PEACE OUT!
    • By Mattk71
      I have a modded v1.6 that has been used regularly, although not heavily over it's life time.
      Went to turn on today, powers on for a second and shuts down again.
      Have tried a different power cable, same result. I have also blown out the vents, although not to dusty.
      I have found that if I dissconnect the display port it will boot fully, discs spinning etc, but with the flashing green/orange lights. If I connect the display back to the unit it powers straight down.
      Could anyone offer advice please?
      Thank you.
    • By Aero_105
      Need a checkup on building a EEPROM reader from a person with a background on electronics.  Can I use two leds in series instead of a 5.1V zener diode rated at 1W for a EEPROM xbox original reader?  Can a 3.0V coin battery or 4X1.2V AA batteries @ 4.8V be used as a external powersupply directly?  Would 4.8V have too high of mAh or current for the EEPROM chip?  I plan to use a serial to RJ45 with a connector to ethernet as a cable.  I am using a bread board to create the circuit.  I plan to use the materials I already have.

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Board startup date: April 23, 2017 12:45:48
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