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Hello All

I bought a faulty chipped 1.6 off of ebay.

I removed the LPC rebuild board and I notice a pulled contact. I think I've managed to retrace it, I checked continuity and it was OK and it booted! See attached picture.

I don't want to use the rebuild board but I am going to do a wire rebuild.

There are lots of pcitures around with various wire rebuilds. Some use slightly different wiring and state a rebuild for Aladdin or Xenium. Are all rebuilds all the same for every modchip, so I can follow any of them?

Also, I am quite nervous of trying this as it took a lot of patience to do the retrace. Should I use a glue gun or polyimide film tape to make sure the retrace doesn't come loose or am I tempting fate and should just leave it alone?

Are there any points I could use instead? 

Thanks in advance





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The fact it is booting with the MS bios is a good sign.

This is how I do my version 1.6 LPC rebuilds 

This is one I did close to 15 years ago that came back for a hard drive upgrade (120gb to 2tb)


I also don't use the D0 point and cut the Lframe link on the top.


The only reason for the D0 wire is to allow Xbox Live.



SS Dave

Soft modding is like masturbating, It gets the job done but it's nothing like the real thing.

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Thanks @SS_Dave I have the Xecuter 2.6 working :) I did solder to the d0 pad.

Rather than try to wire in the pin header to the trace I fixed, I followed the trace to another location, carefully used a fibre glass pen to expose the round pad and soldered there.

Thanks for your help as always



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