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Xbox v1.0 TSOP'ed 2TB w. Arcadepunks Origins frontend.

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Xbox console revision 1.0 in good condition with the following specs:

TSOP flashed
2TB SATA hdd
Digitus SATA -> IDE adapter
80pin IDE ribbon cable

On the HDD is the excellent full Arcadepunks XBMC Origins frontend!
Here is a video they made to demonstrate it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XirumHggTqc

The unit has been fully cleaned, no noisy fan's or bad capictors.
The DVD drive is serviced and fully working.

The power supply is 220volt

Picture gallery with images of the Xbox running: https://jiggmaster.synology.me:5008/mo/sharing/5a0ZhM9jY

Item located in Sweden, shipping worldwide

Price = €100 excl. shipping

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22 minutes ago, KaosEngineer said:

The XBMC Origins release on Arcadepunks' website is not by them. They stole it from someone and posted it without the author's permission. 

Yeah, I know and it's very unfortunate but it's not like the person who claims he "made" it produced some copyrighted work?  But I can understand that he put alot of effort into building the customized dashboard with all it's components and putting all the games and rom's there.

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