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    • By lullatsch
      Hello Together,
      I bought an xbox today and planned to do a softmod.
      When opening the console to remove the clock capacitor, I noticed that a modchip is already installed.
      Unfortunately, I can't find any information about this chip. 
      Can you help me further?
      Can I just ignore the chip or should I pay attention to something?
      Is it possible to simply install a SoftMod !
      Thank you for your help !

    • By KpCollins
      I Tsop'd and de clock capped a 1.1 Last night after realizing I can't do my other Xbox because its 1.6b? Literally the last batch of Xbox's Produced must be with its Manufacter date 16/08/2005
      Ideally I'd like to have this hard modded rather that just Soft because my eyes have been opened.
      I'm looking for a reputable place to buy a Chip at a decent price and which chip would be the best?
      I could buy the Aladdin Chip now from here
      Will this work with the above 1.6b xbox?
      Edit: Noticed this is an American store and might not deliver to the UK
    • By empyreal96
      I'm currently looking into what BIOS images people prefer to use and which ones are more 'universal' than others.. 😁
      Why? I want to make sure I hold the best compatibility for BIOSes built with Easy-Build..
      Currently it uses the 2bl.img and remainder.img from iND BIOS 5001 (Which I use currently)
      I need to know what Bios Revision, size of ROM and MCPX version if you know it

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